How to create an Author page on Facebook

hi this is Sean McVeigh with 4:25 media we are a internet marketing firm that focuses on helping authors market themselves and books on the internet so you can check us out at four to five Mediacom today what I'm going to be talking about is how to set up author page on Facebook the reason why we care about author pages is because the author page has been set up by Facebook so that we as authors are able to post content to a page it's not our personal page that has our friends and family on it this is more of a professional page that we can market ourselves in books so what I'm gonna do today is go through and show you how to create an author page from scratch so with a couple of assumptions first of all that you know you can that you're on the internet and that you have a currently have a Facebook account your personal Facebook account if you don't I have another video that you can see that just shows you how to make a generic Facebook account so now let's just get right into it so what I've done so far is I have logged into Facebook as a personal this is my personal profile page this is the one that I would invite my friends and family to I'm going to create an author page so to do that up on the top right-hand corner there is a little down arrow and when you click on that this is that you have a create page option here's the different sorts of pages that we can create we're for an author page we're gonna be going down to the author band or public figure page click on that and under categories we're gonna select author for our author name let's go ahead and put our author name the important if you are using a pen name that's not your own it still put whatever you want to be known as in here don't put your real name if you don't want to be known as your real name so so here's my um the name for my page go ahead and get started here and so the first question that they started asked mrs. tell people about your page so here's where we want to talk to people about what our page is going to be so we're gonna I'm just dipping in here we'll go through in a later video and show you exactly what you want to put into these different spots this is this video is specifically just to set up the author page and I'm gonna go through on how to optimize your page so you get a lot of search results and how to make it more effective as a marketing tool but for right now all we're gonna do is just let's get some data in here so in in here to start with we could put something just about us in our book so I am a children children's author my author and my book is called Charlie the boy in the forest I live in Seattle and I live in Seattle Seattle and love to write okay my website I'm just gonna put in just some website here if you don't have a website you can put a lot of different things in if you have a Twitter page Google+ page anything that you need you can any any different website that you might have actually you could stick it in there if you don't have one just leave a blank for now but what I would suggest doing this again in another video but I would definitely suggest having your own author website as part of your overall marketing plan and there's a million different reasons for that but I'm not going to go into it here this is just about how to set up a page so we've gone through we've added our a little description our website they're asking if mr. chadsey pants is a fame real famous person I'm gonna say yes here because then the real scenario would be and yes I am authorized to post on behalf of that person so I'm go ahead and save that info now now what they're looking for Facebook's looking for is a profile picture do you have to do this to start with no but I would suggest just getting something up there to start with and I'm loading it from my computer if you have your website and there you an import from your website but I'd really I'd suggest having a professional headshot as an author it's one of the things that we definitely want to be able to do so to be able to show so I would suggest having a professional headshot done they're fairly cheap these days but again that's not another marketing video later so I'm just gonna add a video I mean a image in here – for the for the author this should be a headshot and hit next okay and these next options is now Facebook's trying to configure your page for you so you can see up here they want to add to your favorites you can add pages to your favorites but I'm gonna I'm gonna hold that off for another video as well because the favorites are used and what we use them for for our authors the favorites are used for marketing purposes as well so we're gonna hold off on that so I'm just gonna skip this step for now and here are you know we're trying to you know Facebook's definitely they're out to make money and this next option that they have is they're trying to get you to promote your page we will do this in another video not now we're just setting up our page so we can go ahead and skip and now you can see that our page has been set up so this is our this is our author page they're going to start guiding us through the process of making this aware of what's on this page so this is what they're doing here what they're seeing here is they're asking us to like mister chazzy pants so the reason why that is it seems funny but the reason why that is is because remember facebook thinks of us as humans first and then our pages second so what they're saying right now is you Sean who's making who's creating this page you as a human need to like this particular author page and if you have the same name it might get a little confusing you know because you're thinking okay you want Sean to like Sean well we're liking Sean as the as the professional here so when we hit like we're gonna it goes to we get a like on our page we can invite our friends and build an audience again this is not some that I do right now because that's more on the marketing side of it so I'm just gonna hit next next and I and then we're done so currently right here we have an author page and you can see up here in the URL it says slash pages slash mr. jazzy pants right so your author page right now is completely set up there are a ton of tweaks and a ton of other things that we need to do but this video is just on how to set up an author page and we did it so now if I want to go back to my personal profile I can click the Shawn up here Shawn Thomas this is my personal page where all my friends and family would be if I want to go to my author page you can go over here and you're gonna notice that mr. Chesney pants which should be the author pages right here and now we could use Facebook as mr. chassis pants and here we are as an author so now if I'm an author I can go in here and I can start adding details pictures images of my book whatever so I would definitely suggest taking the tour keep in mind that Facebook is gonna want to sell something to you and add a bunch of people into your into your social graph they call it so be cautious about this particular step these steps and the tours because like I said they're they try to go out and grab some contacts out of your contact list and things like that and in future videos we show you how to deal with those so that is how to set up an author page on Facebook for more information go to and we have a ton of blog posts out there that can help you guys as well take care and see you next time

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  1. I'm looking at top right page and don't see no down arrow showing the info you show in video to select create. Is your video showing an older facebook page. Can you give me help

  2. Thanks for this helpful video. My author page doesn't look like this one. My profile picture is off to the side inside of overlaying the cover photo. I also have had some "likes" on the page, but cannot see who is liking it! I need the next-step video.

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