How Authors Can Use ThunderClap for Book Promotions

hi this is Shelley hits from Shelley hits com and in this video I'm gonna share with you about thunderclap thunderclap is a platform to get your message to more people authors can use this to launch a book to do a book promotion to get out information about a cause if you're a nonfiction author and so many other things I'm going to show you about it because I've seen several authors use it successfully lately they have an actual section on their site that shows you how authors can use it to announce a book launch share a sample chapter announce a book or sale and they have a few examples here of campaigns so what you do is you set up a campaign for instance peg Fitzpatrick set this up for her book art of social media and she created a message here and then people would sign up to support that and what happens is on the day that her message is to go out when you have signed up to support it it will be posted on your social media account that you agreed to support it with so whether it's Facebook or Twitter so all of a sudden this message can go out to hundreds of accounts all at the same time and reach millions of people I mean you can see here the social reach of this campaign was 2.4 million people so it could be very powerful here's another example from Kim Garst she was sharing about her BU book and she had four point or five point four million reach with her campaign you can see she had a simple message it was a image with just text underneath it and then here's another example from Brian J Johnson with his book trust funnel and again over a million reach and so it's it this can just be really powerful so I'm just going to show you how you set it up first of all you will want to log in you can log in with your social media account or otherwise I've just logged in with Facebook and then what you want to do is click start a thunderclap from here this is where you can get inspired and see examples or you can just click start in this section you're going to fill out all of your information your name your Twitter ID your bio and give your campaign a title and you have to have a minimum goal of 100 supporters and this is the catch with thunderclap if you do not meet that 100 goals of support your message will not go out so that is very important that you get at least 100 you want to have a title and you can choose a category obviously book is right at the top but they have all kinds of different categories if you're if it's a cause a charity education health otherwise you can give a short message and a link and then you want to have an end date usually you want them active they said for two to three weeks but they can't exceed 60 days so that gives you time to build momentum to build support and to reach your goal again you can start small which is what I recommend and or you can go medium or large the basic advantages to going larger it's just perception so it just looks like it's achieving a bigger goal and so forth so you can add a campaign photo and edit your story they let you do some formatting and you can even say that I was a draft if you're working on it as you go so that is the basic thing that you have to set up and then you just confirm and submit and so I recommend that you check out thunderclap dot IT it's a fairly new platform and it's a way to get your message out I've heard some people calling it crowd speaking instead of crowdfunding you know you're getting your message and you're you know sharing it across social media to a lot more people so I encourage you to check it out again this is Shelley hits from Shelley hits comm showing you how you might be able to use thunderclap in your next promotion

7 thoughts on “How Authors Can Use ThunderClap for Book Promotions

  1. Is this even recommended for books with a smaller target audience, or would it be hard to use it for smaller audiences?

  2. Thanks for the info. I always thought thunderclap was just a funding source. Now to contact the 100 plus folks to support this…do you send emails? Would that be spammy or should you use mail chimp to send the emails and offer a gift if the recipients support the thunderclap promo? Thanks. Enjoying your youtube site.

  3. Take Shelley's advice and use Thunderclap when launching your book. I got a social reach of over 2 million when I did this. However, most people will support you via Twitter, which gets far less people actually viewing the posts than Facebook. Try to get people to support you with Facebook when you create a campaign. And even then, don't expect much engagement – you may have a large reach, with most people not even reading the posts. Engagement is the key and Thunderclap posts simply don't get much engagement. Don't expect to sell many books even if you have a social reach of 2 million people. This is just one of many tools you will have to use to create a buzz about your book, but still one that you should include in your arsenal.

  4. Thanks Shelly, I am a published author with a great book but not very successful yet at promotion. I think this is a good start

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