How I Cleared NTA UGC NET in my 1st Attempt (Beginner's Guide)

thank you thank you so much the islands thank you hi so you wondering what am I doing with my phone my inbox is bombarded with so many messages from various friends and family members were congratulating me as I've cleared my UGC net in first today so hi people welcome to my channel and in this video I'm going to talk about how I cleared my UGC net in English literature in my first attempt okay but before we get into the details of it I just make a humble request if you are also preparing for UGC net in English literature then do subscribe to my channel because every Saturday and every Sunday I'll be uploading videos about how you can channel is a preparation we're all writers you need to study how to look at certain writers from net point of view how to make notes and so on so forth so the very first thing that helped me to clear your net was my passion towards literature fine you know these people have been you know visiting and sharing this thing they all think that you know this passion thing is very philosophically but let me tell you guys passion is the driving force oh I beat sama pure Korean have passionate right here OC exam Koki earth or negative example if I thought you're burning it was cheese can use courier came here so I don't think you will be able to sustain this exam preparation it is just may prepare the reading UGC net English literature so I used to study through like 16 hours and people used to you know find this very important solamente and got to a humanities student because mostly humanities whether visiting mentality log a tactical building a charge its overhead related up and a guidebook say para que paso temper I'm telling you it's not true Humvee with an IV passions if I repent if in a passions a PMD cos food enjoy aya teacher stood in the office for that matter CNCs or the person okay so passion is very important from you know from very we stated my life I was always very passionate about literature and I love teaching okay when I was in and standard in 2000 and I opened my rules of skill institute very not used to you know teach people about how you can succeed in life time management spoken English and all that stuff so I was very very passionate about teaching and literature like who is my love okay my first love is literature so these two things would you know somewhere help you to keep yourself you know for me it was that kind of thing that it led me to keep myself boosted for throughout the preparation time you just stay in Kentucky because solamente that's been partners on a punch money neither underwent a solamente para not before diving with other but if you're passionate about it then nothing will stop you also at the same time you know kind of in this passion helps you to keep away from all the distractions could be they were preparation starter then also kind of the universe its Shari Andrew Carnegie ket they are prepared now they're fine you see them up your friends going very needy choice topic mature thing you see them up your parents equitation traveling it times and then the up quite like epic Rashad I guess all these things happen okay but then you need to be very wise yes and it is about sidelines cultivate was punch my Nikki duration be calcium studies by focus country you know people usually ask me you know or what mean kotti my part about the soldier thing okay so if you like sleeping everybody lies not pretend how to reduce your sleep in time you can only reduce your sleeping time back rocking something more than your sleep so if you love literature more than your sleep then apnea game quality like this seems to happen with me I am a Viking literally Robbie be even you know I'm not preparing for UGC net for the next time and we have no audio lectures give you deliver ridiculous about seem so many thing we can nothing that is my passion do this about happen amigo I cannot get up before eight or nine okay this is a very quality classes missiles LCD so you need to have this thing in your afternoon literature Palicki w12 and okay so made online course and it I'm running on our website for UGC net English literature which maybe I'll make sure he must've mean students go and Google where these are actually passionate at an echo a barbecue abundance of them because of men in a few preparations start Kathy I have this thing very very clear in my mind a two-bar metering Anita's me with the v-neck company newbie it's not even on I give birth or otherwise with a paper getting it a little more paddling your paper there and give up to say teen German with the clear movie Jennifer see cinemas are for your naked part arrival Korean online defecation is happening okay so the second point is dedication and discipline another is dedication and discipline that is the equally important passionately important that other whose passion is happy hard work making sure again that too with consistency so Kentucky results in Econ say okay so you need to keep this thing in mind keep VG's discipline give it up you cannot accomplish in your life also have the same guy and there's this quote I used to love alone because still loves it but then when I was dreaming at one point of time I had this poster in my room okay and that poster said that you know I needed every minute of training but guess what every time I used to tell myself that don't quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion so the same theory goes everywhere and specially for UGC net english preparation because you need to have this thing in mind Kieko about me a peevish pillar or beam authority they were all sorry male person takaku the sacrifice offended by the video favorite movie joy I am positioning they cry and they do TV shows every hour these are shopping experience rupees on coffee please Aramis awakened then but this what I'm doing right now we'll definitely yield good results in the future so that you need to keep in mind and discipline what important difference regularly for you most of the time many students Metallica yeah but they British literature start at the peloton does birthday party a foodie bucha akkhi who complete thirdly and second in the hula thingy history of English literature now Bogota buffet table paper huge appliances are carrying opposite : / him okay consistency that the company but regular / get that is important me or do you lectures maybe a bitch is taking it regularly come on yours deliver that you'd overtake how you can take your audio able to do it regularly with you hey the minute that's going to take a deal of stubborn people very little food so there may be so consistency is important that to you create your cultivate your interest Deedle Deedle Deedle you start having literature so that happens okay so the first point was passionate about literature number second point will have discipline and dedication in your life if you are very serious about clearing UGC net impulse to them okay so philosophically back to the sidelines that they are about cut they have teen most important questions for you genetic news read should be thoroughly cleaned otaku could sit in a movie and these were the three most important questions remain equips if Enschede or music Rasta will have a blueprint a guideline maybe he can say prepared so the first question is what's to study now it's not porosity busy guys fancy genomica sergeant um people go by an auto be completely over it's not good slick hobby I am in English under the Sun flick it's rain if you talk about literature since 500 AD or if you go back to Greek period resumed translation math birthday it's not suppose for non achy bones are the important age a chart out currently cap or not is exact point of music okay so they are making details your wedding I have actually explained in detail ATT akhiya Madhu's many up nests at the biskits of ideas and how I started preparing like ever made breathe mark about the town so I actually divided the entire syllabus into ten modules the first was British literature then you go beyond that we hide the post-colonial American and for that matter Indian and then every criticism these were all different modules hard what you committed further divided because what to study is are built is very important yeah Fusco Mac you know who's come i through level pretty vibrant local they take you home equanimity in criticism continue but have to pathology who say my new method of chilean criticism correct those eight my making a cocktail help cook after night you say coptic a bin falco kappa garage it didn't it is continued to capital w he didn't he didn't he didn't happening over the course but you just say you know if I'm traveling from Jaipur to Delhi I'm using it but I guess it didn't a charm against but more importantly what in the area here where my nickel reduces subsea pedal a concert every AIIMS give us budget in a kilometer high pitch analyze the music once a car delayed ahead will become a 25-acre a Portuguese dopant ever make a movie on 21 finally they deport me to skip IRB you need to keep this thing in mind goetaborg important taco traffic camelina sup with contingency planning that piece of music in case by maru baito so time to accomplish if you will mr. DeCarlo working in case my chosen tomography so I need to you know cover up that syllabus in the same week so much it overtakes proper number in case a family emergency I mean you cannot help attack o-jama project so up case a crab cutting this is what to study is very important okay it's kill you need to make your own customized syllabus because just syllabus UGC net well in India that is that is really indicative ghosted Nabisco basement camera preparation start cutting it so somewhere down the line not regret the apt yatta course naked by your the copy by the revision cat I'm Camilla many personally WGC Nikita Gotti that it is I dream is the syllabus four times before going to give them so I have so much clarity in my it seemed a burning your girlfriend so what to study for mother Chiara keep occupied on hard right then maybe jacket under me or do lectures memory cheese make sure that you can keep on telling your questions is right and evaluate jobs right okay works K by reading the previous you paper so that students know that this is what I'll arkad eyes telling us to study because such as type of questions have been there in the previous your pimples okay so you need to strategize accordingly the second most important question how do you study guys how putana bajas area most of the time people you don't make this mistake medically made a sacrilege of trains they are amazing coach on TV oven right now – do you need a fight because they were not doing how to study oh pardon epic job they were not knowing not making technique they were not knowing the memorization techniques that they can use to retain better also after you take now up then becomes in some way part of Ithaca you know poor thing you know they are night out sky low both area monologues just about caper Pathak I know what they do distraction frees all never particle you know quotation visual learners okay jitka copy me on your notes menorah so they can use colors like I a movie speedrunner for example Kirino both angel audio so to kill you audio important it looks to be a spell path a reading or padded Telugu the two kind aesthetic learners of them okay so a cop and a learning style device cut down that is very important how to study the third important question that we will be addressing is where to study from now this is the most important thing because many Academy is a scarf eternal vigil last movement that's a note secret talk about the skin give people party here because you see you guys listen I knew what our aapko you know there's this beautiful saying that my dad says sometimes gopis are okay you cannot walk okay you cannot go you cannot cross a path yeah Dona moça survival cap cross named us to take Tico don't out there dance around we'll get this balanced looking good Johnny same thing happens a charge against another of advice Larry Oh confuse Oh joking many Armani meaning impermanence if economic charge when I am educated but I I made short image catchy their effort good movie whose keypad would it be seen it go in the important stuff but I are many acted use a hafnium Ithaca innovate O'Meara already you said you Williams go to stop container so was it your thumb of the gear for now give others very important from where to study may you won't get books a lot of books get that can help Internet will help you not many more Allah world website subscribe very delayed there are so many American websites out there there are so many paid courses gentleman is subscribe gather like for literary theory itself I subscribe to 5 online courses ginsa man is Sonia and I could come on tank Baraka it's important freakin tenza I don't think it helps you a lot because I know when you free content garlic for the charity till then you provide encrypted when you paying so something happened cook best min ago I'm dad to your men a to char incites a level of just occurred kept an account where I said I have made a separate video on what all books you can refer any what all study material you should read for for UGC net English literature so you can just have a look on the video ok so let's move on to my next point now is what is important is that if they take a passion important and discipline important thing what to study how to study in from where to study for film in this case our name and the important stuff is stress that is up will again okey Hamdaoui work stress like stress free ok Panaji an urbanizing stress may power I'm not saying stress maple but I'm seeing your product they look up stress multiple little positive stress of I could collect ID in Belgium vertically considering in creating many place with World Cup and there are coolly yeah do me the baton village outside to do you think we'll get mark with stress new tower they'll see a reduction doubt document Amitabh Bachhan merely I don't think so and they have actually accepted this fact in the interview here which are take a–take performance pressure would I hate press ok just give us a sec Kavita Connie we can take that you know challenge as an opportunity then they give their best same thing applies to you know you DC make preparation also it was it that stress review increase in here Butte I love failures are they Sigma because community will stress for you there are you clear your gardening it ug Pittacus it was partly me ago taiga and your arms in acarnania be together the apartment now I'm telling you I did pass minik s they were exactly literally exit but no budget eating money never German the ticket I was oh my god it money no guess expression to cover me it's not for self your cottage on a portage or in tiny nearest runs away very fast ok so it's very important at this time for a positive stressed about America wrote soup with a potato capital presenter ie it's not much for denying the behalf of nap to you know you can go do it as a key feature in a dog food company about keyboarding best capacity without theory even if you not the Madison trundle I'm hugging it just to save yourself civility around if that amounted to also stress gonna sake body automatically best Lee it is a function where your jaws are retaining that baggage is it merely friends you voted in a mission he kind of a party to rely on or becoming in retaining doctors because koshish lingered in retail in recap of net Marco signals then you in law of attraction the story works a lot of Google girls out there I'm a very great follower of law of attraction and say is that Jo up actually sorts today that happens in Iran and manager Peggy bad ug- preparation I made this thing very clear to my 19 back to your community family party I feel okay with stress within the mouth we constantly talk we figured I'd make it clear that any any W Arnett and any to me so clear trend on Yahoo super Jess I kept myself on toast met party guy party a yoga syllabus category revision cutting-edge strategies material so that is very important okay so keep this thing in mind toad has a positive stress update the back we will have come here so it's very important to pick a concept by looking at some GMO concept again it's a little chaotic Unicaja was age Mesa care was a concept your clarity written basically Kiko shish kabob neighborhood scope or musica updates career so that is very important I mean acai concept truth clarity will hit viewer or many could make it is reliability the Menace of the very history of British literature at high so Greek mythology comparable but other Greek dynasty Escobar Emily piccata Roman civilization your ability to spy novel complete because funding Greek civilization Greek mythology panini in NY ecology for that matter have nimisha Technic aroma Sunni hand you all know about of those gods in the relationship between gods and everything but Greek mythology may it is so confusing the many baby 100 is a lot I bring my ecology some GD Nettie preparation get anything so high it was so obviously the Holy Family chart either Agana there are titles field you may have other boards on he be quickly may you know they are Manning their own cousin so it was so confusing sort of thing but you could capture a nice birthday so you find the poverty you know interesting I drink my property and same goes with by with many could net value bill if you just somebody's availability Internet the many more buddy so I refer to so many summaries or Steve Anthony but you will greet mycology Roman civilization so much Nicky bath I entered into British literature because finally redness of was actually one Renaissance a rebirth renzaburo or what they came origin they came woodcutter it means rebirth rebirth kiss chisca the Greek and Roman ancient Greek in the human civilization kiddo art forms change of techniques of bukhari but it the England okay so easily America in a key role in Greek civilization cooperate but are just a mirror and a sample actual depth may summers from so that is important fine so in this video I've talked about certain things that you must remember Richard and you to pay your net in your first attempt if you wish to you know look at the online course that I'm providing on my website you can go to the website about our forum also in the website you'll find a detailed syllabus or details course content that I have uploaded very nice talked about all the ages all the writers all the modules that you need to study so you can have a look there also like my Facebook page because every or day I upload a golden age quiz so you can you know keep yourself on the bus Kiki are questions pooches are in here in questions cacao answer it also at the same time you can subscribe to my channel and share it with other net aspirants as well so see you bye bye and keep lava quadrature

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