How To Become A Published Author; Advice From Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

hi I'm Gemma Chris under acting associate editor of stylus magazine and I'm here tonight at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in London for the first ever stylist book club event it sold out within six hours which is amazing and we also have a waitlist of almost 500 people hello everybody welcome to stylist first ever book club event without further ado please welcome to the stage stylist publishing director Glenda Marchant and author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie thank you all so much for being here and this is such a beautiful space and I'm really happy to be here and I'm so happy to see you all and thank you for that warm welcome then she said kindly oh well I see why you would read the novel like that and I see why you would read it like that if Emily said about you novels you have these incredibly strong women strong women I'm not remarkable to me they're normal and I think growing up it was the same I was surrounded by women who are all kinds of women but but women also for whom strength was normal you write very beautifully very simple English and I mean that as a compliment is that something that you've learnt to do or is that just a natural the natural way right it's beautiful yeah that's just because I don't know big words that's buried up I'm guessing that there's probably a few budding writers in the room today when you advice you could give them read read read I'm not sure that one can be a good writer without being a good reader so if you're going to build a desk it's very good to see what other carpenters have done just to you know yeah but I have spoken to many many people who want to write and I just say well you need to sit down when actually write get it down okay because because much of writing I think is really rewriting it's that often first drafts are terrible how wonderful this book is I mean I haven't read any other books of yours but this is so wonderful and it's so wonderful to read a love story about black people the sex seems good the gentleness and the sweet it's beautiful and I just wanted to know if you've got Ana bins in your life all I can say is that there are many businesses in the world they are that's all that's that's all I'll see Hey and I hate my questions bit random I suppose I came across you actually through flawless by Beyonce well you're obviously quoted in it and it's a song that I found quite confusing I wanted to know what your thoughts were about being quoted on a song like that that sends such mixed messages and I think on the face of it at the beginning at least is very contrary to the principles that you were talking about in your TED talk what I do know is that I'm very happy that because of that song my niece who is 11 now very proudly self-identifies as feminist as an aspiring writer one of the things that you struggle with is how much people around you try and make you change your writing I just wanted to know how you have dealt with feedback or any criticism that you have received and what your message will be for inspiring writers feedback is very important I think honest feedback is very important but but but it's also hard to find other writers can be useful also they cannot because they're doing the same thing and sometimes they want you to become like them so it's wonderful if you can find a reader who's very careful but who's not necessarily interested in writing you have to make peace with the fact that people who will not like it and who will not gets it and it's part of the code when the writing experience seems to be of a struggle what Spurs you to keep going so I love writing writing is what makes me happy happiest and so when it's difficult what keeps me going is the possibility of joy when you write and if it's not going well take a break eat chocolate just sort of leave it alone for a while and then go back thank you so much thank you I thought it's amazing really good venue just an amazing experience my god who doesn't love stylus I thought the event was really well organized it is so enjoyable it was very funny and I'm so glad that I made the cut I got antastic we kind of blown away by the whole thing I've been enjoy because the space was really beautiful and it's quite intimate I like the fact that we've got an opportunity to ask more questions I'll be following Silas book club every step

6 thoughts on “How To Become A Published Author; Advice From Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  1. I am all in favour of promoting Black writers but not those that steal the work of other writers and put it out as their own.  Adichie is a thief.

  2. i want to be an excellent writer , i want it , i love you Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 
    thanks for being a pioneer 

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