How I Became a Writer on Game of Thrones (Battle of the Goldroad)

dear God they're copying details I invented on Game of Thrones wiki in this filling in gaps in their knowledge I'm doing more internal continuity than they are this just caps it off for me this was the most memorable thing for me that night is the rest was just stupidity when Briana's filling in the white book at the end of the book of the history the deeds of the Kingsguard they they introduced it in season four apart from the fact that they changed the prop because this isn't what Arthur Dayne Zen tree looked like before like the artwork is different it's weird when she's writing all of Jaime's deeds I came up with the name battle of the gold road for the big dragon battle against the Lannisters in season seven that they kept calling in yeah at the time you hope you were all there you remember you saw the review sites going does this battle have a name and they just keep calling it the loot train attack like in their behind-the-scenes videos it was officially called that in in their filming schedule in their scripts because you have to go what's this piece of equipment for for the loot train battle all capitals and I just put my foot down on the wiki and said that is not an in-universe name what if someone needs to refer to it like the Battle of the whispering wood or the paddle of the Blackwater we're not going to use such a fan nickname for something as as a thing that is the flippancy with which they treated if battles have names and looking at a bat that okay it's they say it's on the Blackwater River a bridge over the Blackwater it's not within sight of King's Landing or what's the next major crossing up the river well where the gold road crosses it so as a provisional name for the artist I said I'm not going to indulge your stupidity with this and call it volute train attack in the title because we're supposed to be in universe I made up the name universe named battle of the gold Road because specifically what if someone needs to refer to it in universe they wouldn't call it that and I'm watching this episode and they called it the Battle of the gold road not the Battle of the northern reach or any other name they could have come up with or the second field of fire it is now in Cannon ascended Fannin the Battle of the gold road as an official clearly named event in retrospect that wasn't the writers even paying attention to or ripping off the wiki it's the props department who do more work than they do and I compliment them that this has been happening for a couple of years that they stuck with heraldry designs they stopped ordering new heraldry from it's a complicated process of getting artists in and for the past few years they've just been copying the heraldry fan wiki's use like the heraldry for house Stokeworth or for house Mormont that updated Mormont heraldry the house reads heraldry these are fan designs they just copied hey I'm not complaining that's why we made them that's why we put them on wiki's – this is a good design please use it so it's whoever was writing up the prop of the white book probably didn't want to call it something as ridiculous as the loot train attack googled what was this thing and came to Game of Thrones wiki that oh well I guess it's called the Battle of the gold road so am i a writer now I don't know I'm probably more of a keeper of the lore at this point than Bryan cogman is that we're the fan wiki's and it's all those obsessive fans I mean it's this is basic stuff and I don't know what you do all day if you're not writing dialogue and you're not checking facts what is your job I don't know so that was serious that seemed battle of the gold road that they have fallen so low that they're copying stuff I personally invented Wow you

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