How to HASHTAG on YouTube. The RIGHT way.

hashtags have been around the internet
since 2007 and our all different kinds of social medias to improve the
discoverability of your content and recently YouTube added an update which
made hashtags way more important on their site in this video we will look at
how you can use them to get discovered on YouTube and to get better SEO hello and welcome to the tea bakes
YouTube channel I’m Yael Fassbender a YouTube expert of the zoo gate YouTube
and I have a question for you are you using hashtags if no you’re
leaving a lot of clicks and potential money on the table therefore we want to
take a look at how to do it right how to use hashtags to get discovered and we
are also going to look at what not to do what to avoid to not get penalized using
hashtags but before we get to this capability let’s first take a look at
how to add hashtags on YouTube hashtags always need to be the hashtag sign
following one word so if you have multiple words that you want to use in
one hashtags write him without spaces in between on your watch page you can add
hashtags to your title above your title and in the video description to add a
hashtag in the title just put a hashtag in the title and it will be clickable
and blue if you want to have those little hashtags above the title which
can be a maximum of 3 hashtags you just put them in your description YouTube
will use the first 3 hashtag they find in your description to put above the
title and then there’s one last type of information you can put above your
headline and that’s the location you can only do that on mobile but if you want
to add a location above your title that’s also possible just be aware that
this location will override those regular 3 hashtags it that you get if
you put them in the description the great thing about these hashtags is that
users can use them to search for related content so if you click at one of these
hashtags or if you click on any hashtag anywhere on the site you will get to a
search searching for this hashtag so this works especially well if you have a
trending topic and you produce a video for this topic if other youtubers are
using a hashtag for this topic and you produce a video and put this hashtag in
your description you will also be findable on this hashtag search page
but this also brings us to one of the big disadvantages of using hashtags if
you put hashtags above your title or in your title and people click on them they
will be taken away from your watch page and maybe watch other people’s videos
and the chances are pretty low that they
will get back to your video so you should use those hashtags with care and
always think about which hashtag to use the best hashtags are usually your
branded hashtags you could create one for your brand or multiple for your
brand then as we’ve discussed trending topics if you can get into a discussion
with your video using one of those hashtags that’s already taking place
that is a great way to use hashtags and also those location edge tags can be
great for discoverability on those specific locations so look at the
trending hashtags in YouTube and either use them as a source for your video or
create similar hashtags so you can create a trend on YouTube if you want to
find those hashtags you can either use YouTube’s also suggest function and just
put a hashtag in there and see what comes up or you could use a service for
this like write text where you can find different hashtags for your social
medias for example for YouTube if you want to get more information on this you
will find a link to the blog post on the – Biggs website down in the description
below one important thing is also to keep in mind how the algorithm works
when you look at those hashtags on YouTube because those hashtag search
websites always look a little bit different to the regular searches you do
on YouTube for most hashtags you get the most relevant videos first but then
shortly after you get the newest videos for this hashtag so it pays to use
hashtags regularly to keep on top of those videos but also for those top most
relevant videos for a specific hashtag YouTube looks at patterns in channels so
it also pays to use hashtags regularly for those generally you can use hashtags
as much and however you want to but there are a couple of rules on YouTube
you want to keep in mind to not get penalized first of all never more than
15 hashtags per video I mean 15 is already way too many hashtags for one
video but if you use more than those 15 they will just be ignored by YouTube
also never use misleading hashtags because this could also be penalized by
the platform and of course keep the community guidelines in mind never use
hate speech sexual language vulgar language I mean this is common sense for
more information on this topic like what to do if you uploaded a video but you
can’t find it under your specific hashtag or how to figure out which views
came from the use of a specific hashtag you should take a look at the blog post
in the description there’s way more information in there then would fit in
this video but before we wrap up this video let’s do our usual executive
summary first of all hashtags can be used in
your title above your title and in your video descriptions hashtags should be
used for the discoverability of your content and the best use of hashtags is
to use branded hashtags to use hashtags that are trending or to use the
locations as your hashtag that’s it for this video if you want to get more
information like this how to grow on YouTube consider subscribing to this
YouTube channel I hope we will see each other in the next video that’s it for me
bye Jan

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