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hybrid this is Ryan Reagan the founding partner of Asia Excel if you're watching this video today I assume you're an IB student who want help for your England at higher level paper one exam okay so you're you're looking at the right video right now because I actually worked with my team of IV experts who've got level seven high level seven and learning limited paper one and and we have discovered all the skills that you need and other structure that you need to gather level seven in your England at paper one okay good news is that all the essays that get level seven and IB England that paper one they all follow a similar structure they ought to follow a similar pattern to the Dow sheriff you all the tips you need to get a level seven in your England paper one another thing is I'll walk you through a level seven sample essay will actually go through together a sample essay that actually got level seven okay so if you follow a similar method obviously you would also get a level seven right so today I'm gonna walk you through the sample okay another thing is that you can down free resources in the description okay including free IP landed essays okay so let's get to it in the England @hl paper on you will be given two texts I need to compare two texts in terms of a context audience purpose and stylistic feature these four features right okay so let's look at the rubric first so we know how what what the examiners are looking for then we'll go to the sample essay I'll show you how to do each part okay I'll show you each paragraph what you should write together level seven will actually go through and they say that actually got a level seven is just going to be extremely helpful for you I wish when I was an IB student I wish there was such a video that I'm making right now okay so let's look at the criteria a so criteria is that you need to be able to show that you're really you are really able to compare the two texts okay so pinyin read here to what extent that's the analysis shows your molarities and differences between the text when you compare in terms of audience purpose context and a stylistic feature okay so you need to make a lot of references to the text okay you make quotation from the text to back up those similarities and differences now let's look at Curtin B it's like this is stylistic feature so you need to show understanding of the difference in stylistic feature what can you need yours literary terms okay and and you can make references okay you want to get a good mark you need to show a good understanding of stylistic feature criterion see is that your essay needs to be well organized okay so it's just like your writing has to be organized so your paragraphs need to needs to be broken down in a logical manner okay finally language okay language it means how well your right is it's not about using big difficult words okay actually later as I will show you you can use very simple words and still get a level seven it's about your whether you use the words correctly and effectively okay okay before I actually show you the sample essay I like to go through with you an essay outline okay so actually I've looked at a lot of level seven in language sample essays for HL students okay and they all share of sheriff's very similar structure actually it's quite formulaic paragraph one you give an introduction what is the introduction about you talk about the common theme so for example of both the article is about environmental preservation you can talk about there's a common theme with environmental preservation okay then you briefly describe the text type for example maybe a is a website B is maybe a column whatever okay describe the text type then you can conclude your introduction with a sentence like this this despite these two texts sharing the same theme and overall purpose they defer and greatly in context audience tone and register and mostly in stylistic feature manipulated by the author's to convey their ideas okay so that's an introductory it's simple you just talk about the common theme describe text type and type and say that there is a difference in and the context audience tone register stylistic feature simple right paragraph two and three you can explain the difference in context okay so first explain what is the context in text a and then what is the context in text B when we say context you can talk about the time maybe that is a difference in the time that the just that the text is set in a difference in social context maybe it one is based for Chinese people one is for Americans or the cultural context okay and it's your graphical context as well you can think of all these of things okay and then you perfect you also want to use references from the article to back up your point of view in the differences in context so for example you miss a text be is targeted towards young Americans who are interested in football then you should back up that point of view with with references from the article look a paragraph three and four you talk about difference in audience okay so is it targeted to a small audience or is it a mass audience who is particularly as the audience is it a group of people who is interested in a particular topic okay so talk about how the two texts and how they target different audiences and then use references from the article to back up your point of view and the difference of the audience okay so if you say if there's not this is targeted towards two words you know a certain audience that is interested in and maybe football then you should use referencing the article to suggest why how does it target this audience why do you think of targeted targets these audiences the differences in purpose the purpose came to persuade persuade to do something and you forum or entertain right these are some examples okay or if you if both pieces is is to persuade you again so maybe there's a difference in that in terms of what they're persuading the reader to do maybe one is persuading the reader to do a certain thing and then the other owner who is to persuade readers to do another sort of thing okay and similarly you need to use references to back up your point of view so you say this text they have this purpose you need a lot of references to back up why you believe that's the purpose okay then you talk about stylistic feature difference in stylistic feature what about what a stylistic feature like the title the appearance of the article like whether there is a lot of how-to articles designed unique features maybe there's a subscription box okay you can talk about the tone and register redress whether its formal or informal in here you need to talk about you need to use quote real examples from the article to back that up okay so for example if you see a difference in title you need to comment on what is the significance of that title if the if the article is very formal you need to talk about so what impact does the formality of the article play okay so now that leads us to power of eight the conclusion so normally for conclusion you just write a sentence like despite the text a and B being based on the same theme they differ in the nuances and subtleties of context audience purpose and stylistic feature actually the sentence you can use at any essay a lot of level 7 students have used a scented similar to this okay so now I want to get to the sample essay okay so this essay is based on a past exam paper paper one from May 16 so for copyright reasons I'm not I'm not allowed to show you the past paper but I can show you the essay in the stamp the sample essay is written by a student who got a high seven in the England it H oh okay and you got actually got 19 this essay right here is actually getting 19 out of 20 so there's really the perfect best thing I'm gonna walk you through what the student did and how you can do the same okay first paragraph it's the introductory paragraph introductory paragraph you need to talk about three main things okay number one you need to talk about the common theme alright so how does this you can read the first two send in this year okay so both text a and text be shared the common theme of the importance of changing the mindset and behavior of the human species in order to preserve well-being of humankind our natural environment and ecological systems okay so this sentence is about common theme so all the time in England late' paper one there will be the two the two the two pieces of work it's going to have a common theme so that's why the first sentence you establish the common theme okay then you should talk about the text type so what what is the text up is it a website is it an online source what it what it what it is what is it right so let's look at how to student do it here okay so I highlighted this project and read it text a is the preface and prologue of a persuasive booklet published by the Australian Frank ferner foundation and non-government organization concerned with the personal preservation of natural environment on the other hand text beep is a panel cartoon strip published online via the website of reown renowned American political cartoonist so it's basically talking about the text type so text a is a preface and Pollock prologue of a persuasive booklet or and text B is a panel cartoon strip okay so you can see it briefly introduces a text type of the two pieces okay and where it is what is the source okay the text type and the source lastly basically the sentence you can basically apply in any paper one okay it's basically about talking about how there are differences okay despite these two text sharing the same cost theme and overall purpose they differ greatly in context audience tone and register and most importantly the stylistic feature manipulated by the author to convey their ideas so this sentence you can literally use the same sentence for any England @hl paper one because obviously the two text will have the same theme but they would differ greatly in context audience tone and register okay so this is what you should do for pay for the first paragraph okay what is context so you basically think about things like the time it is written the setting that's your graphic location okay and then you by talking about the time it is written the geographic location to society's context the background then you can talk about how this impacts the audience okay I'll show you how this person this this student this level is haven't seen on how he does it okay so let's read this the context of text a and B greatly influenced the way in which their produce and receive okay so the context of text a is that it was published last year in 2015 okay so it is a so the main thing this person tried to talk about is that the text text a is set in a contemporary context contemporary meaning modern okay so it talks about contemporary issues okay so here it says the audience can emphasize with these contemporary issues and better within the text within the context of production and reception ultimately revealing the overall message more powerful and more profitable more powerfully and this aiding the foundation to achieve its overall purpose to bring change okay so you can see how the student he basically talk about how text is using a contemporary context okay it brings up contemporary issues it gave an example here okay a clear example of how it's a contemporary context and then it talks and then the student brought up the point that the context helps to make the overall message more powerful okay and helps the helps the foundation to achieve the purpose to bring change okay exam paper is actually like a cartoon and the cartoon is published and published by a political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times okay so this this student here made the point that there is a bias towards American male culture okay because because of the fact that it is published in New York Times okay and also talks about how in the in the cartoon there are references to beer football baseball which are all stereotypical portrayal of white male American working class ideals okay so this is culture so this brings your attention it's not just time it's not just get your graphical location also it's also the cultural context okay so the point the student is trying to make is that the cultural context of text be is is for the United States and it's targeted towards portraying American working class ideals okay so then this student start up you can see how context is linked to audience okay so because the context is set in the United States and that because there are a lot of symbols that represent American working class culture this suggests that the text appeals to a small portion of American society okay so this text is targeted for a small audience in the American Society which is the American class working class society section of the society to the context okay then we move on to the audience okay so audience how this what what kind of audience is the text trying to appeal to that's what you really want to talk about okay so what do we need my audience how do we classify like maybe you can think about what are the age group they're targeting what are the so as there is particular social class there are they targeting people with a certain type of interest right are they targeting people in a certain geographic location alright so and then you can also talk about what kind of what kind of effect that's the does the article have on their offer on the audience okay top of what is the audience and what is the what is the text trying to achieve with the trying to achieve with the audience okay so here let's read what this person wrote despite revolving around the same theme text a and B differ greatly in the audience that is targeted okay so how about what does he say about tax day so text a is says it's an extremely wide audience so it's there's it's not a specific audiences of but wide audience okay so the demographic is Australian because obviously the the article is Australian website okay and here's also talks about how because it's a website where they're encouraging interested readers to contribute to the website by writing to the PIO boss of the foundation okay so so this person says that the article is trying to establish a connection with the specific target audience okay and yeah it's not clear what eight is not it just ambiguous what is the age range but this person says actually in the website there's a slogan for healthy people in a healthy planet you can see it right here it is on the header of the website so this suggests that this is targeted towards a wide range of audience okay so yet the phrase interested readers so obviously this is not in the website there's the first interest at readers should send an email to this right to the PIO box right so interested reader so because it's this interested reader this suggests that it is appeal appealing for the mass audience okay all ages and race okay so it's not just to certain types of individuals I think it's quite obvious okay and also there's the term humans theses is being brought up in the article so this is another indication that it's a mass audience so basically the whole point that the student is making is that the article is targeted to warts a wide audience mass appeal and this student gave three different proofs for that the number one prove is that on the website says it's for healthy people in the healthy planet okay the second prove is that it's it asks interested readers to email back so interested readers can refer to all types of individuals right so it's not specific to age group not specific to race and also that the term the hypernym the human species is specified in line 32 so this suggests that it is not targeting a specific audience like it's relevant to a wide audience okay so you talked about that and you also have a lot of references to the text and this is what you need for a level seven text B okay so what does this say about text be about the audience well so text B basically this person makes two main points the first is that it appeals to a smaller audience then text a number two is that it is a strictly American audience is being targeted so these are the two main arguments that that this the student wrote about this level student wrote about so the point is that you need to have references from the article to back up your arguments right so what do you have to back this up so for the first point about how it's targeted to a small audience it says that it talks about how the cartoonist received 17 emails for his work this is according to what's orders in the text okay so this text suggests that only 17 replies was received for the work so this shows that it is applicable to a small audience and then here also says that there are a lot of cultural references okay for example NFL football all these all these are reference Oh like he says the NFL is not viewed much outside of the US so this also suggests that it is strictly a strictly American audience is being targeted right so you can see how this person wrote about audience student moves on their talked about the purpose the purpose of the piece okay it's normally for purpose there are a couple of common purposes like for example persuade inform and entertain right these are some examples mrs. right but even if it's only persuade it can be vastly different okay we wish you see in this example and basically the idea here is that you can talk about the purpose I need to find references from the text to back up the purpose okay so let's look at what the student wrote okay although loosely based around the same theme of environmental preservation the two texts differ greatly in terms of what they are trying to achieve of their purpose text a not only tries to send so okay so what is the purpose on one hand texts a not only tries to sensitize their audience to the issue about the sensitivity but introduces a way forward and pursue it audience to adhere to that so in simple words basically means that text a is trying to persuade the audience to adhere to certain solutions to environmental sustainability so they're trying to persuade the audience to take certain types of actions okay so here it talks about then the remaining part of the paragraph basically is talking about how the piece persuades the audience to take certain action so brings up literary devices as well as stylistic features okay so for example give you an example the beginning of the prologue starts with the inclusive now we engaging the audience of the ideas so this is one of the arguments to suggest why the purpose of this piece is to persuade the audience to take action okay so this example say you can get it by filling the form below but this I just want to show you some examples okay so so for example here they talk about the addiction for example the imperative must in the clause conveys a sense of desperation right so keeping them healthy must be our first priority so the term must shows a sense of desperation so basically what the student did is that he made the point that the text a is about persuading the audience to take action to save their environment and then here talks about and then after making that statement the student talks about certain stylistic feature and literary literary devices that text a used in order to achieve that purpose of persuading the audience okay so there's a lot of examples here that you can breed by yourself okay after you get the sample essay so text B this student did a similar thing for text B so what's the difference text B does not only try to inform and persuade by proposing an argument full of logos but rather aims to appeal to the audience tense of pathos and make them consider the consequences of their actions so text B is more towards persuading the audience of the consequences of their action making them aware of the consequences of their action okay so here talks about literary devices like kinesthetic type typography anaphora etc these are things that these are literary devices that the author used to achieve these purposes okay so a flag for example in the end there's a rhetorical question in text what would it take for that to change so this also suggests that the text is trying to get the audience to consider the consequence so text B and simple terms is trying to get the audience to consider the consequences of their actions and here there are a lot of references to the text that suggests that okay so when you write about purpose is your paper what you do have a clear thing in mind so what is the other parent right Archie okay I have a clear thing in mine so write that out and then get references from the audible to back up back up that purpose okay holistic feature stylistic feature basically you talk about the appearance layer at the appearance of the text if there is any specific features that you like do you think you can comment on okay then you talk about the tone and register okay and then another stylistic feature can commonly talk about is the title okay so basically stylistic feature can talk about pretty much anything again from the appearance to any literary devices to the title okay so here the first per this talks the first paragraph talks about the appearance okay it says let the layout and the appearance mainly the text a is published on a website and it contains alternative links okay so the layout is s that extremely pleasing aesthetic aesthetically and easy to read which goes hand-in-hand with the purpose of the text okay so text bees and then it says text me is also a website but published in 2009 has a much more simple layout okay and then to just commenting on the appearance really okay and then there is also a subscription for the four text be right but it makes the author look more credible okay so it's commenting on another stylistic feature okay and then text a and then it talks about the the register register basically means whether its formal or not informal okay so texting is a formal register and then it talks about why it is formal okay because it uses these specific words okay and yeah so these words these sorts of fictions and jargon make the piece credible on the other hand text is much more informal in the register okay so there's a lot of informal words that are being used okay and it talks about how it's very conversational okay so talk basically can talk about where there's formal informal that use use references there article to back that up okay then lastly this person also talks about a stylistic feature which is the title okay so it talks about how in both pieces their time is being talked about in the title okay because so this it makes it and then the student refers to their article so text a it talks about how the title is our place in nature past present and future and then text B it's the word when is being used okay so the point here is that there's a lot of references to time in the in the article and this helps the this helps the readers to look into the future as this student have written so the reason why the title is significant is because it includes time and it sort of directs the reader to think about the future and the consequences of their action okay last paragraph the student just elaborates more about text be okay so basically talks about how there are certain quotations in text B that encourages the readers to think about the consequences they have on the on the environmental well-being okay so for example it talks about how man will be remembered by the bads it assumed that all man is all-important in the comments section so these are all stylistic feature that the that the student taking took note of and written about and this these quotes show that how show the readers how they have a significant consequence on significant impact on the ecological and environmental well-being okay so conclusion is actually very simple and that's all you really need to get a level seven in conclusion despite text a and B being different to being based on the same theme they defer the nuances and subtleties of context audience purpose and stylistic feature basically this this concluding sentence you can include for all your paper one okay so I hope you find this very useful this this essay once again I tell you is actually written by a student who got a high seven 19 or 20 so you can download the link below get our free icing the link below I believe it really help you okay good luck

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