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hello guys this is Delia inspires hair I just like barely I know we had until 12:00 midnight until we can do teach me Tuesday's hair inside of this group and so I did not want to miss his opportunity to share with you guys on some different tips that I can definitely offer to each and every one of you so a little bit about me because I only have seven minutes I am a self publishing consultant I hope individuals turn their books into businesses also if you are a business owner which many of you guys are I hope you guys turn that product and a scalability inside of your company in order for you to thrive so in the land of live-streaming and also broadcasting and doing videos I understand that a lot of you guys are venturing into the YouTube world and also in different ways that you can definitely maximize or increase your subscribers on YouTube also increase your viewership on YouTube as well and also expand your reach to new viewers which means in terms of to new customers which turns into new subscribers which turns into more money and everything else like that in between so thank you guys so much for joining me and those of you guys who are watching this on the replay please feel free to leave your comments or your questions inside of the comment section below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of you so let's go ahead and get it straight into it because we are on a time length so the topic of this is how to add your YouTube videos into your ebooks I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is and then I'm gonna tell you how to skelling okay so when if you are writing your book on a word document or even on Microsoft Word I mean on a Mac right or iOS right what you do at the top where you see home thow home you'll see insert all right so at the top inside of your Word document at the top you'll see insert you make sure you click that button click insert wherever you want your YouTube video to show inside of your eBook make sure you click insert make sure the cursor is where you want the video to be and then you click insert once you click insert at the top row it will say online video it will also say embed it video so you make sure you click on online video once you click on online video ok it's going to give you an option that you either upload the video or you can search on youtube you'll see the icon so make sure that you click YouTube you can search the video with the title you can put the title in or you can put the link in once you find the video you want you're gonna select that video and then you're gonna click insert ok once you insert that video inside of your ebook when you upload it or self publish your ebook ok your viewer the reader will be able to once they read your ebook ok and they see that video right they'll be able to actually click on it from their phone click on it from their device because remember this is the e-book now so they can click from it on their Kindle and they can watch a YouTube video which then translate into another view on YouTube and or become a youtube subscriber subscriber hey Ron it's good to see you thank you for joining me so with that being said I'm gonna repeat this and I hope you guys are taking notes ok cuz this is a next-level thing here ok so if you're in your word document you have your book wherever you want your YouTube video so say you YouTube video is about introducing the book maybe it says thank you so much for buying this book this is what you're going to learn in it if you are a chef chef then you can say hey look you're actually do you know recorded a video put it on YouTube alright and you're cooking the meal right you have your recipe and cooking the meal so they can actually be there with you maybe you are a coach right you can tell them what to expect in the book what results they should find in the book and different things like that if it is your story maybe this video is telling them how this chapter came about maybe it's explaining it to people who are still having questions about this certain chapter in your story and you're explaining it and they're watching your YouTube video maybe it's the video is at the end where you are thinking them for reading your book to the end and you're reminding them to leave up Amazon book review maybe it's a course write or in kept the course boaters things so maybe you can actually upsell your courses from your ebooks if you give your ebooks away from free then at the end of your ebook you can definitely put that YouTube video at the end and say hey look you know you're already ahead of the game we definitely want you to come into our group we definitely want you to purchase this course and different things like that so one person who may have paid ninety nine cents for this ebook is not paying you know 200 dollars for your course because of what was transpired inside your ebook so this does a plethora things of happier YouTube videos inside of your ebooks in order to increase YouTube subscribers so you can tell them they look if you want to know more about me if you're a live streamer if you love to go live you could tell them hey look to subscribe to your YouTube channel too as well right and then also you get viewers so if you're saying that a lot of people are not watching your YouTube videos you can get more viewers by just inserting your YouTube video inside of your ebook right you can also upscale you can get more book reviews you can introduce it you can really make it as personable as possible in your ebook and then you also can sell it so once you have your video in there once you insert it your video in there once you already had your mindset set on what the purpose of this video your ebook is for you can also tell people to sell more ebooks Hey look there's 10 – free videos inside of this ebook that sells so now you don't you know maybe there's a course video a short course video at the end or whatever the case may be or after every chapter of your book you can definitely do that to scale it up right and so you can use utilize that to sell more books or you can utilize that to increase more views so it's up to you of what your equation of your system and order to gain more influence marketing and everything else with your ebooks you'll have one up than the other because somebody may talk about with your instructional material somebody else may say that a look you know they're writing all this stuff and they download this ebook and there's a lot of PDFs right but look we know this is a video culture live street culture a whole new genre a whole new game for business owners just like yourself and because you're in this group you must have a course or you're either working on a course or you're either thinking about a course so with inserting your videos in there Ross listen you can do one or two things right you can lead people into your stuff that you have enough sell it or you can tell people to get more book sales because you're not author or a published author or even thinking about publishing a book to get them to buy the book because there's videos in that book and I don't know about you I don't want to say that I'm the only author that's doing this right now but I'm sure that there a small percentage and the publishing industry of authors are self-published authors who are doing this so you know this is definitely a thing to really think of I think I'm almost in my time so if you guys have any questions and it comes to put it inside the comment section I don't want to just go over time and all that other kind of stuff and that's any other yes you can definitely do that if you want us to help you with it guess what we have a course on how you can do it all right it's only 47 bucks so you definitely want to get into that if you just want me to mentor you or coach you just let you know and I could do that too as well but that is what teach me Tuesdays is for is to share this information with all of you guys to assist you of being better thank you so much Kat for opening up this opportunity for us to share our expertise with a group and also get familiar with other people inside of the group so I appreciate you I love you and I just want you to know that you have the power to change the world and I truly believe that you can talk to you guys soon

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