How to get L7 in English Langlit/lit Paper 2 PREDICTABLY

as run raving the founding partner of a shake selves okay so if you're watching this video today I assume you have a paper – coming yet you're not sure how to tackle the paper – a good news for you today was sheriff view the strategy that level seven IB students use for the angling lip or Anglet paper – okay um this video after but this video with one of our team members at age six them who caught a high seven and Eggman bit okay so the strategy shared with you today are actually used by students who have successfully gotten to level seven in any language okay and another thing before we going to do it the tips and the strategy is that you can download our sample essay in the link below okay and the like below we have a sampler so you can download the sample is actually written by the student who got level seven a high seven in her and run with paper – okay so just by downloading the sample essay and you're reading it it will help you dramatically and please also pay attention to this video because I want to teach you step-by-step how to get the highest mark in every single criteria in the England paper – okay the specific strategies of how to tackle a paper and their different criteria so you may go in your house that you study for a paper – you have two very very thick novels extremely thick novels and then you have to read them and then you do think of how to answer the question on the spot right it sounds like a terrible terribly challenging task to do so how are you supposed to study for it okay so I'll teach you that today okay so actually you don't really have to read the novels in full detail fully in order to get a level seven and Eggman with paper – okay the key is that you need to first understand the plot of the whole thing you can do that by smart oh so whatever you need to understand the plot and the social context of the two novels you're studying right so these you can learn from sparknotes okay and or you can find notes online probably you'll get a very good understanding of that the next step you should do is that you find actual past exam questions okay like exam questions that actually showed up you should get at least five or six then what you can what you should do is spend as much time as possible to write an essay a full essay for each of those past papers okay write a full essay and let your teacher check it okay make sure those essays you wrote before the actual exam are actually worthy of a level seven okay make sure you write level seven essays okay writing as writing full essays before the ribs I was so useful because actually all the exam questions they are very very similar they are so similar all right so let's say you write five the key here is that if you write five or six for level seven essays on the exam you'll probably find a question that is very similar to the question your to the question you have already answered at home okay because for example one year they may ask you about how it demonstrates law you would see how it and the next year maybe how it demonstrate friendship these sorts of things so it's actually very similar in their actual exam you'll probably find a question that is very similar to your question you already answered and then you can just pretty much write copy the answer you wrote on hope into the exam of course you need to twist this ellipse wist it a little okay twist the answer slightly but you can apply your answer into the exam question this year right so that's it I look all the level seven students I've interviewed told us that they used this kind of strategy to study write rightful essays at home and then in the exam in the real exam try to find a question that is similar to the essays you've written and then basically modify your answers slightly and then copy it into the exam paper okay just now we're gonna look at each criteria in the marketing I'll teach you how to go about maximizing your score in each criterion okay so the first criteria criterion a right here knowledge and understanding how much knowledge and understanding has the students showing in the part for you three work studied related to the question answered okay so in order to get get five marks you need to show a perceptive understanding of the text in part figure what it what does it mean how do you show understanding in paper too now let's look at the notes that are made by our eye be experts at a shake so okay so criterion a actually it's all about the context okay so you need to show that you have a good understanding of the cultural context of historical context and the cultural context okay so if you're writing can then trait that you understand the context of the piece then that's how we really demonstrate your understanding of the work okay so so I'll show you how you can do it go about doing that in your in your writing okay so let's look at an example okay so for example when there is a question to what extent could the two works you study be considered a work of protest okay this was the question this is a paragraph the student role you can see let's look at how this paragraph demonstrates understanding of the text okay and Hedda Gabler it is sort of Texas had had a gambler okay it is evident that Epson there's the writer Ibsen protested predetermine roles of men and women through a typical characters of George tasman and Hedda Gabler okay this reflected in the actions of these characters in the play where it is evident that there is a reversal role reversal between George and Hedda for example specifically an act one of the play where Tesman brings George his own slippers though through which he excitedly replies and is immediately fascinated with these step slippers can be seen to signify the mess the city the fact that George exclaims why look Hedda the audience is not only shocked but it's also amused to sees and that infatuation of these items which in fact should be of headers interest instead according social norms okay so I just read you this program what does this paragraph meet so basically there are two characters they're talking about to occur George and Hedda okay one is male and one is female okay so normally and according to social norms at the time that the novel was written Hedda should should be Heather who's the women should be focused on the domestic work right she should be she should be staying at home basically and the men should be working outside but this this student is basically arguing that there's a reversal okay there's a reversal of the of the rose okay so George in this case is actually very excited when he sees the Oh slippers okay he's infatuated with the slippers so it shows how it is atypical it's not typical according to social norms at that time and this is how the author protests the predetermined roles of men and women okay so you can see how this paragraph shows the understanding of social norms at the time that the work is written so this paragraph is can effectively demonstrate an understanding of the text okay not only social context is important also also important take note of the cultural context right like historical context so here's using header as an example okay so for example the use of characters in head I gather highlights the gender inequality okay so these are some points you can make in the essay highlights the gender inequality prevalent in the society okay so here are some examples why it is shown in the work so Hedda is fearful of a scandal which would stop her from which stops her from taking charge of her own life okay so when when because in that society females are not supposed to take charge of their own life so that's why had us worried of us of a scandal and he's worried of leaving Testament because of social consequences okay so these these kinds of things you should write in your essay to show that you understand the social and cultural context and that's how you get a high mark for the understanding of text okay again you can download the free sample essays I talked about just now and then this will help you to further understand further understand the how to do how to do this well okay so download the free sample I stay in the link below okay Crichton criterion B so let's look at criterion B what is criterion B all about criterion B is about response to the question how old has the student understood the specific demands of the question to what extent has the student responded to these demanded how well has the work being contrasted in relation to the demands of the question so if you want to get high marks you need to be able to answer the question well basically okay you need to be able to your answer needs to fit what is being asked okay the student responds to all implications as well as to start all these up the question with convincing and thoughtful ideas okay sure to make sure that your your as development okay so you must so when you pick one way you can ensure that you can do this one level seven tip is that every topic sentence in every paragraph the first sentence of every paragraph should be a direct answer to the question this is the best way you can ensure that your your answer is actually answering a question a question okay so uh okay I'll give you an example for example the question as to what extent could the to work to study be considered I've worked the worker protest so one one topic sentence a student wrote is in a view from the bridge by Arthur Miller and Hedda Gabler written by Henrik Ibsen Derrick clear elements which displayed the writers protest at certain social norms okay so our social norms so you can see how you can see how this this topics in this directly answers the question so all of your topic sentences should be an answer to the to the question it should relate to the question another sample topic sentence epson uses social and historical context of influence Hedda Gabler and protest at aristocrats in his play okay so you can see how this topics that also answer this question okay so what you really want to do here is basically your topic sentence has to answer the question and of course your top your paragraph after their topic sentence needs to relate to the topic sentence that big that is basic essay writing technique right okay now let us look at criterion C criterion C is probably the hardest criteria to be honest is the most technical a criterion C says is the application of literary conventions to dijanna to what extent does the student identify and appreciate the use of literary conventions related to the question and the works used okay so here five marks examples of literary conventions are perceptively identified and persuasively developed with clear relevance to the question and a warmth used so in basically this is about your understanding of literary devices of stylistic features okay you need to in your answer you need to have a lot of examples of stylistic feature and literary conventions that you talk about and used to support your answer okay so that's why system is the most technical you underst you need to really be able to pick up literary devices and stylistic features from the work to support your answer so what what can you do for that okay so here are some things you should take note of it's not just literary devices these are the other things structure okay so what is the structure after writing what is the style of the writing what are the symbols important symbols for example just now we talked about slippers as a simple tool missed the city right drawing around what kind of genre it is what kind of tone does the writer use what is the setting what are the techniques like literary devices all of these literary devices written here right so and then also characterization how are the characters being characterized like for example what type of language do the characters use okay what kind of language in the play allows audience to know their characters relationships okay like dramatic features as well okay and then key aspects of each character these sorts of things so you need to be the all of these things I mentioned you need to include in your answer to support your answer okay so you can read at as I said just now you can download our sample essay to see how this level student did this but of course it's going to be different depending on what work you use what what kind of text you you analyze right but you need to consider all of these things right structure style symbols john raton studying techni tori techniques characterization all these kinds of things needs to be carefully considered okay what is criterion D let's look at the marketing criterion DSS how I organize coherent and votive up is the presentation of ideas so you're going to get five marks you need to your ideas need to be structured in a logical manner it needs to be persuasive you need a coherent structure okay so in simple terms it means how open or logically organized is your essay I think this is probably the easiest criteria to get a high mark on because it's just basic writing skills you need to craft together essay that makes logical sense okay that's properly structured so actually go about doing that first you should have at least six body paragraph so introduction conclusion and then bit sweet introduction in conclusion there should be six body paragraphs that these so that's kind of like three paragraphs on each text okay another basic term you should have learned in middle school essay writing each paragraph should focus on one major aspect or area okay so that's how your essays go to make logical sense each parish should focus on one area so for example I'll give you a topic sentence so let's say this is a topics I'm similar to author one Arthur to uses character character interactions to explore the theme of male dominance okay so this if if this is the topic sentence if you have this topic sentence your entire paragraph should be about how character interactions are used to exploit a theme of male dominance okay give different examples of character interactions right so that's how one paragraph focus on one major area don't incorporate too many different areas or aspects into one paragraph if you want to cohere an essay okay and make use of topic sentence your topic sentence should be an introduction to what you're going to write in the rest of your paragraph okay and then you should try to link together each paragraph just like in this example you can do similar to alter and Arthur tube so it's kind of like you're linking two together the two different paragraphs or the two different works right okay let's finish off the last criteria criterion e is basically language is how are you write okay it's not about using big and fancy words okay using to be able to articulate your ideas properly you need to have a proper writing style okay for a more formal kind of writing style so for this you can download our as I mentioned just now now tell you again you can download our free free exam free sa sample written power level 7 graduate ok in the link below so I really hope that you find this lesson useful find this tutorial useful for you okay if you like this video please share it with your friends okay who you also want to help ok so see you next time

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