How to Get a NARCISSIST to LEAVE You ALONE! | Learn how to Free yourself from them!

Hey guys, welcome back thanks for joining me this week for another video. So this video was very highly requested I’ve been getting a ton of requests on this So you guys must really be struggling with narcissus in some way or just maybe difficult or toxic people? but so for this video I wanted to talk about how to kind of rid yourself of a narcissus so if you’ve had to interact with this person for a long period of time Chances are you’re exhausted you’re emotionally drained You know mentally exhausted from this person and you just want them to go away And so you tend to constantly say will this person just leave me alone? Will this person just go away? Like I just want to be free from this person like go live your life and don’t bother me But perhaps maybe this person is someone that you actually can’t Physically get rid of out of your life so maybe this is someone that you have to co-parent with maybe this is someone that at least for the time being that you work with or maybe this is a Relative where you really can’t stop seeing them you’re gonna see them from time to time What do we actually do to get rid of this person? Emotionally mentally when we can’t get rid of them physically So the first thing is you have to find your power and this sounds a little you know motivational self empowering but finding your power means you becoming a different version of yourself a better version a healthier version of yourself in order to really Rid yourself of this person. You have to find your strength. You have to find your confidence You have to find yourself worth yourself Valley. You have to learn how to love yourself and By doing all of that you’re learning how to set boundaries. You’re learning how to communicate You’re learning how to respond versus react You’re learning how to create that bubble when you do those things when you get to the place where you really love yourself where you’ve created that bubble where you learn how To communicate with others where you learn how to respond versus react where you don’t get entangled emotionally in someone’s drama or negativity or Them pushing your buttons just to get supply from you even though it’s negative supply You don’t get entangled in those messes anymore When you get to that place, you’re cutting the emotional cord that is tied between you and this person so if you can’t if you are not able to do that work on yourself and raise your vibration to Leave where you’re at right now You’re you’re at that narcissist level you’re at that person’s level because you engage with them you allow their behavior to affect you You react versus respond You haven’t learned how to protect yourself You know create that bubble from all of the abuse that they give you and believe me when I say this is no easy task the stuff that this person throws at you is hurtful, it’s Abusive and it’s it’s a practice learning how to just be a wall against abuse it really is and there are gonna be days where it Defeats you and there are other days where you’ll be able to rise up above it But working on yourself means I’m no longer at your level I’m rising up and either That person is gonna meet you which a narcissist probably will not because they’re not capable But anyone in your life they’re either gonna rise up to meet you where you’re at or they’re gonna fall off and A narcissus is just going to fall off because you’re going to continue to rise up and you’re not going to be a source of supply for them any longer because you definitely don’t give them good supply and you’re not gonna even give Them negative supply. So as I rise up what’s happening is my energy is shifting My energy is changing my God My vibration is rising and what that means is the tricks and the abuse that this person used to give me they don’t work anymore and when they stop working The abuse eventually will go away because again that Narcissist is not able to get anything from you And that’s the only way to get a bully to leave you alone to get a narcissist to leave you alone is when you are Basically this plant to them I’m getting nothing from you So that’s exact what you want from the narcissist, but in order to get to that place where you can get rid of them so to speak emotionally mentally where they’re no longer, you know abusing you and hurting you You have to get to the point where? You have worked on yourself in order to be able to do all of these things that I’m about to talk about Because if you haven’t found your power if you haven’t learned how to love yourself if you haven’t practiced this stuff with this person The abuse is just gonna continue to happen. So the next thing is you want to focus on the outcome that you want so a lot of people will Constantly say and I was one myself. I want this person to leave me alone I want this person to leave me alone and I wasn’t aware of the thoughts that I was thinking So I thought by thinking I want this person to leave me alone that the universe was gonna say, okay You don’t want this person in your life. All right, here we go I’m just gonna push them aside and I’m gonna like, you know, they’re gonna leave your existence when it Until I finally learned that the universe isn’t different to what I say. So if I say, I don’t want verses I do want all their hearing is want all the universe hears is want so if you say I don’t Want all the universes hearing is want so you have to learn How do you turn this negative sentence into a positive one to get the outcome that you want? one of the ways it’s not a matter of repeating the Thoughts that you don’t want like I don’t want to get fat. I don’t want this person in my life You need to you need to start accepting this person in your life And I know that sounds kind of counterintuitive, but it really really works So when I accept this person’s in my life when I accept that this person is unhealthy They’re abusive. And when I accept that they’re empty inside and that’s why they do these hurtful things because hurt people hurt people When I really fully accept that when I have learned to take responsibility for myself how I react in situations My own happiness my energy my vibration when I take responsibility for all of that and I accept that on some level this person’s in my life and I come okay with that that Means that I live life from a positive place And I’m not living from lack and when you live from lack you get more of lack So when I accepted okay, this person has to be in my life Okay, this person is abusive and I’m going to accept that from time to time This person is gonna throw this my way I’m going to accept that these the cards that I’m dealt and there’s a reason why this person’s in my life and I’m gonna actually look at this experience as a challenge for me to grow and be healthier better version of myself So I now am actually happy that you’re in my life Because you’re teaching me all of the things that I have never been able to do for myself Stand up for myself have healthy and positive self-talk learn how to set boundaries learn how to enforce boundaries this person is forcing me out of my comfort zone that I’ve lived for so long and it’s teaching me how to really stand up for myself and By by giving me all of this abuse all the shade This is forcing me to change who I am for the better. Now when you look at it from that standpoint You’re actually at a place where you can thank someone for doing what they do to you You know hurting you or have hurt you in the past. That’s when you see the lesson That’s when you see why this person is in your life and when you get to that place, some people really fight this part they don’t want to Embrace this shitty situation that they’re in and believe me who wants to be in a shitty Situation and who wants to have to deal with an abusive person? No one but there’s really only two options that you have you can either go with it and learn as much as you can Excuse me, or you can fight it and fight it and nothing ever changes So at a certain point I got to a place where I said, okay I keep fighting this and nothing is changing I have to try something else because it’s almost insanity for me to keep thinking that by doing the same thing I’m gonna get a different results when I’m not getting a different result. So I’m gonna change what I’m doing I’m gonna change my thinking I’m gonna change my beliefs and maybe that’ll spark. I didn’t a different result and it absolutely Did it’s so powerful and you can accept this or you can click, you know, click this video away, but when you change yourself Everything around you changes what the reason why some people get stuck in situations and things never change from them is because they want the outside to change and they don’t realize that in order for the external to change you have to change the internal first and When I got that That’s when I realize holy shit. I’m actually powerful. I’m actually creating my life. I’m actually Creating my happiness. That’s me taking Responsibility and it’s so self empowering to think that Wow My thoughts create my reality and if I take responsibility for my life that things around me change and it allows you to stop Forcing everyone around you to change who they are when that’s not your responsibility number one and it doesn’t matter if they change that’s an amazing place to be when you don’t need anyone to change who they are because You take responsibility for everything that’s going inside going on in your existence. The next thing is and this is really powerful Using visualization is such a powerful tool towards Manifestation what I’m trying to manifest something in my life if I want something to happen if I want something to come into my existence we’ve all if you ever learn about manifestation the law of attraction, I mean the 101 rule is Visualization so we have to live life as if it’s already in existence So when you live life like that by saying, okay, what do I want? And Whatever it is that I want It is a non-negotiable that it’s going to happen that type of thinking pushes you past fear It pushes you past your self-doubt it almost and I’m sure we’ve all Had something in our life that it had to happen There wasn’t even a question of whether or not it was going to happen now that’s the same tool that highly successful people have so using visualization is really really powerful because Everyone in our life is taking up space in our existence and we get to choose who lives in our world, right? So we get to decide whether we keep a family member in we get to decide who our friends are we get to pick our partners we get to pick all Of these people. So if you can say to someone I do not want you in my life anymore That’s amazing because you’re freeing up that space for someone healthier to enter your existence or to meet a great partner Finally because you’ve ended this relationship, that’s no longer serving you And even if you can’t physically have someone leave your life mentally you can still have them go away emotionally They can still not be in your in your life anymore and that still frees up space for someone else. So using visualization It’s just a matter of you Living life as if this person doesn’t exist anymore to you that their behavior Doesn’t have an effect on you anymore and again This is a practice but really sitting in the space of feeling what it would feel like to be free from this person and if you no matter who the person is, whether it’s a family member or a relationship or anyone now what you want to think about is how amazing it feels to be free from this and Who do you want in your existence now? So when we are using visualization, and we’re thinking about all of these things Another great thing to think about is you having a peaceful relationship with this person now if you’re dealing with a narcissist what I mean by peaceful is Not this person being a good person not this person doing the right thing saying the right thing that they’ve stopped being difficult that they stopped you know bullying you and threatening you and abusing you and trying to Gaslight you I’ll take all of that aside just That no matter what this person gives you that you’re at peace that you know how to handle it yourself That no matter what they try to throw at you that you’ll be okay that you know how to love yourself You know how to parent yourself and that’s you having a peaceful relationship with them It’s not them changing but it’s it’s a different perspective on what a peace of peaceful Relationships should be so that no matter what they do. They don’t affect you. The last thing is enforcing your boundaries now if you want to be free from this person if you don’t want their Abuse anymore you’re so mentally drained. You’re physically exhausted emotionally exhausted and you’re like, please go away, please go away. Please. Leave me alone That is never gonna work coming from that weak place, but we found our power we’re working on ourself We’re using visualization and now we have the strenght to learn how to not only set our boundaries but how to enforce them and people ask me this all the Time, how do I enforce boundaries how do I enforce boundaries and every situation is completely different? But in order to enforce a boundary, it can be as simple as someone saying You know every time I pick you up, you’re always late. So going forward. I’m not gonna pick you up for work anymore You’re gonna have to find your own ride because I’ve asked you time and time again. Please be on time That’s really important to me It shows a sign of respect and you can are continuously late and you obviously don’t care about Being respectful of me in my time. And so going forward you’re gonna have to find a ride to work yourself That’s you enforcing a boundary and sticking with it until Possibly depending on who the person is depending on how many chances you’ve given that person that you say. Okay I’m gonna try one more time, and then that’s it. But then you have to stick to it It’s it’s being a parent essentially your parenting yourself It’s just like you dealing with children when children do something wrong and they have to get punished There’s a consequence for their actions You can’t just take back that Consequence because the child will never learn that they can’t mess with you like that that it can’t do that behavior that they can’t Behave the way that they are save the things that they’re saying because there really is no consequence because you have poor boundaries So that’s you loving yourself as being able to enforce boundaries Now if you’re dealing with a narcissist or someone who’s abusive or unhealthy setting boundaries? Really? Could mean you leaving the situation like physically leaving the situation or ending the relationship and that’s something that sometimes people don’t want to do but the fact of the matter is How many times do you have to say to someone? Hey this bothers me and nothing change I mean, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna keep like pleading? And Negotiating because you come from such lack and that you feel like you need this person in your life in some way shape or form I mean you really don’t So if it comes to a relationship that you’re having with someone a boyfriend a partner and they can’t respect your boundaries Well, then they don’t have you in their life And that’s the consequence. That’s you enforcing your boundaries with someone if it gets to that point and but really what you have to be able to do is know what You expect from this person if they’re doing something that’s bothering you you need to know What do I actually want them to do that? I would deem respectful that they care about me and that they’re showing me that they care about what I think and how I feel So you need to be able to know that? So when you know that you communicate that in an appropriate way, so you communicate that in a self loving way Which is you say it calmly, you know, you say exactly what you need You’re not beating around the bush because you don’t want to seem like you know You’re being too needy or you don’t want to be labeled as a bitch or anything like that. You are a Self-sufficient self loving person who is able to communicate what they think and how they feel to anyone. So when you do that and Someone says okay. I completely understand. I respect what you have to say and I will really work on this going forward now it’s a matter of seeing if they’re gonna actually work on the things that they say they’re gonna work on and then then if they don’t You only have two options. You either are gonna keep giving chances and chances or you’re gonna say, okay. Well we can’t be friends Okay well We can’t be in a relationship because this is really a deal-breaker for thee and I really feel disrespected by you know The fact that you say these things to me or you do these things to me So those really those are the only two options when it comes to enforcing boundaries with someone Maybe you don’t help someone out as much as you usually did Maybe you don’t pick up the phone and answer their calls as much as you usually did in the past And that’s your way of setting boundaries, but you can’t be passive-aggressive about it You can’t just all of a sudden stop answering your mother’s phone call. You have to tell her Hey, look, I love you. And I this relation to work I want us to have a great relationship but I’ve asked you time and time and again and please be respectful of this and you continue to not respect my boundaries and I’m gonna I’m sorry, but I have to start distancing myself from you because I have to take care of myself first and foremost So that way you’re communicating that way when mom calls and you don’t pick up she knows why you’re not picking up So that’s you always communicating yourself Effectively with people so getting back to the topic of getting rid of this person so if you learn to enforce boundaries with this person again, you’re showing them that You are not gonna manipulate me. You’re not gonna walk all over me You’re not gonna shit all over me and that when I stand up for myself I mean business so you can’t do this abusive manipulative threatening You know tactics anymore because I’m not fearful of you anymore. I don’t live in fear when I’m around you I’m not worried about what you think. I’m not worried about how I am looked at And I looked at as you know, crazy or a bitch or you know, someone who is not cooperative. I know That I’m a good person and I know that my boundaries mean that I’m loving myself now when you get to that place where you’re so self loving you’re able to do these things for yourself you are becoming Law to them because they’re not getting what they want from you so they’re not getting the positive supply They’re not able to manipulate you to get what they want out of you And then even if you are fighting them on their manipulation, you’re no longer reacting negatively You’re no longer getting entangled in that mess you have officially cut the cord and there’s no gray area it’s just black or white you no longer affect me and Eventually that person will just go away so they won’t bother you anymore. They’ll leave you alone And when I tell you I’m a test that this works Helping you, but it takes time and people often message me and say, you know I’ve been doing this forever. And this person’s still bothering me. Well, here’s the thing. This person is known you for a very long time And it is going to take a long time for them to learn that you are no longer This person that you used to be that would take on their abuse So depending on who the nurses is depending on how relentless they are And they all are relentless that they may not get the message right away and again You may have to do this stuff over and over and over again time after time and don’t worry about how long it’s gonna take just know that every time you have to do this you’re Building the muscle within yourself to stand up to yourself to stand up to this person to love yourself and that’s all good stuff So just look at every interaction as really great practice and eventually all of a sudden you’ll wake up and you’ll go Wow, this person’s hasn’t been in my life for a while. They haven’t bothered me They haven’t bugged me and that’s when you get what you want. So I hope this has helped you guys out there Hope you enjoy the video if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe and click on the notification bell Don’t forget about the bell. It will inform you every time I do upload a new video So I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you next week

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  45. This is so true! Reinvent yourself as a person who does not tolerate and fall for the stupidity. Keep your dignity by not engaging with the narc and having your own life, friends, goals, and responsibilities. Give them no supply or reactions. It will take time for them to get the message of the NEW YOU! But just keep at it and they’ll fall off eventually!

  46. So true. Thank you for sharing.
    It's a healing process. At first being so confused I didn't know what to do, but we do need to allow ourselves to feel, accept, and heal. Once I allowed myself to accept where I now was, all those feelings floating all over could be healed but as long as we remain angry and trying to figure everything out that's where we remain. I'm thankful it happened. If hurting people hurt people, I too was hurting people. Maybe when we get to the bottom we find the way. Maybe once we are broken, we can finally be whole. It's not easy but take courage. One day at a time.

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  48. ruin workplace bullies with cyber-bullying. You have the first amendment. Especially after you do all you can to ignore, be nice and all others yet they succeed in manipulating supervisors and other employees into believing lies about you!!!!!!

  49. Something I'm living and learning you attract what you entertain. When you stop entertaining crazy or evil you stop attracting it to you.

  50. Everyone deserves to not only be free from narcissists, but also know the Truth…

  51. Interesting video however, when your mother is a pathological liar and your wife believes that she has changed its very hard to remove the liar from your life. Sad but true 🤷‍♂️

  52. Hello mam, I am really a great fan of your content and how you are trying to make good people feel great and protecting a rare species on the earth called the "Empaths" which is constantly being preyed by "Naarcissists" and getting near to the brink of extinction. God bless you with loads of happiness! 🙂

  53. Smartness is mandatory in a relationship and cyberhackinggenius helped cloned my spouse device and I got access to all his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his devices. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read both his new and deleted messages from a cloned device without having to touch his phone. I read all his Whatsapp, Facebook,Instagram and Snapchat messages Including the deleted text messages and iMessages. You can contact him via Gmail  (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146 and don’t forget to thank me later

  54. 6:05 we need to stop saying "hurt people, hurt people" because abusers enjoy hurting others and victims of narcissistic abuse are hurt and instead we're here learning how to cope. Abusers hurt people. Period.

  55. Today is his birthday. Today is the first time in 8 years I didn't wish him a happy birthday. If he hasn't noticed I went no contact, he will today. It's strange, but I feel even after everything he did to me, he will be expecting a message from me today. My silence will show him how I feel, and I know it will hurt him somehow. Maybe that's what they call narcissistic injury. Anyway, I'm a bit nervous about this… Ironically, today is also exactly two months of no contact. It's the longest I haven't spoken to him in my life. But no matter how much I'm hurt, deep down inside, I feel that that discard was a chance for me to escape that relationship. And I'm going to use this chance.

  56. I appreciate your wisdom, I really do and I did try theses tactics of not letting them get to me and letting their words roll off my shoulders. I was dealing with my mother-in-law and sister in law. I’ve tried to just be a plant while in their presence but it just didn’t seem to work. It almost seemed like they hated me more for being sooo calm…. Then I got pregnant and very hormonally unbalanced and trust me, I wasn’t taking sh*t from anybody. I unleashed hormonal rage on these women to the point I almost got physical!!! I know that wasn’t the healthiest option especially for my wellbeing and baby but i couldn’t help it!! But it worked!! The next few days they were walking on eggshells around me. I’ve completely cut ties with them and they haven’t bugged me in almost a year. My husband stands behind me 100% and has vowed to protect me from now on from his family. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future or if they’ll try anything new. But I’ll be ready for battle again if they want some of this

  57. 7:00 you can't actually deal with it if they have a tantrum several times a day

  58. Wow…I needed this message soooooo bad!! This is one if the BEST videos I’ve watched on this subject! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  59. Can u do me a favour, and thank you

    I will pay u back (never)

    I love u… (Me) what do u want.

    Anticipate every need. (Her) "Be a man, U know what to do"

    So and so ex did this or that and u should know exactly what to do

    After spending ur last buck, " Ur the best boyfriend ever"

    Going in to hug n kiss then she pulls away. But being ready at the drop of a dime for when she wants to hug n kiss and be comforted.

    Using things u told against u, to manipulate u to surve her imediate wants

    Leaning in to whisper negative words like ( idiot, bade, stupid, immature, dumb ass)

    Demanding, controlling, manipulation, demeaning, jealous, parinoid about other girls and accusing u of her own delusions

  60. This was our final argument, they are not easy to get rid of at all… like parasites. Over 2 years free 🙂

  61. So if they come to me casa can i say im over you u gaught me lote thank u but i dont really wanna be ure friend then they argue n im like im sorry u feel that way sorry im done lock the gate us scary

  62. Oh you are so right I did all that you said basically finding inner healing and peace . We went no contact for along time for almost a year.then I allowed him back big mistake but I had boundaries .he started doing the verbel abuse again and I would cry because I know who and what he is not because the words effected me but because I knew he was hurting inside. I am a empath to the max and I tried to be his friend but in the end here very recent he tried to bash me again and gaslight me and I told him enough is enough. He said he was going to block me and I said cool because I had already decided that this was the end of us .. he asked for help but never says what help he needs always tells me that I don't understand but I do .I told him he needs to fix his life and grow the hell up then I hung up the phone and deleted and blocked his numbers.. yeah I let him get me angry and I knew then this had to be the last time he got that supply from me .I really thought this man was my soulmate and I loved him so much .but at the end of the day I had to heal and love me and do what's best for my life .I told him I would pray for him and wish him the best 🙏

  63. How to get a Narcissist to leave you Alone. This is a Good Video. However I would NEVER Treat a Mother this way. I would NOT push a Mother away!! Yes Parents also need to show Respect. Adult Children need to Really Love their Parents and listen to each others Feelings.

  64. Wow thank you so much for this video. This is so helpful in dealing with my mother in law.

  65. I agree that if the person has been in your life for a long time it is harder for them to get the message and harder for you (me) to continue with your resolve to distance yourself. But you must! The narc will not want you to change and it’s amazing all the tactics they use to push back and resist. But continue. Remaining narc naive will take precious years from your life.

    I like that you emphasize that it may take a while and that it is actually a process of inner change for the non narc. One good thing is that you learn all about the disorder and how to manage yourself with these individuals while you are learning to set boundaries and distance yourself. You will be prepared the next time you encounter one and can avoid entanglement. And the one you are dealing with now probably won’t be the last one!

  66. Narcissists are extremely envious and jealous to their bones…………..

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