How To Analyse A Poem

45 thoughts on “How To Analyse A Poem

  1. Millions of thanks.Helped me a lot .
    A MA student from India


  3. Thankyou this video was very helpful but please make it a bit slow i hate changing the speed because they are either too fast or too slow

  4. it's definitely helpful! now I know what to exactly write in my poetry exam since my teacher never told us what to do, I'm really disappointed in her.

  5. Thanks Could you help me to analysis โ€˜No MASTERโ€™ by W.H.Davice please help me

  6. Hello thanks a ton this was the only video that I found with useful info done a great job man!

  7. Modernist poetry is a nightmare, especially in the Form and Feelings parts. While some do express feelings, at least in the reader (The Waste Land), most are just so impersonal and unsensitive it feels as though they are just saying things that they see or come to mind.
    And of course the form is all over the place. They claim not to use the old forms and pretty much everything is in free verse, but then they have "ironic" twists where they do use it and it's a bitch to analyse for a non-enthusiast of poetry.
    This is all for an exam a week from now.

  8. Thanks a million! I use your concise clip to have my students analyze "The Road Not Taken" A wonderful supplement!

  9. wow.. I was searching for something like this man… thanks a lot .. helped me in college

  10. Is it acceptable to write one paragraph on form, one on language, one on theme etc , rather than incorporating it into one long essay ?

  11. I still don't understand whats IRONIC
    can anyone explain to me pls

  12. Hi, I just wanted to say that the themes at 1:00 are not in fact themes, but rather topics. For example, a topic would be:
    A theme would be:
    "Love is a brilliant adventure."
    This is just a note, feel free to ignore it if you want ๐Ÿ˜€

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