How to Grip a Pistol: Tips & Tricks

hey guys in the prior video I talked about a thumbs forward pistol grip if you missed that one I'll provide a link somewhere around here so you can check that out and this one I'm going to give you some tips some tricks that have to deal with pressures of the thumbs forward grip and my pinky trick which you may really like or you may really hate but I haven't heard anyone else talk about it works really really well for me let's talk about keeping the gun nice and flat to prevent and mitigate muzzle flip when we're shooting very very quickly okay when I grip a pistol right here when I grip a pistol and we shoot the muzzle flips trying to flip up the way to really keep that down some people think is too Hulk smash grip that pistol as hard as you can but really the grip doesn't keep the pistol flattened down all it does is keep your hand on the gun I do this sometimes if I'll have somebody grip it real tight right here and I'm like oh you got it tight and I'll just push on their hand it just flips it way up realizing really to keep it down that's something here and here that keeps it down which is going to be far more important to keep the pistol flat than a real strong grip furthermore if you really really tense into this grip as I grip tightly here I lose elasticity in this finger which means I'm going to be slower and it's going to amount to jerk triggers especially under stress so the way to manage recoil is not by gripping it tighter in fact when I grip also leads to sympathetic contractions I'm all tensed up here and I try to move this finger and I wasn't doing that on purpose but I try to move this finger and you see these fingers move as well which is imparting movement to the gun during system really relaxing this hand almost sort it's a nice handshake nice to meet you gun just a nice kind of handshake and this is pretty loose for me this other hand is tighter but really a lot of the pressure again doesn't come from squeezing it really tight it is squeezed a little bit tighter but really it's coming from leverage got it so I'm already a high up in on the frame of the gun for a low bore axis right here relative to my hand I pulled my hand tight against this back thumb as well so I've kind of closed the back door where energy may escape in the gun roll whippin to take the path of least resistance I'll take my thumb now and push kind of down a little bit into the gun right there on the ledge and that's what I like to do personally and I've got a full part of my hand causing friction with the gun right here right so the next piece of what I'll do is though I've got my wrist locked out so that the gun can't really flip my wrists up it'll take the path of least resistance now and it's going to try to flip up at the elbows right so that's where the energy will escape so I'll close that door by rolling my elbows in so that they're facing each other and sometimes I may even roll this hand a little bit more so it gives my gun just a little bit of a can't this way that means bad trigger control which would normally pull the gun down and left as a right-handed shooter now for it to do that it's got to kind of come up and down first so even when I have really crappy trigger control with a really good grip I can hide it like a big band-aid and that's not okay to have bad trigger control with a good grip have good trigger control and a good grip so if one fails you're still good to go so that's just basically kind of my orientation a little bit and you may hate that but works pretty well for me so I'm gonna stick with it so uh anyway um my elbows are rolled inward and my shoulders are thrust forward just a little bit with my head thrust forward a little bit as well and I'm kind of loose on the gun but the leverage is where all that power gets into it it's nice and loose loose loose loose and roll in and locked in good a nice loose hand for loose trigger and that's uh that's what I'm doing last little bit of this and this is my I've never heard anyone else talk about this I have seen some shooters will take their finger right here and latch on there so that they'll have something to pull against when they push into the frame of the gun so you can kind of make a fulcrum point something that gives you some leverage to pull in if you put your finger right here when I grip it crush your finger right here because of all the leverage and part of its the elbow coming in and camming in like that but the other parts I'm pulling against something this right here includes the trigger-guard enough so that when I'm pulling the trigger back this finger bumps against this finger and stops it and it works really well for some people and I hate it but what I do is I take this pinky and it just kind of slips in in my initial grip right here slips in right there it doesn't slow me down at all I'm very fast and able to get right in there with it every single time and it allows my pinky something to latch on to and pull against so that I can came in hard right here got it so anyway that helps me keep the gun real flat and my hands never move and I really like it just feels really comfortable for me so you may hate it and everybody may hate it but works pretty good for me so I hope you were helped guys trained hard but train smart see you

23 thoughts on “How to Grip a Pistol: Tips & Tricks

  1. You seem like a great enthusiastic instructor!
    I would definitely be able to learn from your instruction.
    Light hearted with Accurate training.
    You allow me to be a peacock and fly!

  2. Yes, the how do you say, Goy?
    What ever it is. Fantastic Zion work.

  3. Notice the trigger guard is flat in front. That is so the weak hand index finger can rest there, holding down against the recoil lifting the muzzle. That makes the weak hand thumb forward, as he recommends, AND the index finger also forward, increasing the leverage against recoil.

    This also works well on smaller pistols where the weak hand thumb has to be lower than he shows on his full size pistol, because his thumb would ride against the slide on a compact pistol with that grip. The weak hand thumb has to be lower on a compact.

    Other than that, this is an interesting recommendation. I'll try it.

  4. I broke my left elbow and can't fully straighten it so it feels awkward but I do feel the increase in pressure and it sure helps, but it keeps me from completely straightening my right arm. I've always been a great shot but It drives me crazy I can't run a mag dry on target like these guys

  5. Big fan. But I only have one arm. Would love to see a video of tips for one handed shooting. Especially on keeping the gun steady.

    Also, sometimes it looked like the left thumb was on the slide. Wouldn't that hurt if your thumb isn't placed perfectly?

  6. Makes total sense. Before using this technique, my grouping looked like shotgun bird shot on the target. 🤣
    Thanks brother. Very useful

  7. Love the video but I find this grip hard to maintain while still engaging the rear safety on my Springfield. Any ideas?

  8. Just watched both of the grip videos, and I've been told before "do this, do that" but you are the first to EVER go into the why of it all. This helps so much when I can understand the purpose of gripping and managing the forces and leverage. Thank you, Mr. Lovell.

  9. When I roll my elbows out I can feel the palms my hands peeling off the frame a bit. Is that normal?

  10. Awesome video!
    Can't wait to test this "elbows-out"-thing on the range! I included it in my dry-fire-training – and boy was it a huge difference in leverage and pressure on the gun! My grip got much more firm near the slide while my hands got a little bit more relaxed. It just felt so much more controlable. Without rolling the elbows out it always kinda felt like I was only squeezing the bottom part of the gun.

    Thank you again sir and greetings from germany

  11. Back in the day I learned to wrap my index finger around the front of the trigger guard and use it as a control/leverage point. I've never see anybody doing this. EVERY time I pick up a pistol with a two-handed grip my index finger covers the front of the trigger guard without a thought. My fingers are long which plays into this. My shots are on target for defense, groups are acceptable, and I accomplish my goal(s). The elbow thing is gold.

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