How To Create QR Codes For Videos and Improve Your Video Marketing

Hey everybody. It’s Brandon with
Today we’re going to show you how to create your own QR codes to link to your videos to
help with your video marketing. It’s actually a very easy process and it’s probably easier
than most people think. So let’s just jump right into it. The first thing you want to
do is to get a mobile version of your video. The easiest way to do this is to upload it
to YouTube. Not only is YouTube one of the biggest sites on the internet which will help
with getting you more exposure, but it’s playable on almost every smartphone out there. It plays
on Android, Blackberry, iPhone; it plays on all of them. What you want to do is upload
your video to YouTube and then take the URL to that video. So we have our video here,
and we can either take the URL straight out of the browser, or you can go to the bottom
underneath your video and hit the share button, and then you’ll see the URL. So we want to
copy the URL. And it’s going to be a shortened version of your URL but that is alright. We
can still use it. So we’ll go ahead and copy it. Then now we need to find a QR code generator.
So we need to go to Google. We’re going to type in QR code generator. And you’ll have
a list of a few of them. We like to use because one it’s free, and two it does everything
we need it to do. So we recommend using but you can find any QR code generator and
it should be just fine. So let’s go ahead and click on
Alright, now that you’re on you’ll see there’s the data type, there’s content
and foreground coder and output type. With QR codes you can really use them in a lot
of different ways. You can use them to display videos, buy now buttons, contact information,
email messages, text messages, phone calls, directions to stores, there are really a lot
of different things you can do. We’re going to go ahead and use the YouTube video. We’re
going to click on it; we’re going to paste our URL right here in the video URL field.
And then you want to make sure the create mobile link is clicked, and the embed URL
code is clicked as well just because you know people are going to be using them from their
phone so you want to make sure the mobile link is chosen. Now you move over to foreground
color. You can choose any color you want and you can use it to match your ad or your company
colors or anything you want but we like to use black because it’s black, it’s simple
and it’s what most people are familiar with. Now that your QR code color is chosen you
want to go to the output type. So you’re going to go ahead and chose output type which is
the download button. Click it. And boom. You’re done. Your QR code is created. So let’s take
a look at it. Alright. As you can see, the QR code is in the jpeg format which is perfect
because you can use it on any print advertising that you’re doing already. You’re already
paying for that ad space; why not use a QR code to give your user an interactive experience. It you’re a realtor you can put it on the
for sale signs and for rent signs. You can put it in your newspaper ads, your magazine
ads, any billboards you have, any mail marketing that you may do with postcards. Any product
packaging to give instructions on how to use your product. It’s a great way to reach your
targeted audience when they’re away from the computer. It’s really easy to get your video
in front of them while they’re on the computer like on your YouTube channel, your website,
your Facebook or video SEO or whatever format you’re using. But when they’re away from the
computer, there’s no way for you to reach them. So by using QR codes you can easily
put your video in front of them and it’s a great way to really make your video marketing
explode. If you have not read our article we suggest you read it. You can access it
by clicking the link underneath the video. And we’ll give you a lot of great ideas and
tips and ways you can use your QR code to maximize your video marketing strategy. And
now that you have your QR code, I’m going to show you how to use it and how it works
so let’s begin. As you can see, I setup a couple of scenarios
here where you may be able to display your QR code. As you can see we have the for sale
sign for realtors and real estate agents to give video tours of homes. We have a billboard
here with your QR code in it and this is supposed to be a postcard with the QR code on it as
well for mail marketing. My drawings are not that great so just bear with me, these are
just examples. So let’s just pretend someone’s walking down the street. They can take their
phone, scan the QR code off the sign and the video will play right there on their phone,
same with the billboard, same with the postcard here. I printed out a large size QR code just
to use as an example. So we’ll go ahead and take the phone. Let’s pretend it’s this QR
code. I’ll be walking down the street, I’ll see the QR code, and I’ll go ahead and scan
it with my phone. So the phone is now processing it with the QR code reader. It’s opening up
the URL and boom. There we have it. Our video has just pulled up. And give it a second to
load. It takes a second or two. There you have it. The video played right there on our
phone. So as you can see it’s a very easy process and the video was pretty quickly loaded
onto the phone. And you can use this any way you want. You can put it on your billboards,
any print ads in newspapers. I really encourage you to go and read our article on our site
because we give you a lot of good advice and ways to really use these QR codes to reach
your targeted audience and give them an interactive experience right there on their phone. We also have a bunch of QR code readers that
we recommend and QR code generators that you can use in our article. So please take a look.
Click the link below, and if you have any questions please let us know and we’d love
to hear your feedback. So thanks for watching our video and hope you have a good day.

42 thoughts on “How To Create QR Codes For Videos and Improve Your Video Marketing

  1. We used a Sony HD camera for the filming at the end. Thanks for asking!

  2. Info couldn't been any simpler.Thanks !People that know how to explain simple…for once THANKS again.

  3. Is there a way to make the video play instantly after scanning the QR code without requiring the user to click on it to play?

  4. With YouTube video you can not do that right now. But, if you think the QR code directly to a video file formatted for mobile phones it will. I hope this helps! Feel free to message me for more info.

  5. THANKYOU, there's a british guy who made a video trying to explain the same thing. It took him like 40minutes to say 1/4 of what you did. I appreciate this video and how it gets to the point.

  6. This is awesome, thank you! I used this link /user/WazzaaMovies it's my youtube channel with a friend of my and it's dutch but yeah don't be afraid to check it out! 😀

  7. It works so fast, when I am making it, it only take 1~2 mins, the QR code really works!

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  9. Thank you for making this video it was really helpful. The only problem i'm having is when I click on youtube and paste my URL link it is not giving me the option for mobile usage. Any suggestions I what i need to do? It looks like you made this video a year ago so I don't know if they have change anything or not.

  10. I went and used a different website and it worked on my mobile phone. I tried to use this website again with a different video and still didn't work, but I will try again in the future with a newer video to see if it works. I'm wondering if I have a setting on my videos that was preventing it to work

  11. Hey Jason, glad you got it to work. I think as long as you use a YouTube video you should be fine. YouTube plays on almost every smart phone….it shouldn't matter what video format/settings you use. But, it seems you got it to work so that's good!

  12. Okay. So if I want to put video screenshots in my magazine and then use a QR code? A person would just be able to watch the video by scanning the code with their phone, right?

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  14. Hi Brandon, thanks for your vídeo.
    Imagine the following scenario:
    Private vídeo on youtube… I want users that have the qrcode I provided to access that video…. so is there any way you can encript the access granting along with the url?

    Else, I would have to manually go to the youtube account and add that user's email so that they are allowed to see the vídeo, and I would like to avoid that.

  15. Android is very UNsmart. IPhones can read qr codes in literally 1 second, without processing

  16. Can I use the utube but not publish publicly-I want to record materials for my students but not send it out to the public ?

  17. Very professional video.  Gives me lots of great ideas where to put this to work!  Good job!

  18. hello, is there any other way if i want the tracking image to play the video is not the QR code?

  19. is there a different way to make a QR code?….you know like….without youtube

  20. Thanks. Did not have the slightest idea how QR codes worked or what you could do with them. You showed it all! Thanks again.

  21. Pretty decent idea. I thought about having this on the back of my business card but I realized that they can just as easily type my website in to view the video. The load time looks too long for demo reel purposes in my opinion. From what I heard you have to impress potential clients within the first few seconds of the video.. Still a cool idea though.

  22. I suppose the download incurs a high bandwidth cost on a video, which might be prohibitive depending on wi-fi accessibility. Might there be some protocols for good practices?

  23. To create QR Code from a video directly, try , it's free!, you can create QR Code with video, audio, image and document (Multimedia QR Code)

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