How Captain America Stopped Thanos in Infinity War Explained by Writers in Tamil

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26 thoughts on “How Captain America Stopped Thanos in Infinity War Explained by Writers in Tamil

  1. Captain America Logo paatha udane like potu comment pannita😍

  2. Bro, caption America stones ha return panna past ku poi angeye settle aitaru,
    Appo past la 2 caption america irukkanume
    Innoru caption enga?

  3. Bro past la irunthu cap some sirum eduthutu varuvaru adhu yedhukku

  4. Infinity war la captain america hold thanos left hand beat by right hand.
    Endgame la captain marvel holds thanos right hand and beat by power stone similarity

  5. Am I the only one, experienced the same scene in end game tooo….
    Captain Marvel holds thanos hand.
    Like this same shot. Same expression, same anger.
    Only hand changes..

  6. Bro enakoru doupt, ethanala thor thunder power ah use pandrathu illa plz replay⚡

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