15 thoughts on “How to Develop our Inner Beauty

  1. Namaskar, thank you Dada, a very powerful presentation.. Baba Nam Kevalam

  2. Namaskar 🙏 Such pure words like always – precious, toooo precious ✨

  3. Thankyou sir, your wisdom is tremendous , I feel such a beautiful energy and innocence and love eliminating fron you. I have been very attached to my own youthful looks and have felt very frustrated by my never ending quest for beautiful partners so your teachings have really liberated me. I realise now that I'm simply seeking an external trigger to the beauty that us already within me. And i dont need these triggering external objects I can seek within to have this great eternal beauty.

  4. I love the Color,it’s the one I wear!It helps me to be in my Heart Center,and protect me from Negativ Energy,what comes from Breathing in the others Thinking!It makes me strong not to be influenced!🙏💜🙏😍😍😍

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