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Hyena named Mangadhu went to the wedding ceremony of lion there he was stuffing his mouth with Dahi-Bhalle standing in front of Tufaan Fan After stuffing 4 platters of Dahi-Bhalle  suddenly Jackal comes to him and Hyena tells to him that In wedding ceremony nothing is good to eat. Dahi- Balle are rotten and its very hot here  Jackal says, ” oh , is it so, let me also try few platters.  Hyena asks him , ” as you are going there, please bring one plate for me too.” by that time I will cool myself down in fan. A delegation of European Union Parliamentarian visits Kashmir  and it declares Kashmir as peaceful that is why with in few journalists sprite of Mangadhu Hyena wakes up who lives in India, Eats in India and abuses India. because of hate for Modi how new conspiracy is coming in light we will show you in this video  Just be with us ….. Aaj Ki Taza Khabar Subscribe AKTK on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Subtitled by Deepika ([email protected])
contact for transcription and captioning  on 28 October a delegation team of European Union Parliamentarian visits Kashmir they audited the situation of Kashmir after removing the Article 370  They came to India, they went to Kashmir, they roamed around Kashmir and evaluated the whole situation of Kashmir and then they did a press conference in Delhi  In press conference in Delhi they gave a statement, ” Kashmir is India’s internal matter.” and we are standing with India to fight against terror.” after the positive remark by European team on article 370 and on Kashmir  Liberadus couldn’t tolerate as if their porridge has been spoiled with bitter turmeric  first one who shrieked was NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain This fake James Bond suddenly becomes a investigative journalist  and he shows e-mail of a lady named Madi Sharma  so what was written in this e-mail Member of European parliament, I , Madi Sharma is organizing a prestigious VIP meeting   for you with PM Modi. As you know  Modi ji had a land slide victory in the election and is planning the growth and development of India He would like to meet the influential decision makers of European Union Therefor I am asking you, if you would be interested to visit Delhi and Kashmir this email goes into the hand of Sreenivasan Jain, NDTV’s journalist  he is a pattalkar or patrakar (journalist), we don’t know  he got the email and how he hyped the whole matter by referring that email that I will show you Sreenivasan Jain says this lady is facilitating the meeting between Modi and the delegation he questions, what is the credential of this lady that she can arrange the meeting between Modi and delegation for his allegation he goes to the Madi Sharma’s twitter account  there ‘International business broker’ was written in her twitter biography so he assumes that she is doing only this job  so he had misconception in his mind for the lady that this lady doesn’t hold any qualification  that she can arrange such meeting with PM Modi and EU’s parliamentarian  He presented his thoughts in these lines in his tweet, just see…. after him so called other journalists also started tweeting about it  Fake investigative journalist Rohini Singh also started tweeting about it  these are the tweets she wrote and put question mark on Madi Sharma’s role.  Pratik Sharma the fact checker also mocked,  Bharkha Dutt who was the accused in Radia tape and blamed for being involved with broker  she insulted Madi Sharma by calling her international broker  question was the same, that how can she fix a meeting between Modi and EU parliamentarians?? lets put red chili chatani to their Dahi-Bhalle  So question is , Madi Sharma is an International Business Broker  ‘how can she arrange such meeting’ actually this meeting was arranged by EESC EESC stand for European Economic Social Committee this is the screen shot of the press conference of EESC dated 30 OCT EESC is official body of European Union  now lets go to EESC’s official website  in the website check the details of the members  there you will find details of Madi Sharma  It means Madi Sharma is a member of EESC which is a part of European Union now the question is, what is the criteria of selecting the members ? answer is EESC has about 350 members these members are nominated by the national government for example… EU has so many countries listed  each nation nominates it’s member for EU each national government selects member and send for EESC it means national government nominates and EU appoints the members. so it is 100% clear that Madi Sharma is selected by UK and she is a member of EESC an official body of EU this visit of EU delegation in Kashmir and Delhi is arranged by EESC so if this e-mail will not be send by a member of EESC Madi Sharma,  then who will send Ram Dhani Halwai who is sitting in Tunderpur Village in Balia city?? who makes Jalebi  now the question is why this information was kept in dark so that they can paddle propaganda and misconception about Kashmir issue They don’t want to show the peace in Kashmir that is why, Madi Sharma who is member of EESC is falsely presented as International Broker. that is how they fooled us all  this misconception was spreading by almost all the media houses  but why they were doing this, I will show you  Mid-Day wrote – Yakub Memon was soft spoken and knowledgeable  why it wrote so, contemplate it yourself  DNA wrote – how Kasab chose path of crime when he didn’t get the clothes to wear  DNA represented terrorism as normal crime  DNA highlighted, how Kasab did the terror attack just because he was poor. this is the screenshot of the facebook page of The Indian Express  you can see the cover page of The Indian Express facebook account  it is the rally of Burhaan Wani’s death on cover page  why it is put, just think about it. you can see Rajdeep Sardesai comparing Bhagat Singh with Burhan Wani Barkha Dutt is addressing Burhan wani as the son of head master that is how the sympathy wave is generated  TOI will tell you how a failed lover becomes a Hizbul terrorist after being rejected by the girl  Daily Mail will tell you how London Bridge Jihadi was become terrorist after his father’s death at the age of 12 yrs  this is how the sympathy is created for the terrorists  these are the same bunch of people who are putting allegation on Madi Sharma’s credential  hiding the real fact, so that they can show Kashmir in wrong light  so now concept is clear….. Mangadhu (Hyena) likes the Dahi Bhalle  He will live here, eat Dahi-Bhalle, and at last curse the Dahi Bhalle  Friends, this is the facts behind the whole issue  How long Liberandus will keep paddling the fake propaganda, we don’t know  we are innocent people, you all might be having the information about the matter  as you are the citizen of the country, please comment on this matter and let us know what do you think about it, and why are they doing like this  also please support us on find the link on screen, i-button and in description  follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and YouTube  Jai Hind.. Jai Bharat 

38 thoughts on “How NDTV showing Kashmir Uproar when its Silent? | AKTK

  1. NDTV is spreading the truth, unlike you.
    EU members were not representing Europian parliament, it was just an unofficial visit which was set by mr. Modi.
    The members were not even allowed to freely visit kashmiri people and places on their will, so how can they conclude the situation of whole Kashmir on visiting just ballpart of the region.

  2. These kind reporters are lucky that they born in India! This is how they are misusing Freedom of speech! Government need to check their source of income and for any overseas accounts!

  3. भाई, तेरी शैली हमे तो बेहद पसंद है।लहजा बोलने का उससे भी खूबसूरत है और टॉपिक तो भाई आपका लाजबाब होता ही है।पेलते रहो जी।हम आपके साथ हैं

  4. Wah bahi kitna neutral anchoring karts ho
    Tum Sahi Kah rahe ho,ravish dalal hai
    Asli journalist to arnab,or Sudhir chaudhry hai😒😎

  5. Ramdhani Halwayee Jalebi tak to seedhi bana nahi sakata. Dahi Barhe kya banayega . Rajdeep Ko ek baar Holi per Farrukhabad UP bhijwa do. Jooton ka haar mai dalwa doonga. MF Rajdeep. Ham bhi bahut bhole hain Isee Liye Bam Bam Bhole bol kar pinnak me rahate hain?

  6. Chal be gandu . Delegation mai 20 se zada right wing extremist the samjhe beta . Why not send our own media there. Dudh ka dudh pani ka pani ho jayega. . Aag ghar pe lagi hai aur puch padosi se rahe hai . EU ka bayan hai ki this delegation is not a representative of the EU . Facts toh pure bta . Barkha Dutt ko mai journalist nhi manta . Make some videos on unemloyment , farmers , girti economy. Nhi par wo toh karna nhi . Bjp ki bhakti toh karni hai

  7. Acha..inke parents ka problem ho raha h to ye atankwadi bann rahe to aise example dene chahiye ya un logo k jo ghar me problem hote hue bhi khudki achai nahi chodte..gadha media

  8. Godi media ki abadi kutte ke pillon ki Tarah bad rahi h AJTAK ABP INDIA TV ANI R BHARAT Baki to bhary pade h pille

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