How I Develop my Novels… Series!

welcome back to my channel scribe tribe I am your leader Tim Greene I waited in the pen name T Greene and today we're going to talk about developing your novel for me more like series develop your novel what the am I talking about let me put a different way let's say outline your novel or playing your novel the reason why I used to work development is because I'm going into the film industry before you ever hit pre-production when you actually start to make the film you're in development this can take a year 10 years developing is more than a list of bullets of your story so I'm just trying to use terms that I'm gonna be using throughout my career in that industry as well called development call it outlining call it the planning your novel it makes no difference to me it's all semantics with that being said today we're gonna take a look at my method to developing my projects and my novels series Before we jump into that be sure to give this video a thumbs up click that subscribe button ring the bell and join the tribe and be sure to answer today's question on how do you go about planning your novels down in the comment section let that being said let's dive right number one the idea Troy a story you need an idea more likely from me it's more of a combination of ideas that have been floating around in my head but once I have the idea it's time to move on to number two beginning and and number of folks for me I need to know where this story's gonna start and words gonna end for me to do anything do you be able to develop the story I need to know that also very helpful is to know how many books is this story going to take place over duh number three world building begin this phase I think is self-explanatory do I need to develop this more really do I need to I didn't think so these four characters kind of hard to have a story a good story without characters well this is where I start to figure that out now you're just saying the obviously these five character arcs there is a difference characters gotta grow or fail and so this is where I figure out how that's gonna happen cuz no one really likes a character that stays the same by the end of the book except James Bond Sherlock Holmes Indiana Jones don't need to same what anymore say six beats in scenes this is where I start to actually start to put together all the ideas for the story any idea that I might have key scenes key ideas just throw them in themes v7 the story arc or or arcs with characters yeah gotta have them do something so along with the character arc you have to have a story arc there's a difference phase a assemble the outlines well I have all these ideas now it's trying to time to figure out how they fit together this is where I'll start to gonna struck each book outline phase nine scenes list well once I have the outlines done now it's time to actually break them down to actual scenes because my outlines or what I've already said their outlines their bullets gotta flush it out more phase ten theme this is where like you'll start to think about what do I want to say in this book or don't want to say anything in this book you're just the game is now phase eleven world-building touch-ups or fine tuning now I have a story and I've been world-building I probably should have make sure everything in my story actually can happen in the world these twelve process at this point I I'm done the novel or series is put together but now I need to make sure I let my brain process everything before we begin these 13 break all the books are you serious okay this is only the first drafts I'm not yeah but yeah this the writing process began so technically this would beat the production but I had to throw in there just because it is it's part of the process well that's my process no I know what you're thinking really that's it it's all we're getting I just wanted to cover what my process is and this is my current process as I go on and as I continue things change and this will probably change from now that I've done this video more likely probably to morrow knowing my luck but this is my current process you're nuts over the coming weeks I'm gonna go over each phase of the process in more detail well that's all I have for you this week make sure you give this video a thumbs up hit subscribe ring the bell and again join the tribe in today's question down in the comment section how do you go about planning your novels go in there if you want to know more about writing you can check out my podcast my buddy Adam Daly of the zero-one podcast group we've been doing a podcast called writers mindscape we are where we are we're building a brand new world for you guys so you can see how we go about it in detail and use it the link will be down in the description or the I above my head and also be sure to shoot me on social media that's gonna be on the screen here I think I changed it to this book here and for that on that I'll talk with you in my next video bye

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