40 thoughts on “How Comic Books Can Make Kids (and Adults) Smarter | Gene Luen Yang

  1. I Want To share my real life experience ( I read comics from child when i began to learn Hindi language comics are in Hindi so .. i interested in cartoon arts .. i dint knew how to read perfectly nor I understand Hindi as well as … but slowly my interest pick me up I read comics every day when I get free time And After that, I never weak in Hindi even I don't interested in Hindi subject I get above 70 marks out or 100 with out any preparation This is my real life experience " language give us wide thinking power so not so important what is in the book its matter only how WE understand the meaning and how we explains It so " ) I prefer comics first after than novel .. I am learning Eng by comics than I go to Novel … Don't laugh I just shared my story …. Amen

  2. My opinion I think people who have trouble with reading should read comics so that way they can improve reading skills.

  3. My youngest son struggles with reading. He really loves comic books because it allows him to enjoy reading on his own without my help.
    Great video!

  4. My parents always bought me any comics I wanted as a kid back in the 60's. They encouraged me to read anything that interested me. As I grew, my literary interests included Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Popular Science, always curious about how things worked. Comics paved the way.

  5. I find I'm awfully inefficient and inattentive at reading comics. I focus on the words and skim over the pictures. If there's no "Lex punches superman" caption, purportedly for the mentally deficient, I might even miss it happening. I even read speech bubbles in the wrong order sometimes. (Doesn't help that more or less half my comics are supposed to be read in right-to-left order of course… "Normal" [for me] being left-to-right…) I'm not a picture-explorer, I'm a mass-consumer. I speed-read at 400%, listen to audiobooks at 300% tempo, watch videos at 200% playback speed. (Movies at 150%) With full comprehension, mind you. (I'm usually the one explaining in-jokes, twists, character motives, and easy to miss references.) As for how fast I read comics? Maybe 50% of what could be considered normal… Why could this be?

  6. BE A SOYBOY! CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. I heard lifting weights, boxing, and not acting infantile also makes you smarter as an adult. Crazy, I know.

  7. One suggestion is an idea for a blockchained comic learning-entertainment platform.

  8. Reading manga and comics really is the only thing that kept me reading on a regular basis growing up. I struggled with a learning disability and attention disorder that wouldn't be diagnosed until I got into university, (as well as dyslexia). Having pictures to assist really helped me focus and enjoy reading.

  9. Cool :] .. but there are numerous different levels and dimensions to that one .. the Real important message IS …
    'slippingly multi-re-contextualising' / 'Perciever Empowerment'.

  10. Books without picture or one or two picture are supposed to make people more smarter…actually it should be blend of comic books and regular books…

  11. Youtube has a setting to play a video faster or slower, up to 2x or down to 0.25x.

  12. Just found some age-appropriate comics to use in my kindergarten classroom. I am excited about this!

  13. Let me fix it for you. "Can reading make you smarter" The answer is "No shit." This is the worst channel ever, i dunnit even know why I'm still subscribed to this trash.

  14. Check out the channel "Strip Panel Naked" if you're curious how comics work. There's so much potential in the medium

  15. This is why in business flowcharts are better than a word document to explain the way to do a job.Think about modern instructions for a device. We have moved away from a mostly word based document to pictures.

  16. Mentally deficient? I would NEVER call Al Jaffee, Bill Gaines, Charles Schulz, Bob Kane or Stan Lee such words.

  17. I like the liner notes at the top. My teachers were narrow minded and stupid to disdain and even forbid comic books. Looking back they were afraid of those who would disturb the status quo.

  18. I fondly remember sitting in my grandparent's house voraciously reading my uncle's Sad Sack comics (still have dozens of them) back in the '70s when I was a wee lad. These comics gave me quite the head start going into my first year of school.

  19. Only if they aren't filled with boring stories that are trying to push a SJW or feminist agenda.

  20. I guess the exception would be SJW comics where the effect would be the reverse.

  21. He's spot on right in what he's saying. When a comic has been written well (a rarity perhaps?) It makes our brains read two things simultaneously. Narrative boxes and images within the same frame can be wildly different in meaning and context, often converge in meaning and depart again promptly. If the author and artist (quite often the same person; notably Mr. Daniel Clowes) comics can yield a deeply satisfying form of reading.

    We must also consider the minimalist, almost Haiku like, nature of the inclusion of words set into panels and frames. The author has to be quite economical with the words he chooses. It's a simple requisite of their art that they cannot say too much.

  22. Comics are a step up from Dr. Seuss books. It's the same premise but a little more mature.

  23. Thank you – Gene Luen Yang, more people should look into this thoughts.
    It's important to have the ability to go as fast or slow as the person in question needs.

  24. vindicated! I tole my mommy that I was being exposed to and learning about science, government, socialization and cutting edge technologies as well as the religions of the world.

  25. My birthday is coming up, it's really hard to host a party for 7 billion people without any resources, I mean I could use magic but it might terrify some of you! you do know God is a DJ…

  26. Let's petition Big Think to make this guy a regular! Awesome talk!

  27. I use my imagination for form pictures when reading my ten + books at any one stage….No comic book guy here!

  28. They can, as long as you're not reading the SJW-infested crap that is Marvel Comics.

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