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Friends, on YouTube, on our blog, on our site; there is one frequent question from youngsters, “sir, how can I become famous?” ‘I want to be a motivational speaker, not only a motivational speaker but one ‘famous’ motivational speaker.’ Our youth is much concentrated upon fame. That I want to do something instantly to become famous. So, I usually reply them in a humorous way that when I began the journey of being a motivational speaker, I never obliged to become famous! Perhaps, the answer to their question is best explained in this Kahlil Gibran’s proverb. Who beautifully writes, “Fame is the shadow of passion standing in the light!” Fame is the shadow of passion standing in the light. It means that fame is that shadow, or being famous is a shadow, which falls when the passion of the person stands in the light. When the passion presents itself to the world. Fame is the shadow of passion standing in the light. Means fame is such a thing, like a reflection. And I believe, not only fame, but also happiness, but also success and many other things are also like reflection. Our youth need not chase the shadows!
You cannot chase a shadow. I am reminded of the story by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who shared it once in his lectures, which goes like. . He says, there was a little cat that once went to a happiness school. In that happiness school, a happiness workshop was organised. Where this little cat was sent. So, as that little cat came back, she was roaming around with lots of happiness, she was enjoying, and was also doing an interesting thing. It was going round and round in circles. She was trying to grab her tail. The little cat was trying to grab its own tail! When this behavior was witnessed by grandfather cat.. Then he asked, ‘Son, come here, why are you moving round and round and why are you chasing your own tail? Where the little cat replied, ‘Grandpa! Don’t you know that I’ve attended a happiness workshop?’ And in happiness workshop the taught me that, ‘Happiness lies in my tail!’ Therefore, I’m trying to move round and round and trying to grab my tail. Hearing this his grandfather smile, looked at the child and said, ‘Son, this is right!’ They have told you rightly that happiness lies inside our tail. But the method is wrong! Happiness, fame, success and all these things, are in your tail; but you do not need to move round and round to have them. You do the things which you want to pursue in your life. And do them nicely, and then all there things will follow you! Now, this is my message to the youngsters who are watching this video. Do not chase fame, don’t focus on being famous. In Bhagwad Gita too, it is beautifully written.. “Learn To Detach From The Outcomes!” Whatever you are doing whenever, do not focus on the outcome, focus on the input. Focus on your passion. Focus on your persistence. Focus on your process. Why am I doing this?
Am I doing it nicely or not? If the process of the work is going nicely, friends, then the result will gradually be nice. Fame is the shadow of passion standing in the light, is a beautiful-beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran which says.. Again and again I am trying to re-emphasize. Don’t worry about fame, don’t worry about money, don’t worry about success, don’t worry about the fans and the followers. That would be done If you are running behind them, then you are running after a shadow! And the people running after shadow always stay disappointed. Instead, whatever you are doing, do it nicely. Think of how you can add value to the world. If you can serve positively. Ask other people how can I make a difference to your life. And this is my guarantee to you, that fame and success, and everything else will follow you. Hope you like my message! And thank you for watching our YouTube channel. Thank you!

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  1. Greatful sir . inspirational u r i love ur point of view of how I can famous. ..πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I would like to discuss abt me now I am 34 yrs I am confused what I have to do now iam married and 2kids my financial position is not so well iive in a rent house
    I just earned 8thousand re pls do some suggestion
    I always feel to be famous person like you sir pls do my help
    What I have 2 do in the future
    IAM a school teacher
    well I sir will u suggest me

  3. Gud afternoon sir..I'm study in ba 2nd year..Sir Will you help me in speak English?My english is very poor..plz help me..

  4. hello sir first time today I see you here even …already I listen many speaker but you really highly motivate us …actually sir I also want go stay on large plateform of success I decided to Prepration civil service examination ….such as thing always run my mind that I should do extraordinary now I had looked for my goal and I am also motivate with my dream as well working hard

  5. Sir…how can I tell u, I’m your big fan.sir if u come in Dubai than please tell me I want to meet you at once in my life.0588890730

  6. awesome message and thank you for your response . Apart from your busy schedule you considered our comments

  7. Sir you are an outstanding speaker. Please do your videos in English so that everyone can understand the speech completely.

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  9. Simar sir could you please tell me how i can improve my voice.? I want resonating voice like you.

  10. Sir i want to talk u… Becoz i m very confused for study…. What can i do in future… Which field be selected to become a bright future sir plzz contact me and plzz advice me… Sir mene aapse fb pr contact kiya lkn mujhe koii aapka respibse nii mila… Sir plzz reply me

  11. It was awesome video by you sir…I was chasing with my own fame….I am doing BBA and wasnt aware whether it will give me that fame or no….I was always wondering the people of my age who are more famous than me..some are actors in this age…some have reached the peak of success…some are progressing in their success…some are running business at the small stage and earning good enough…and I would feel like a useless body looking at all of them….But now I would like to thank you sir for this video…I will not worry of being famous…I will work hard on my process…..and Hope I will be better in my future

  12. I really like and appreciate your job which you are doing for today's youth in d form of inspiration
    It's said that Be honest (and remain silent) with your work that your success make noise 😎

  13. Sir I am speechless when I listen your good words…hats off to you sir are one of persons who inspire me

  14. I like your English I like your English I like your English I like your English I like your English I like your English I like your English I like your English

  15. Very nice video
    also check mine to know my perspective on it 😊

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  17. Bahut door see chlti arhi hu par kinara nahi milta,kese kahu ki Teri awaj see mjhe Sahara nhi milta,bahut uljhi he jindgi roj ek nayi baat me,or tujhe ush baat ka ishara nhi milta,Kya kahe jindgi or ush ajnabi k lie,Jo dikhta tho he PR rubru uska najara nhi milta….

  18. You're the amazing leader, coach, motivational speaker, I have no words to express the way you speak in turns to motivate people, brilliant, excellent seems very small in front of you, I didn't seen others way but I could say now you are the world's no. 1 motivational speaker, leader, coach, a better person as I have already said no words for describing about, you totally change the direction of my life, my thinking, my internal character a lot I could able to discover so far just because of you, you have power of introducing instance does of energy, I wish if I could be the part of your team.
    You could change the mentality, way of thinking of our youth who choosing the wrong way of living life, the way you discuss about how to discover yourself, what's our ability, your passion about, and the most impressive thought which is serve this universe what a thinking level you have just unbelievable.
    My request to all ladies and gentlemen who reading my comment Pls. do follow his idea, his thinking, his interest about life, his way of looking about this world, I can give guarantee if only 10% youngster will follow his path your life become full of success, happiness my request to all Pls. Share his ideas to your colleagues, your friends you'll find your life has taken totally changed towards improving path.
    By learning something from him If some other leader could build in India then no power could stop us to move forward than US, Japan , China in terms of economy and GDP per capita.
    I hope all ladies and gentlemen will follow his inspiration, his thinking and his ideas.

    A deep hearted thank you very much simerjeet sir to make me able to discover who am I actually? πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Šthank you sir.

  19. thank u Sir, actually i cannot say xactly with whom i am indeed inspired but yes its vary person to person nd so i am inspired by you, i like the way u convey your messages with great poetries….awesome β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ

  20. Sir i can hear your speeches whole day and I can't get bored and I too having problems so I think u have the answers for all.

  21. In the end of your speech you thanked to watch your uteub Chanel! I want to tell you How ever you earn money for this 😎but let us to say thank you because we improve our knowledge from your uteub Chanel may Allah"j" save you! One love from Germany πŸ’Œ

  22. One question:
    Today i have seek one word "bamboozled" which means perplexed and i found it interesting and thought i shall forward it to my frnd, while forwarding, i got a reply from her
    Saying "pata hai muje pehle se matlap"
    In that case i felt bad that then why did i send the word as aft all my efforts the reply which i received was i already know and so i was also not aware that she knows that word or else i would send and this doesn't happen in just word it sometimes also happen in family as well whenever u try to give some new information to your family and they are like i already know
    So how to deal with it please reply!

  23. 00:46 Fame is the shadow of PASSION standing in the light.
    – Khalil Gibran

  24. as i always say…if you are chasing your shadow, you are going away from light….run toward light and let your shadow follow you…😊

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  28. Sir,

    try not to repeat statements, as you do some times for us to focus on perticular thing. Which seems boaring some time. You just say once, we'll understand.

  29. Beautiful suggestion to young stars… Sir,.. Truly be say one of the best motivational speaker I ever seen..

  30. Sir u can change my life…….

    I need work with u only…….
    Plz contacted ask….8518852286

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  37. Do not focus the being famous
    Learn to detech from outcome πŸ’₯πŸ’₯🀩🀩
    Thank uu sir for such a amazing videos πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Love you sir β£οΈβ£οΈπŸ˜πŸ’ž

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  40. You're absolutely right….!
    You are a gift given to god for us
    Thanks a lot!

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