How to Become a Professional Writer : All About Risk & Being a Professional Writer

hi i'm rebecca with and we were just talking about if you can make money as a writer and of course the answer is yes you can but let's talk about how that works and how you make money as a writer first of all it's kind of like a lot of different things and of course it's different for everyone and I just I have to generalize because I don't know everybody's individual market and situations and skill level and experience so I'm just going to generalize but writings like a lot of things where greater than risk greater the reward and so you kind of have to determine for yourself where you fit in and that comfort line when I say greater the risk reward I am talking more about speculative writing whereas where perhaps you're putting a lot of kind of energy into writing a novel and so you have to come up with characters when you're to put the premises and a lot of a lot of times people weren't writers don't don't understand that that coming up with ideas takes a lot of work and time and energy especially if you're going to do a good job and and now your roof or especially if you're a perfectionist it's not like you're just throwing ideas at random you're thinking about it and you put a lot of thought and energy into these characters in these situations and what you want to have happen and the story you're trying to tell so that kind of thing is um is obviously a greater risk because you might put a lot of energy into it and not end up making a penny but if on the other hand if it does do well and it does get picked up by a publish publisher and it does end up selling and you could make millions of dollars theoretically so of course you're never going to make millions of dollars off of I shouldn't say never but it's rare that you can make millions of dollars off of other type of writing such as if you grow some coffee for a pamphlet you're probably not gonna make millions of dollars off of it but it didn't take as much time or energy so that's that's what you need to be aware of if you want to make money as a writer a lot of writers will do the stable jobs that are lower reward but lower risk when I say lower word i'm not talking you're not getting paid but you're just not making millions right and you can still make a decent income you can still make an make a very decent income writing with low-risk type contracts where you know you're making the money you know what you're doing in the time frame and all that so it's kind of just be aware of that there's a balance you can make a lot of money writing either way but you have to be you have to know what you're comfortable with are you willing to dedicate three months your life to get started on a novel but might not go anywhere well you're low moan that can determine that

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