How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”?

ON-SCREEN: Simple Layout-Character scene. Narrator: It is a safe bet this will be one of the first questions you will face and the way you answer it will set the tone for
the entire interview. ON-SCREEN: “Keep it Professional” appears on board. Narrator: One thing that stays true for this answer every time you are asked; KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL. Narrator: Employers are not asking you this question because they want to know what Narrator: your favorite color is; they want to know why you are the best candidate for the job. ON-SCREEN: “Give a good First Impression” appears on board. Narrator: Employers want to hire the best person for the job, and your job is to Narrator: convince them this is you as it is most likely the first question you will face in your interview, Narrator: it is one of the first
impressions you will be giving the employer. ON-SCREEN: “Do Not Volunteer Personal Information” appears on board. Narrator: You want to give the most professional image of yourself as possible, Narrator: in order to accomplish this, do not volunteer personal information. please tell me ON-SCREEN: At the Boss’ Office Boss: “Tell me about yourself…” Interviewee 1: “Well, I’m 23 years old, I was born and raised in this city, Interviewee 1: I have 2 dogs and I love basketball…” ON-SCREEN: Narrator appears in foreground Narrator: This candidate has already set himself back, Narrator: you do not want to give any information about your personal life, Narrator: but rather your professional life and how it relates to the position you are interviewing for. Narrator: To do this successfully you need to prepare and structure your answer highlighting your relevant education, Narrator: experience and professional qualities. ON-SCREEN: “Highlight your previous experiences and education” appears on board Narrator: From the job description you know what the qualifications for the job are and what skills the employer is looking for, Narrator: so you want to highlight all of your previous work experience, education, Narrator: training and all other professional skills that are relevant to the position. Narrator: No matter what your work history is, you have transferrable skills. Narrator: If this is your first job in your field then highlight the skills and training you received from your education as they Narrator: pertain to the job and talk about any transferrable skills you might have gained from any of your work experiences. Narrator: Highlight your accomplishments as well. If you received any academic awards, Narrator: or any promotions or commendations from your job, feel free to mention it. ON-SCREEN: “Tailor your answer” appears on board Narrator: Not every position you interview for is going to be exactly the same, even if the job title is. ON-SCREEN: “Study the Job Description” appears on board Narrator: Each company has different needs, so study the job description and figure out exactly what it is they are looking for. Narrator: Once you figure out what the employer is looking for in a candidate, your job is to be that person, Narrator: so emphasize the skills and qualifications you have that relate to the job specifically. ON-SCREEN: “Chronological Order” appears on board Narrator: Try to keep your answers in chronological order. You do not have to recap your professional history year by year, Narrator: but detailing the experiences and skills that you have gained as you attained them in an organized fashion will leave a good impression on the employer. Narrator: Your resume can help you with this as it is in chronological order and can help you set a timeline. Narrator: Now that you have the structure here is a good example: ON-SCREEN: At the Office-Boss Office Boss: “Please, tell me about yourself” Interviewee 2: “Lets see, I believe I have a very solid background in Medical Assisting. I earned my degree in Medical Assisting where I learned valuable skills, Interviewee 2: such as taking vitals, administering injections, explaining treatment procedures to patients, Interviewee 2: preparing patients for examination, and assisting the physician with examinations. Interviewee 2: While earning my degree I worked in customer service at ABC Fashion for 3 years as well, Interviewee 2: where I gained valuable communication skills and learned how to address customer’s needs, Interviewee 2: which enables me to relate and effectively communicate with patients and their needs. Interviewee 2: I also completed an internship at a Health Clinic while in school, Interviewee 2: where I picked up more valuable skills including updating patient files and medical records, Interviewee 2: handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admission and helped make sure the office ran smoothly. Interviewee 2: These are all valuable skills which I will hopefully be able to apply to this position and bring to your office”. ON-SCREEN: “Keep it Professional” on board Narrator: Remember, when answering the question, tell me about yourself, Narrator: keep it professional and do not give any personal information. ON-SCREEN: “Highlight your previous experiences and education” appears on board Narrator: Tell them your work history and transferrable skills as it relates to the job you are interviewing for, Narrator: highlight your skills from your relevant education and training that will help you in the position… ON-SCREEN: “Chronological Order” appears on board Narrator:…and do so in an organized, chronological fashion.

100 thoughts on “How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”?

  1. Wow so this is totally pointless for peoples first job interview / job because they have no skills good job!

  2. Ive been asked this question before and I did exactly what you described on my first experience with it and got the job. BUT I think it's misleading and a little snake like. Some people may not answer it right because they will literally answer the question for what it is then lose a job offer because of that, then the person who does good on the interview and gets the job turns out not be that great at the job after all and needs to be fired or beats you to the punch and quits. Then your back at square one because you chose the candidate that answered all interview questions right. That's nonsense. If the question is pertaining to why your qualified for the job etc, etc, then that's how the question should be asked assholes.

  3. I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.

  4. I'm in high school. I've never been involved in any activities, I've never had a job. How should I answer this question then?

  5. Tell me about yourself well I just get out of jail for killing an interviewer who refused to call me back for the job

  6. She used the word "viable skills" many times… Isn't that bad communication skill

  7. What if I don't get hired because because of stereotype, that since I am large and athletic. I seem as if I should not work in an office. I didn't get an MBA; so I could work a manual labor position. If sub-par positions are all you have had, how can this information help me?

  8. It feels like I'm rehearsing for a play and I gotta memorize the script

  9. The girl at 3 minutes would have been perfect except for her terrible lisp 😉

  10. Why can't the just ask "what experience do you have?" as though they never read your resume in the first place. Interviews are so stupid. People should be judged on character as much as on achievements. No one is like how they were in the interview, and employers should know that what they saw there will not last. In my opinion it shows more integrity and validity if you act like a real person, but then that doesnt get you a job.

  11. interviewer: tell me about yourself.
    me: well I love to play guitar.
    interviewer: ok just wait for our call.
    me: (until now still waiting for the call)

  12. Employer: please tell me about yourself.
    Me: you don’t want to know….

  13. In Sweden it’s the opposite they hire based on personality first then qualifications so it’s important to have a outgoing personality then how qualified you are. It’s hard to believe but trust me I’m an American that lives in Sweden and it was a shock to me too.

  14. The comments here are not helpful at all yo i can’t hang 😂😂😂😭😭

  15. interview need more talk but when your hired need more action haha

  16. what if you dont have any job experience, because it's your first job?

  17. Im just trying to work at burger king and this seems advanced😅😂

  18. tell me about yourself

    Me: To be honest I have a little bit of a psychopathic mind and the last one I killed as far as I could remember is the interviewer that dont hire me instantly.

  19. Tell me about your self…..well madam my dick is hard and big like a baseball bat….ok you are hired to HUSTLER VIDEOS

  20. My biggest weakness to answer this question is that i dont have the strong vocab like the cartoon woman has when she explain " tell me about ur self" i explain mine with low vocab

  21. Thank you. Extremely helpful tips! I often struggle with interviews, their absolutely terrifying lol

  22. Employer :tell me about ur self?
    Me: who are u , who am I what is life
    Employer : get the f… out
    Me: same shit different day

    Gyes best tip be ur self, if they don't like it then they don't deserve u live with ur head up high #selfpride#

  23. Interview : why should we hire you
    Throws smoke bomb and disappears
    Interviewer calls back
    Interviewer: You didn't get the job
    Me : B..but i'm Batman😢

  24. Interviewer: I'm about to ask you one or two questions, but word them in different ways about fifteen times. Let's begin.

  25. No offence but that response is so scripted. As if, the interviewer would fall asleep

  26. Awesome…I was just about to scribble out my resume and you're advice poped up and TA DA exactly so simple easy and instructive! !!! Thank you ever so much you for me out of my over thinking problem Excellent advice and perfect timing to boot
    THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

  27. Interviewer : Tell me about yourself
    Me : Then,tell me about yourself
    Interviewr : Congrats now you can work with us

  28. LMAO The first example is how I answered my manager on my first job.. I got it though

  29. Interviewer: tell me about yourself
    Me: yes, that was me who honked at you at that crosswalk downstairs when and yelled move bitch. Thought I had window up.

  30. Ah yes, once again, the "dumb white guy" screwed up the interview…where a female is in the role of the boss…and guess who gives the perfect answer…another female. Shocking. Thanks Jobspeaker for keeping it predictably PC and pro Neo-feminist.

  31. Welcome. to comment section here the tip and I get it..

    1. Your age
    2. your education attainment
    3. your achievements
    4. your working history

    thats a 4 keysteps thats simple

    and the interviewer are blind to see your resume.. what a dumb..

    PS: and say it in the end "and I thank you" like a beauty pageant men

  32. Interviewer: Tell me about yourself

    Me: Im Batman (with effort voice)

    Interviewer: ok your hired!

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  35. This video was fast and straight forward vs people explaining it in a 10-20 minute video like come one bruh, get to the point!

  36. Please check my channel for malayalam

  37. This type of answer is only applicable for those have work experienced what if the applicant is first timer and no experience at any field of work?

  38. Great Tips, let @PerfectPlacement help you implement these tips. #Interview #GetAJob #HireMe

  39. The good answer example is at 2:54 for those who wish to review the video a few times. : )

    Good luck to everyone in their job search!

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