how to grow your story idea

My brain is just jelly. My brain is just non-functioning jelly. Hey you guys, and welcome to my channel. I’m so sorry. My voice sounds really wankadoodle because I am super sick. But I am on my road to recovery. I’m wearing some print pants, and some print socks to make myself feel better. How are you? I hope you’re not sick. And I hope you’re doing really really well. Today we are going to talk about how to grow an ideaaaa. *excited wee trumpets* For me, personally, whenever I get an inkling of an idea the best thing to do is to let it sit or let it stew. This relates really closely to Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea. If you guys haven’t audiobook-ed or read her book Big Magic, which is totally awesome, you totally should. She sees ideas as being able to choose a vessel. A.K.A it’s the stories that choose us, instead of vice versa. I think by adhering to this point of view, when you’re letting the story stew in your head it’s sort of in a way to gauge whether you’re a good match for it. And whether you have the appropriate amount of time, and energy, and motivation, to actually pursue the story. During the stewing process, that’s not to say that you can’t engage with the idea at all. Whenever I get a little bit of quotes that I really like, or something that I see that matches with the story, or I get bits and pieces of the story then I just take note on my phone/on a paper/something where you can keep all your little notes together. And then after, say a couple months, or a couple weeks you can gather all these notes together and make sense of what you’ve got. For people who actually already have a good sense of what the story is about this is where your writing personality starts to kick in. Whether you just, like, pants it through and start writing chunks and chunks and chunks after scene (???) What am I saying? And start writing chunk after chunk after chunk. Or this is where your outlining personality kicks in and you start to note down exactly scene by scene what happens in the story and actually making it grow. If this is not the case, and you still feel like you’re still grappling with all these very random thoughts… I would suggest going two ways. Ey ey ey. To either delve into it, or expand it. When you expand it, it means you’re trying to gather external resources in order to make your story richer. So this essentially means… researching. If you know when your story’s taking place, if it’s in a very particular time period then you can start looking through histories or interesting people who lived during that era. Which is how I got a really good score for one of my scripts and it made me so happy. :’) Or you can start reading things that you find maybe similar or could be beneficial to your story. So, for my NaNoWriMo book, for example that I have not touched since last November SHAME ON ME. I did some research on magical realism. I would definitely recommend this guy, who is THE bomb. Haruki Murakami

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