[Hotel Del Luna] Simple Poster Edit Using Adobe Photoshop

[MUSIC] First all you guys need is to open the Photoshop and make a new canvas I choose 600×800 for the WxH Walla! Our canvas is done After that, just need to find some photo(s) related to the edit The easiest way is to find .png photos (the one that is already cropped with the blank background) (this is the example of .png photo) I choose Jin goo’s picture and place it here Just resize and place it anywhere in the canvas, you are free as much as your creativity! For IU’s picture, I choose this one to blend with the mood of the poster. (Romance Angst Theme) Drag both photo(s) until you satisfied with the composition Erase any part that is unnecessary Erase until clean Drag some background photo to add more spices. (LOL. I don’t really like that one, let’s choose the other background) (Okay this one is fine :)) Here comes to the part, you need to clean some of the messy stuffs around both of your main characters. [ZOOM IN] And started to erase, gently.. with passion :”) (Fighting!) IU got a lot of unnecessary stuffs and you need to erase it till clean. Start erase it.. Okay, now both of our main character is clean Adjust some brightness and contrast (PSD Coloring can easily be downloaded from tumblr and blogs) (Still doing some adjustment for the color and brightness to fix perfectly for each other Jin goo and IU) I skipped this step : adding Quotes from the drama (The quotes is there already..) Let’s proceed (I just download the logo from web and crop to paste it here) Paste! (Adjustment for the logo) (Resize & Adjustment) After a long time, I finally satified with the result The effect is perfectly fine, but I’m thinking to change the position of the logo (Resize and try an error again) Erm.. I finally think, I should just use the first idea. (Still doing adjustment bcs my stubborn *** is always want everything to be perfect hahah) Okay we gonna come to the last step My logo 🙂 (Resize) We are done!

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