How to Go VIRAL on Youtube for a SMALL Channel (How I got 20K+ Subscribers in ONE MONTH!)

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Now, in today’s video we are going to do a
case study on exactly why this video of mine went viral. Now at the time when this video went viral,
I only had about a thousand subscribers and now today I have 20x that growth. That’s why in today’s video we are going to
do a deep dive on exactly what happened, how it happened and how maybe it can happen for
you too.x Now, I’m going to cut right into the chase. I don’t know exactly what the step by step
is to make every single video go viral, but what I do know and what I can share with you
is the little factors that could have contributed to this video blowing up for a very small
YouTuber like me. Which brings me to my first tip or observation
and that is, is that most viral videos you’ll notice are either very trendy, extreme, unique,
or highly, highly valuable. And before we do a deep dive on my video,
let me just share my screen so I can show you other videos to highlight exactly what
I mean. All right guys. So I want to just show you other videos on
YouTube that have been either trendy, extreme, unique or highly valuable. So what I mean by trendy are videos like this. Daredevil climbs the Eiffel Tower. This is by James Kingston. It has about 5 million views. James, to date, he has 636k subscribers, which
means that this video really outperformed because he was doing something incredibly
extreme, and obviously for anyone watching this video, I would not recommend you to do
something as extreme just to get viral on YouTube. What I’m trying to show here is that extreme
videos do end up going viral many times. Another thing is this video. The Katelyn Ohashi gymnastics video that went
viral for this gymnast. You actually look at the UCLA Athletics YouTube
page. They only have 84k subscribers, but this video
completely went viral and she ended up being on a bunch of news channels in America, which
is so awesome for her. And if you actually watch this video, this
video was highly entertaining, highly valuable. It was really great not just for the gymnast
community but also for entertainment. It was really awesome. Now another video that I want to show you
as well is this video right here by the small YouTuber called Melina B. and she actually
capitalized on trends. So I don’t know if any of you guys know about
the Brittany Dawn scandal that recently happened this week, but basically she, well, I don’t
think she capitalized on it, but because this whole Brittany Dawn fitness scandal happened,
it became a huge trendy topic and that’s why she was able to get 65k views on this video
even though she only had 434 subscribers. Now, if you look at my video. When I posted this video on how to gain Instagram
followers organically in 2019, I only had about like a thousand, 1500, maybe less than
2000 subscribers on YouTube, but my video ended up kind of really picking up, and what
I really capitalized on here was trend. Usually there’s a lot of trendy topics that
exist on YouTube. For example, how to gain followers, how to
gain subscribers, how to make money on social media. Like these are really trendy topics that a
lot of people search for. You’re probably thinking, okay, great, Vanessa,
you chose a trendy video, but how can a small YouTuber like me compete with all these other
YouTubers on that trendy piece? You know, how can you actually thrive in a
very saturated market or niche or topic? Well, my second tip for you my friend is to
add relevancy. Let me explain. Now the question is, is that when you’re a
small YouTuber and you’re trying to compete on a very highly searched and highly saturated
topic such as how to gain Instagram followers, in order for you to kind of give yourself
a little bit of edge is to add some relevancy. Add 2019 on the title, especially if you’re
posting a video in January, February, near the start of the year. There’s way less competition when you actually
choose a more targeted approach to your title. So for instance, you’re going to see that
I do it often, not only did I do it for the how to gain Instagram followers video, I also
did it for the how to make money on social media video, because I knew that how to make
money on social media. That’s a very competitive topic, so I added
2019. Anything that was Instagram related, I really
just added 2019 on it because I know that it’s super competitive and at least for a
small YouTuber, I can still stand out and have someone else choose my video over another
YouTuber because of relevancy. Now just adding 2019 on your title is not
the be all and end all for skyrocketed YouTube success. There’s way more than that. Not only do you need to add relevancy in your
title or in your video, especially if you are competing on a trend topic, you also want
to add some clickbaity things. I’m not ashamed to say it. I clickbait all the time, but I also make
sure I deliver. But before I go ahead and talk about delivery
and skip ahead, let me at least kind of share with you how I clickbait my audience. All right guys, welcome back. So I wanted to show you how I “clickbait”
my audience. So when you actually look at my video titles,
you’ll see that I put a lot of emotional triggers within the parentheses. So when you look my titles, the first part
is the main title obviously, but the second part is always going to be something that’s
going to evoke an emotional reaction or some sort of urgency or some sort of, I don’t know,
excitement I guess. So for instance, how to gain Instagram followers
organically in 2019. Within the parentheses I write grow from zero
to 5,000 followers fast. That’s probably going to get someone to click
on that more over someone who didn’t put that emotional trigger. Another one is this one, how to create consistent
content for Instagram 2019, create one month of content in one day. That’s something that is super attractive
and will probably make people click on it. This one’s also another one that I did. How to plan, schedule and automate your Instagram
posts, create consistent content in your sleep. I personally think that’s quite clickbaity,
but it does help in terms of making someone want to choose your video over someone else’s. I’ll give you another one right here. Things to know before quitting your job without
another one lined up. I think that that is more impactful than just
things to know before quitting your job. So that’s kind of the way that I “clickbait”
my audience, and in the next tip I’m going to share with you how to do it properly so
that people don’t get pissed off at you when you choose to clickbait. Now, my fourth tip is something that I touched
on previously and that is that you need to make sure that you actually deliver on your
promise. Yes, we’re using emotional triggers in our
titles and maybe even in our thumbnails to clickbait someone, but at the end of the day
you have the obligation to actually deliver real value. Now, imagine if my Instagram hacks video went
viral, but my content was actually shit and my hacks were super basic. That would have actually killed my brand even
more and would probably prevent people from actually subscribing because I give shit tips. Thankfully, I gave some pretty good tips that
most people are pretty happy about. That’s why in order to have a video go viral
and your subscriber base go viral, you need to actually deliver good content in order
to convert that traffic into actual subscribers. Just because you have a video go viral does
not mean that your channel is going to blow up in terms of subscriber rate unless you
actually have really damn good content that people will trust you enough to hit that subscribe
button. Now the fifth tip that I have for you with
absolutely game changing for my channel. This tip was actually given to me by my homegirl
Natasha Soleil. I’ll link her channel right here. You can creep her out, put her links and everything
in the description box and comment section below. But what you’ll actually notice on my channel
is after my video blew up on Instagram hacks, I continuously still pushed out my old type
of content, which was more about mindset work. What you’ll notice is that those videos didn’t
perform as well, but what Natasha told me is that when a video like that goes viral
and when you’re a small YouTuber and one of your videos gets abnormally more views than
usual, that means that YouTube is actually pushing that video for you and putting that
video on other people’s recommended lists and homepages. When that happens, you need to ride the algorithm
wave and actually produce more content that is similar to the one that went viral. So if you actually look at my channel, the
moment that Natasha gave me that tip, I started posting more videos about social media and
what you’ll see is that those videos performed extremely well compared to the other videos
that I was posting that was all about mindset tips and business, general business stuff. Because I was posting content that was in
the similar vein as the video that went viral, naturally my channel also blew up in terms
of subscribers because thanks to the Instagram hacks video, it was actually generating a
lot of traffic to my channel, and obviously the people who are watching the Instagram
hacks video care about social media, Instagram, YouTube, all of that stuff. So when they land on my channel and they see
other videos of a similar nature, they’re going to binge on my videos and subscribe
to me because this is the content that they were looking for and that they were hoping
for. So that’s why I want to give a special shout
out to my girl Natasha because that tip just changed the game for me and it changed my
life I think. And so definitely if you are a small YouTuber
and you notice that some of your videos are performing better than others, that’s a really
good telltale sign to continue pumping out very similar content to your high performing
videos so that you can grow faster on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube algorithm, I’m going to
give you my very last tip and that is, is to make sure that you are engaging in the
comment section of your YouTube video within the first 24 hours of posting it. Now some of you might already know this, but
on Instagram you need to have the highest engagement rate possible in the first 30 minutes
of posting in order for it to be picked up by Instagram and kind of have Instagram algorithm
benefits. The same thing applies to YouTube except instead
of the first 30 minutes, it’s the first 24 hours. So what you’ll notice in my videos, I always
respond to the comment section within the first day of posting and that’s because YouTube
actually favors that and when they see a lot of activity going down in its comment section,
it flags to them that this video is worth pushing out because there’s a lot of engagement. So definitely if you want to increase your
video going viral or at least increase the chances of YouTube pushing it out, you want
to make sure that you are engaging in the comment section within the first 24 hours. That’s it guys. Those are my six tips on how I went viral
and how I 10x 20x my subscriber growth. Now, it’s not a guarantee that if you follow
all six steps, that’s going to happen the same for you, but it definitely will increase
your chances. I want to be honest with you guys too. I left a lot of tips out from this video,
and the reason for that is because in my next video, I’m actually doing a very surprising,
secret, exciting collab with another YouTuber, and we’re going to break down YouTube optimization
a lot more so that even for a small YouTuber, you can blow up. I see a lot of people stopping themselves
from doing YouTube because it’s too competitive. But trust me, you won’t want to miss the next
video because we’re going to give you a competitive edge on how exactly a small channel can really
blow up on YouTube. So make sure you hit the notification bell
and the subscribe button so you don’t miss that video. And as always, guys, I hope you guys have
a great day, great week and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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