How To Freestyle Rap With Limitless Vocabulary Instantly: Never Run Out Of Words To Say

Hey, what’s up! This is Pat Parra and in this video we’re going to talk about how you can always have something to rap about a lot of people think they need to study a dictionary they ask do I need to study a dictionary to increase vocabulary how do i increase my vocabulary how do i always have words to say. A lot of people’s biggest challenge with freestying is having enough vocabulary not running out of things to say and just not getting stuck and freezing up so I’m gonna give you some tips in this video for how you can always have something to say and how you can open your mind up to vocabulary that you didn’t realize you had why people think oh you study dictionary but no starting out do not study a dictionary if you’re fluent in English or whatever language you’re fluent in you should have plenty of things to say without having to read a bunch of books or study dictionary later on after you can freestyle for like five minutes straight and you’ve already written like a couple albums then maybe start studying the dictionary you can do some reading but really you don’t need it you should be using your own words the words that you use every day and it’s okay to learn new words and always be reading and stuff but starting out you do not need that the most important thing you need is to trust that you already have enough vocabulary in you because whatever language you’re fluent in that means you know thousands of words and thousands of ways to link these words together you just haven’t figured out how to unlock those part to your brain or how to access that while you’re freestyling and I’m gonna give you some tips in this video that will help you access all that vocabulary that is already in you so that you can freestyle forever and the way to do this the way to always hustling to freestyle about usually what happens people run out of words to say when they’re sticking on one subject so what I recommend doing is writing out a list of 20 subjects on a piece of paper to write out 20 different subjects like talk about dinosaurs talk about traveling to space talk about traveling to Mars talk about swimming underwater talk about your family talk about a girl or a guy that you like talk about romance talk about your favorite movies all these different subjects talk about driving talking about killing people talking about being peaceful talk about protesting talk about the election write down all these subjects and put on a beat and then while you’re freestyling just go down each subject you don’t have to stay on any one subject for too long it’s up to you for how long you want to stay on each subject the main thing is start the top go down each subject and then start at the top again and then go down and just keep on going back and forth and keep on kind of recycling the subjects going back until you have freestyle rap for five minutes because if you can freestyle rap for a minute then you can freestyle rap for five minutes don’t worry about messing up don’t worry about rhyming every line just make sure to give yourself permission to switch subjects it doesn’t even have to make sense just give yourself permission to do that once you can do that without worrying about rhyming without worrying about messing up then you’re going to have a really strong foundation for your freestyle muscle you’ll be able to freestyle for as long as you want it’ll be a lot easier if you to throw rhymes in and freestyling will just feel a lot more natural and you’ll realize and you start to develop the confidence that you have all this vocabulary because every time you switch the subject it gives you a new set of words it gives you a new set of vocabulary you know when you’re talking about dinosaurs all of a sudden you’re using words like brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex when you’re talking about space all of a sudden using words like Mars and stars and the moon and Venus and you start opening yourself to all these different words and vocabulary that you might not have had access to if you were just stuck on one subject we talked about your girl talk about all the girls you have a crush on all the girls you’ve ever had a crush and there’s Gina there’s Tracy so you have unlimited words talk about so every time you rap about a different subject it’s going to open you up two different words different vocabulary so you always have something to say and then so again after you go through all that subjects you’re going to feel pretty good but I would just keep on going through all the subjects until you can just freestyle about all these different subjects for five minutes you could start out rapping about your girls for like a few seconds then switch to the dinosaurs then okay all of a sudden I’m in space and then it might not even make sense but maybe if you record it and you play it back it might start to make sense on a subconscious level and always with freestyling i recommend kind of being as honest as you want you can be playful but really to get the most kind of therapeutic benefits for freestyling i really recommend just kind of being honest saying how you really feel about these things like if you really hate a Tyrannosaurus Rex then just say that I hate that Tyrannosaurus Rex I hate that dinosaur I hate the brontosaurus I kind of like Triceratops they’re my homie you’re going to get out a lot of energy and it’ll help so I hope that helps remember all it is to access more vocabulary it’s just changing subjects and allowing yourself to change subjects give yourself permission to go off on all these crazy tangents change subjects a lot and just go crazy because it’s poetry it can go anywhere there are no rules give yourself permission and remember don’t worry about rhyming don’t worry about messing up on starting out just allow yourself to free stuff as long as you want it’ll build your strong foundation for your freestyle muscle it’ll make it way easier to throw in rhymes later when you want to but first make sure you can freestyle rap out loud for five minutes if you need help leave a comment also if you want more direct one-on-one help I have a back-and-forth freestyle training that gets you freestyle rapping in five minutes guaranteed no issue of my son unbelievable but we have thousands of students who have learned how to freestyle rap like within five minutes by going through the course below that’s below its two hundred dollars on udemy but below I have a special price for people coming from my youtube channel and for friends that recommend i also have like a more advanced rap training like how to rap like a pro we also have advanced lyric writing training that shows you three different ways of using freestyle rapping to write songs and that’s all below the course also gives you free access to my private rap group where we have freestyle sessions where at music marketing sessions where I help you guys make music videos and a lot of my students have took this training went from never rapping before to now making music videos making mixtapes making albums we talk about recording talk about everything in that group so it’s a really priceless group that you can get in below be sure to like comment subscribe let me know what you think and I will see you in the next videos alright thanks bye

100 thoughts on “How To Freestyle Rap With Limitless Vocabulary Instantly: Never Run Out Of Words To Say

  1. I don't have trouble writing and rapping it but freestyle nah but hey I'll give your advice a try

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    The rules are : you have to reply as soon as you see the reply
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  22. I actually used to freestyle to deal with a lot of problems. Still do though. Never knew that there was a guide to it as I still get stuck after three or so years of freestyle rapping. Will defs use this guide to practice.

  23. Can I learn how to do freestyle if I'm 26? I've practiced a little bit and I improved but I wonder if I can ever get the level to rhyme forever if I started this old.

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    But what good is that when we’re just taking other lives
    Straight out South Chicago nicknamed Chiraq
    The name really true when you see more AKs than in Baghdad

    Verse 3:
    So much love in my heart I tried to give it to these females
    Should’ve known she was finna leave she was given me telltales
    Keep a cross on my neck trying to keep me away from Hell
    The devil tryna get in my head and put my brain a cell

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    Never flashing guns that’s something I won’t do
    But guess I gotta keep one because these people act a fool
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    First song I’ve made it was a breeze
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  29. I saw this video a long time ago but I rewatched it and I used these tips and it actually started helping I think cause I just freestyled for like 10 minutes. It wasn’t that good but it’s better than when I kept “I need to practice to get better at this” “that rhyme was kinda lame but that’s ok no it’s not it’s really lame” over and over again

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