How To Come Up With A YouTube Name

So how do you come up with creative names
for your YouTube channel for your website things like that we are going
to talk about it in this video welcome to video influencers I am Benji Sean
and we are here to teach you about video how to utilize video whether is
on YouTube Twitter Facebook MeerKat now so or Snapchat and today we are
going to be talking about How to deal with the challenge of finding
a name for your YouTube channel now this is just a challenge for any platforms
so it’s not just isolated to YouTube but today specifically we are going to be
talking about your YouTube channel what would be the first thing you’d suggest
when it comes to your YouTube channel name ? Well the first thing I think about
Benji is that you wanna think about all of your platforms because and this will apply
to anything so if you are looking for a website name or a YouTube channel name
I would start thinking ok I have an idea but now I need to see if it’s
available on social media maybe you know the main platforms that I want to use and
so the first thing that I would say is to start with a focus like what’s the focus
of your channel gonna be now here’s an easy one your name – oh totally – if you
are not John Smith that’s taken you can have nobody else was
competing for that and you ask your self is your channel just gonna be
your name ? but if it’s not going to be your name you think about what is your focus
and so you can think about it if it’s going to be a cooking channel what
would you do if you are going to start off trying to create a new YouTube channel
in the cooking space – Yeah I mean it all depends on where you want to bring
your content you know do you want to be specific niche like super bowl food
recipes or you want to be more generic you just want to do just whatever recipe you think of right ? so those are things I consider when coming up with my name for you know YouTube
channels yeah let’s think even cooking I think the more focus you are the
better because it will make you limited but it’s also good so if you had a cooking
channel you could do if you called it Asian cooking with some body or you just said
Asian cooking then that’s going to be very focus but still specific and people are
going to know if they want to buy into that cooking in general might be
a little too broad Yeah totally and it’s probably taken yeah so having a focus
is huge so then the second thing you want to do is you want to look to see if
that name is available and so I like to go to like and not only check
your YouTube name to see is its available on YouTube but check on the
social platforms to see if it’s available and one way to test that is literally
just type in what you want to call your channel but then also do that
on twitter and then even go to the URL and start looking for your name as well You
know its definitely worth the effort to find a good name for your channel for your
brand because big companies literally spend tens of thousands of dollars
trying to get the website name that they want to get for whatever company and
like I think it’s probably a well known story about the somebody owned and whoever that was made a lot of money right ? yeah
So people do want their names so it’s you as a beginning YouTube channel
you definitely want to consider that because if you have any ambitions of growing
big of growing our channel to a level where like maybe you could be making a living
from it you do wanna consider all the different platforms now I will say too that
you know you don’t have to have the exact name for every platform I’d say like 50 percent
of the people I know that actually do YouTube for a living full time online career
have every single name in the exact name so its not as important but like when it comes
to coming up with your YouTube channel name is there are things to consider
for sure And you know the thing is video influencers is brand new it started
really in 2014 but it’s 2015 so its like man everything is taken you know so we got
video influencers online we actually didn’t get dot com we went with
there are not enough characters on Twitter so we went with videoinfluencer but
we did have the YouTube channel which is the base i mean that’s our home base for videos
and content and so there’s kind of a mix there we’ve got Instagram video influencers
and so we looked around and then eventually so that’s kinda of a good tip eventually
you just kinda go for it like if you can get all the same names that’s ok but start
from your brain storming session and that’s a good way to go and then the next
couple of tips I have is maybe to have a brain storming session with the saurus maybe
you want to call it electric cooking you know just to give it an adjective with
what the channel is going to be so maybe you want to call it that and then if you use
the saurus you can maybe change the electric to exciting exciting cooking
or tasty cooking shocking and just change and so combos are key with
names so if you are trying to think like a makeup channel or a business channel
you can call it like rockin’ real estate or then you can switch out rockin’ real estate
is going to help people know what the focus is what the channel is going to be about
real estate if you start adding combos with the saurus you can come up with a lot
of descriptors to help that channel out now correct me if im wrong but one of the
things I would definitely suggest is don’t get too caught up in your name right like it’s
probably better to just start creating content because you can always kinda find
your niche find your name as you go but also YouTube don’t they actually allow
you to change your name like because there’s a lot of people that have
there like high school name as their YouTube channel they gain a following but they kinda
wanna change their branding their image so they’ve been able to change
what the public sees their channel as isn’t that true ? that you can do that?
It is true yeah and so in the right side of your channel you can change your name and
the cool thing is that you can start your YouTube channel and publishing
videos before you set in a solid URL and you can even change that solid URL
I’ve seen it happen before but one thing that I would suggest is that
because I’ve done this with a few brands and I started a brand a couple
years ago called think international and what I eventually learned about though
is like that doesn’t mean anything to anybody if where as if you did call it
rockin’ real estate what’s that channel about ? real estate real estate is
really obvious so I think that people get afraid of being specific because
they wanna be so free and broad but that can be like really helpful for people
if they jump in so you so you get to call it I mean some people might wanna
do lifestyle channels some might do like make up beauty hair all that
stuff but if people want they are going to subscribe more if they know specifically
what you are doing like if you if Austin starts a channel on
after effects and it’s after effects with Austin that’s kinda cool name he can have
a tutorial channel and that’s exactly what it is and people want to learn about
after effects it’s so specific you could really build an audience around that and then
the last couple creative tools and we’ll put a bunch of tools in the description
links things like that in the YouTube description but there’s a couple places one
is call bustaname one is called namematch and there’s a whole list of them and they’re
really cool what you can do is you can enter two different terms and it does
a couple things it tells you what they are available on but then it also
starts mixing it up and giving you other combos and other adjectives and there’s
a whole different sites like that so you are gonna wanna check out if you are
looking to brand your thing rebrand your thing launch something new check
out the YouTube description for some extra stuff I never knew about those
places I would definitely go there at the end of the day my suggestion is your
content is going to build your brand your content is gonna make the name popular
apple dot com who would of think computers with apple but obviously they’ve
build such great computers that the apple name is synonymous for computers great
computers by the way he’s a pc guy I’m an apple guy that’s actually good
yeah but that’s something you need to remember when coming up with your name because at the
end of the day is what you put out on your video that’s gonna make
the name ok don’t worry too much about it and on the side just pick something
right and start making videos yeap yeap yeap hey so thanks so much for checking
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questions we’ll talk soon bye hit video number two It was a suggestion actually
from our camera guy Austin Ha yeah so if you ever meerkats ever wonder
or in the vlogs ever wonder where do you get royalty free music or music for your YouTube
videos for free and stuff like that we are about to talk about it right now and
so we’ll do that in our video influencers channel pretty soon which of course
is in the YouTube description here and of course is available meerkatters you
can check that out as well on talk soon

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