How to Become a Professional Writer : How to Write a Proposal & First Chapter

hi i'm rebecca with and we were just talking about writing a proposal for your men's for a potential novel that you would write before you actually write the novel you can actually shop around and see if there's publications you're even interested in you writing that book and some some I have a tray that doesn't happen very often unless you have some fairly decent credentials behind you but that does happen some people get contracts before they've even written a word of the book based on the proposal alone so that's something to keep in mind but another thing you want to keep in mind is that even if that Avenue is not going to work it's rare that you have to write the entire book before you you can find out if there's interest in it or not another thing a lot of writers do is they'll write a great proposal and they'll also write the first chapter and that's what they'll send them to publishers just give them a taste of it because you know I'll tell you if a publisher loves that first chapter they're gonna want to see more if they want to see more chances are they're very interested and you eventually will be awarded some kind of book contract so that's something to to keep in mind I'd hate for someone to spend years and years writing their masterpiece and then later find out there's just not a market for it if they enjoyed the process great kudos and who knows if it doesn't being a classic down the road but from a very realist perspective if we're talking about time energy and we have to make money to pay the bills then these are the kind of things that you're gonna want to consider

7 thoughts on “How to Become a Professional Writer : How to Write a Proposal & First Chapter

  1. you have these clips developed in a linear manner, yet there is no succinct path through the clips…… nice idea, cool concept, srs fail..

  2. For a first time writer it would be extremely difficult to get an agent or publisher interested without them seeing the manuscript, or samples thereof.

    I've read that the most common process is that you locate an interested agent to whom you send a sample of the manuscript, together with a synopsis. If s/he is interested in reading more, you send the entire manuscript. I really like that, as you don't spend a whole lot of money on unnecessary printing and postage (one SAE's etc.)

  3. VERY misleading title here. No actual advice about writing proposals or first chapters. She just talked about what some people do with proposals.

  4. Naw, agents are just middlemen. Or in other words, sharks who want a piece of your pie. Represent yourself!

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