How a Great Beatles Song Is Reborn in ‘Yesterday’

Hi. this is Danny Boyle,
the director of “Yesterday.” “I’ve got a bunch
of new songs. And I thought people
might like to hear them.” “Oh.” So where we are
in this scene is that Jack has recovered from
the accident, which happened during the blackout, where
the Beatles were erased from the world’s
consciousness. And he’s discovered
the opportunity, which is to revitalize his
own fairly unsuccessful singer-songwriting career by
actually playing the Beatles songs that he can remember. “Right. This is called “Let It Be.’” So Himesh Patel
plays Jack Malik. That’s his mom, Meera Syal
and Sanjeev Bhaskar, who are, in fact, a real life couple. But actually, they are
also two of the finest comic actors in
Britain, as well, independently of each other. And he starts to sing
by saying to his parents that he’s got a couple of new
songs he wants to try out, and he’s going to go
back to performing, even though they thought
he was giving up. They wanted him to give
up, because they think it’s a bit of a dead end. [music – “let it be’] “(SINGING) comes to me — “ [doorbell ringing] “ — speaking — “ “Oh, oh. Sorry, love.” They’re inclined to think
this is Jack just indulging the dead end of his career. So they don’t sense
that they are actually the first people on
Earth to apparently hear one of the greatest
masterpieces of pop music ever written. “Really? I thought — I thought
he’d given up?” “Yeah. No. Well, he’s got some new songs. And what’s this one called?” “’Leave It Be.’” “’Let It Be.’” “Oh, excellent, well — “ The misnaming of the
song was something that Meera Syal came
up with on the day. [music – “let it be’] “(SINGING) When I find
myself in times of trouble — “ “Would you like
a drink, Terry?” “(SPEAKING) Dad!” “Well, I’d already
heard that bit.” “Sorry, Jack.” Everything that can
interrupt the song is essential to the comedy
of the scene, really. Because as Jack fights
for the great masterpiece of cultural achievement
to be heard, it’s not even
allowed any room. Because everybody’s too
busy with their phones, with their beer. And Karl Theobald,
who plays Terry, does a wonderful
tapping of the sofa arm, out of time to the song,
which is the ultimate insult. [cellphone ringing] “Sorry, my fault. Oh.” So the key thing was to try
and find the living room that looked incredibly ordinary. We wanted it to feel
very, very ordinary. And I remember on
the day turning up that we kept the property
looking almost the same as it was when we found it. Because it looked perfect. But they didn’t have a piano. So then they brought along on
the day, a choice of pianos. And we — this piano
that he plays on is not the best tuned piano. But I wanted it to look like
it was the piano that he grew up learning on. The ordinary is very
important in the film. Because where the
guys came from, the Fab Four, the
original Beatles, was from a very
ordinary town, in a way. [music – “let it be’] “Then maybe we can
have summer songs!” [dissonant banging on piano] “Christ! This is “Let It Be!” You’re the first people on
Earth to hear this song!” So many of us have
tried to persuade our parents to listen
to a song, you know, because we love it. And they can’t hear it. We all know that
scenario, don’t we? One of the reasons we
picked the location is that it’s got this
round glass, which gives a distorted view
of people arriving. They’re kind of,
like, out of focus. They’re grotesque, really. Which is what they
feel like to him. “How are you?” “Fine.” “Well, that went well.”

100 thoughts on “How a Great Beatles Song Is Reborn in ‘Yesterday’

  1. I like how you talk too much and interrupt the song, which you don’t mention, and talk during the dialogue with unimportant information. What song are you talking about? This is click bait.

  2. I really dont understand why this movie was made…who havent heard of the bewtles…smfh lennon would be laughing bout this phony movie

  3. The part of the movie where he goes to meet who would have been one of the Beatles; I started to cry for some reason, it was so beautiful…. I really liked the movie.

  4. I think I know what happened!


    At the end of the movie, Jack meets John Lennon, who is still alive because the Beatles never existed. So, it'd make sense that Paul McCarthy, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison are still alive or passed away due to age, and they're nobodies like John Lennon.

    In the movie, you can see something about a solar flare, but no normal solar flare could've done this. Either during the blackout, Jack somehow entered another dimension, or an anomalous event occurred on the sun making a solar flare, erasing all memory of Cigarettes, The Beatles, Coke, and many other things.

    This would've only been possible if the SCP Foundation exists or that a regular anomalous event defied the laws of science and caused the memory of the Beetles and the other things to be wiped from humanity, and it reached all but 3 people, that being the 2 old people at the end and Jack.

  5. Amateur crap film by ????? People , really disappointing crap

  6. Cant wait to watch this and go see Paul live after, it will be a splendid day.

  7. I wanna see this movie so badly, but unfortunately it'll be show only one day in the cinemas in a few days here in Germany. And in german, so the dub is probably pretty bad.

  8. So this basically some guy singing boring Beatles songs so definitely no explosions and car chases then ☹️.

  9. I too have a failing singer songwriter career, how do I erase the Beatles?

  10. I just saw the movie is ok not good but just ok the music is great Ed Sheran is surprisingly good  is it me or Ed looks a lot like a hobbit

  11. That scene was more aggravating than funny, English humor is almost always annoying and try hard.

  12. In perspective of all music ever written is Let it Be really "the greatest masterpiece"?

  13. this movie was very uneven. It started out fun, but got so weird and uneven that I thought it was into random dream sequences or something, but it wasn't. Could have been so much better. I was so looking forward to seeing it, and it was a huge disappointment.

  14. I actually liked the ending and choked back tears in that meeting scene and the part where ciggarettes did not exist well…. smoking killed George Harrison

    When John showed up I was so sad and when jack says “you made it to 78” i got soooooo sad

  16. Is it the work itself that makes a song great, or is it the aura that comes from the fact that it is the Beatles who sing it?

  17. Saw this film on June 30. It is a fine film and one that all music fans should see. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole film. Great entertainment!

  18. Stop reading now if you hate spoiler. Spoiler Alert!! …….. in the end of the movie he comes clean and gives credit to The Beatles for writing the music and the idea is he runs off and does not get the money or fame but he gets the girl. So cheesy. I would have kept performing and would have become rich like Justin Beiber LOL

  19. The films okay, a bit flat. Just pleased the Beatles are exposed to another generation

  20. Why does anybody think that introducing Beatles music in today's day and age if it had never been heard before and nobody knew about it that any of it would be a hit? I think that's the problem with the premise of this film/as someone who was alive and very young when the Beatles hit the reason why they were so phenomenal was that they sounded unlike anything that had come before they blazed the trail/still in all I may go see this film.

  21. How did the Beatles manage to have the two best Songwriters in the same band.Plus George was pritty good too.

  22. It’s great that a younger generation will get to listen to Beatles classics such as ‘Leave it Be’ and ‘Hey Dude’.
    Could you imagine trying to make a movie like this with any other band?

  23. As a guitarist, I have played The Beatles songs on and off for years. I'm a big fan and listen to them often. But to hear them in this context – that they were never famous – made me appreciate them all over again. Hearing Yesterday as though it was the first time…."life was such an easy game to play"….I loved the scene where Jack and Ed have the songwriting comp. ……The long and Winding Road. The lyrics are just brilliant.

  24. The movie could be better. It is not bad. But could be better.

  25. This movie is a playful tribute to 4 brilliant songwriters. I will probably cry when watching it, because The Beatles are family. Erase their music from my brain and I will suffocate within minutes. I love them. So happy Paul and Ringo are still alive. Plus, Paul continues writing great songs.

  26. Reminds me of Peggy Sue got Married when Kathllen Turner gave the lyrics of She Loves You to Nick Cage. He didn't appreciate it and even changed the lyrics to "She Loves You, ooh, ooh, ooh."😀

  27. If I’m correct, maybe drugs didn’t exist because of how “I can’t hide”
    Then someone misheard with “I get high” and they got introduced to it
    So I think drugs maybe didn’t exist

  28. I'll be first in the que for this movie i get goosebumps watching this Y'all need to sub to my channel for Beatle related content though – I'm not being big headed but you'll love it! #peace

  29. Really impressed how Patel sang all the songs live in the movie, and did not mime them to tape that he sang in the studio.

  30. I guess since cigarettes did not exist, George would have also been alive.

  31. What this clearly demonstrates, is the fact that theses songs are bigger than the Beatles themselves!

  32. Paint it Blue
    Like a Curling Stone
    Paddington Sunset
    Just Got Fooled Again

  33. I can't wait to see this movie. Man I have loved the Beatles for so long now. I am 65 years old so I remember

  34. I'm sorry but i only feel pure hatred towards his parents in this movie

  35. How annoying, I don’t need a commentary explaining what I can watch myself, or try.

  36. I don’t think the song needed to be reborn…movie was just fair. Glad I saw it but won’t buy it. I am a die hard BEATLES/Solo Beatles fan but left the theater just blah.

  37. Instead of this impossible overnight Beatles "blackout", i think the story shows us a future in which we really do forget the Beatles as time progresses. It shows us that what matters is the music but even more, how the relevance of the music keeps it alive.

  38. I want to see a movie where the Velvet Underground is erased from everyone's memory and from the rock and roll zeitgeist. What a weird a bland world that would be

  39. This is such a great premise for a movie…I'll see it eventually

  40. This is all too true of trying to get family to listen to anything you write …. shame your better off with drunk strangers.

  41. Spoiler alert… I disagree with the director's take on the story line, he begins to sing the Beatles songs (and give them at the warehouse for free) because he can't bear a world where these songs do not exist. NOT to boost his career. He doesn't care about the fame.

  42. i love that Dannys own work can crack him up a bit even after having finished it

  43. Incidentally the property that Danny Boyle is talking about and where filming took place is 17 Park Road, Gorleston On Sea, Norfolk, England. In the film a subtitle comes up as "Suffolk", however, Gorleston On Sea is in Norfolk and no doubt this is done to coincide with the fact that Ed Sheeran is from Suffolk.

  44. This movie sucks, A bad Movie For such A great music band
    The songs are not completed they just left half and the music that they use are not match with the film, and guy himself doesn't have any motive to write the songs
    Totally bad

  45. Anybody here heard a band called "Led zeppelin " because if not I got this great idea to take the Delta Blues and mix with a hard rock sound. We could pretend it's like from a Vikings point of view. Hammer of the God's we sailed our ships to new land fight the hoards sing and cry Valhalla I'm coming! We could write songs like that its easy I've got them all in my head from somewhere God only knows were they just come to me . I'm working on one called stairway to somthing ? What do you think?

  46. This movie may be great, but the lead actor just looks like a total miscast to me?! He doesn't look like a rocker at all! For me he just doesn't look the part!

  47. That scene has just been 'overly explained' by Danny Boyle… I just wanted to watch, listen 👂 & enjoy the scene

  48. If the world would be all right any Beatles song shouldn't revive because everyone would listen to them every day

  49. This movie seems to insult the Beatles….if your going to make a Beatles movie at the very least make a good one

  50. Excellent choice for the lead role as you absolutely have to be able to sing and play for this role.

  51. I am from India, and a fan of The Beatles, and I love Danny Boyle films. 'Yesterday' lived up to my expectations and Himesh Patel has given such a terrific performance, along with Lily James (yet another favorite since 'Downton Abbey'). Loved the film.
    Thank you for letting us watch this wonderful scene here, with Danny Boyle's commentary.♡

  52. I love his parents. They try to be supportive and everything, but they just aren’t music people.


  54. I remember Mom walking in to hear this great song John was singing, right when he let loose the “f” bomb (working class hero). She kind of straightened up, said “alrighty then”, and walked out. She loved the Beatles, I liked her stuff too.

  55. A world without the Beatles would be a sad, lonely unimaginative world.

  56. It’s coming in Singapore in 8th August, I can’t wait , but my birthday is 7th, I take it as a present to go alone and watch

  57. I enjoyed this movie but this scene actually irritated me. I wanted him to walk out. Parents were insufferable

  58. Can this dude stop talking over the scene? Like I'm just trying to watch the scene

  59. i loved this film so much! I cried when it sunk in that a world without the beatles would be so incredibly sad…thank you for this film!

  60. The Yellow Submarine People ……..Just Wonderful …
    Who else seen that masterpiece in the theatre when it was first released back in 1968 …?

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