How to Create Fill in the Blank Questions in Blackboard

A fill-in-the-blank question presents students
with sentence containing a space which they need to complete with the appropriate
word or phrase. This tutorial shows you how to create a fill-in-the-blank
question You will list acceptable answers and determine
how they will be evaluated. You’ll also see how to provide student feedback. To begin, access Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Now, edit an existing test. And create s fill-in-the-blank question. Type the question text. Enter a statement that contains a blank space
for the answer. You can specify an exact match to an answer. Alternatively, if you wish to allow incorrect
spelling for example, you can select contains instead of exact match from the menu. Setting the answer to contains “quart” will
count answers with a “z” or “s” as correct. You do not need to list all possible spellings
when you use this method. You have the option to make the answer case-sensitive. If you need to add more answers, select a
number form the drop-down list. Scroll down to provide feedback to students
for correct and incorrect answers. Categories and keywords are used to add meta
data to the question to help you find it later in the question finder. You can also add instructor notes. Submit to finish creating the question. The new fill-in-the-blank question appears
on the Test Canvas. The evaluation method, correct answer and
case-sensitivity are listed. You can can change the questions points by
clicking the value. When students view the question, they see
the question text and can type their answer in the box. Let’s review the steps. First, edit an existing test and create a
fill-in-the blank question. Type the question text and acceptable answers. Select the evaluation method. You have the option to provide feedback to
students and meta data and notes for yourself.

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