How to create a Blackout Poem

Hey guys, so today I’m going to show you how
you can make a blackout poem. This is just an example of a blackout poem that one of my student’s made when we were reading Fahrenheit
451. So in order to make the black out poem, you’re going to need an extra copy have any book you have or
that you may be teaching with your students and something that
you don’t mind ripping up the pages out of. So just as an example, I just have an extra page ripped out of Fahrenheit 451. And then you’re also going to need markers, crayons, color pencils, sharpies, anything like that, so that the students would be able to
draw directly onto the page. So what you’re gonna have your
students do is, you’re going to randomly rip out pages and
give them to each student; one per student. And then what you’re going to have them do is create a found poem. So what they will do is, based on the reading they’ve done, they will select out words based on tone, mood, themes, symbolism; anything. And then they will block it out. After they’ve created their found poem, they will then draw directly onto the page those words; illustrating those words
that they have chosen. So they can highlight, circle, box in; anything like that. So the example that I showed you before is a black out poem. So now you can see that she blacked out any words she didn’t want with the black sharpie and she’s boxed in the words that she did want to use. And then after that, she directly drew onto the page those words This is a great way for students to
visualize while reading and and it’s fun and gets them up and moving. And that’s it. That’s all it takes to make a black out poem!

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