How to level with Poet's Pen to 70 in 3:30 hours – Full speedrun guide

all right anyway let's see how fast we can get to level 70 including all progression merciless and khaddama kill and everything just basically have like a map ready character using poet's pen and frost blades until level 12 with preset gear and everything and hopefully it's gonna be pretty good I don't know no to socket belt yeah I could be like my gear isn't the best but it's pretty alright I could be using like to suck at belt but I don't know it's fine is that double creep oh thanks I filters a little bit awkward there's gonna be a lot of crude oils happening right now but yeah I already want their office we can do this I think like three hours are fine would all like all skill points and everything that's the really tricky part because that stuff ends up taking quite a bit more time than I think most people assume kind of want to fire damage and this because I can't ignite with my own Igarashi without that ice fire which is a big chunk of my damage the same time I don't Dijon I don't know the rink is pretty cool but it's not a higher rank so whatever doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo I like don't have I don't have to adrenaline potions and stuff like that it's kind of tricky sure maybe pick that up too there's a lot of mobs I think if we can get like I don't know how fast we can do act 1 12 minutes they'll be pretty good already I have to make sure that I keep up my shit I have to make sure to keep up my onslaught that's like the biggest challenge bang attention to that stuff okay get to good bounce s roll call and we get to equip the adrenalin flask gimme gimme use up those potions equip the protector and I think we gotta put the decoy totem somewhere – all right so far not bad but up Ulsan Igarashi Opie frost plays she's pretty good I could have like a molten strike single target too but I don't know I kind of expect our totem to kill everything instantly so should work out 13 minutes and 20 seconds for act 1 I mean that's pretty long I think we should be faster than that sorry about those crude boss guys got to live with it he's here I mean it really kicks off at level 12 but it won't be the best ever I think actually the frost blades are faster even at level 12 because yeah the power of onslaught but we'll see maybe it's gonna actually work eclis I don't have to go to town for anything that's the biggest biggest meme thing you have to do the passives I think I'm gonna go for amplify actually I'll go for precision first never mind us might be a huge that and so I pick up the weight point just in case if I need to log good yep wait but this is the right way it should be yeah Wow okay the abyss completely broke the instance nice but I'm only level seven which means that I have to kill a lot and does um like a lot a lot to get level eight and have a fast Brutus then I'm going to bait it so the abyss can be super helpful or super useless in this case it was super useless but it was kind of helpful in the other one if we have enough density in here anyway nice okay this should be enough if it's actually here nice okay gotta fix the rest of my things this goes here this goes here this goes here the pro lift goes bye-bye this goes here exit like I know she no doubt practices in front of this list goes bye-bye this goes here I just realized I forgot my career Ward this goes here bankers I'll actually know if I'm on the right thing plus one tabula we'll help ya whenever it's not that big of a deal I don't need a leave sign because they've got told these other things okay yeah I think that's it good this thing here we're back in it six-man Brutus yeah and eleven Murph Oh is very likely should actually be easily possible now that we can ignite like having fire damage would have been really impactful because like on a ring or something because then we could ignite with the proliferation you know that would help out a lot and then get the Waypoint that's okay a second adrenaline flask would be great too I was right that's hot this goes here and now this this the reason why I leap slam isn't a big deal is because like an adrenaline with what their lust is just so much faster really don't care anything else moving too fast might even be a nine-minute marvel damnit jebaited myself okay everything else we gotta keep I'm like thinking if I'm missing something what I think I'm remembering everything just not having the Career Award equipped earlier it was kind of a big deal sadly I have to pick up this flash because we're not gonna have enough mana cuz like a fire – and stuff I don't know if I have a no no I have the frenzy what was this sure got a way to G beta in that preview since this to have a nine minute Marvel still pretty good one get the Ignite oh nice kind of gutter almost all right yeah you got a hit – your keyboard all right – switch to the poet's pen yeah now the unexpected happens I also most important thing fixed actually also fixed need some real fast so we can do you quip all of this stuff and get rid of this actually I can de clip the tab you'll all together and that I think about it because all I need is this and this plus the on slot so you can just run around without the chess piece way what Oh enough int where's the worms Walt here okay so now I need this and this and then this is our single target this goes here this goes here this goes here this goes here that goes there and I gotta apply my empty X's and then we're good big ball big ball this goes here this goes here did he jump is there let's go I've got to do closer jumps sometimes I end up with no corpses so it's like a big issue until we have the GMP wow that's a actually never happens what the fuck wait is this that I have something wrong nobody swap oh maybe it's because of this is that it yeah okay that's it the order this is the UH nerf being first right yeah okay got it figured out so fast and the only guru would be faster but whatever we'll see how far we can get this declared young right I see my sweet empty ex now it's just a matter of like getting more attack speed for right now because we don't really have a lot the big benefit of this is obviously the fact that we don't have to attack anything doo-doo-doo-doo know titan quest titan course later you guys worry too much there'll be plenty of time for titan quest you can't even see my sweet frogs yo shit gotta use thing because I don't have mana nice yeah the mana is gonna be really awkward for right now like really really awkward I think I'm just gonna pick up a little mental s and then immediately go for MLM gold hood because like this potion only has two charges power siphon is quite costly we've got the exit like thinking I do get conk and everything because I don't have the car I don't have like the gems for level 18 you just kind of awkward rajak thank you very much dude appreciate the support whoa buddy use my single target there with the swap 14 minutes about 14 minutes that's pretty slow five minutes after Merville single back it's good I didn't pick up Riverways waypoint oh my god I was too confused with my setup I know that you got a well I guess it makes sense that it messes up the rotation if like the other weapons in the wrong slot makes sense your trust is the only reward I get that level 16 year light is frenzy level 16 it's so weird in the wrong way Oh big rotation skip still kind of sad about my Riverways mess up okay so we got to get manna like ASAP I didn't think that the manna is gonna be so bad especially since we're like about to start getting attack speed like thinking if I should just use my tabula probably actually like this guy getting boy I think I'm gonna use my tabula cuz the MS doesn't really bother me and this stuff is kind of important that I think about it because this goes here this goes there and then this guy is supposed to give me a controlled destruction and I get an elemental focus another control destruction and this manifest right next okay and now we got a rerun Riverways I should have made a new instance actually doesn't matter damn much kind of matters okay this really matters they didn't think it's gonna beat this bad the way it points like right there dude I run right past it ITP there nope gotta go over here I don't even have a potion y'all oh I should have actually no we couldn't have bought at level 18 anyway it'd have to be 17 only 16 oh god that's sweet Oh clay out my flashers out long there's the PC on my easel in India how do I spawn all these fireballs it's sports been but it's been fireballs come from the port spent that layout is really easy to figure it out I'm like thinking if I want to what exactly do I want to do my skill points whoops I mean I must have tiny tikka I could do them now I could do them later mmm I mean it will help me with the manner a lot like a lot a lot come to me exile oh don't think I'm gonna make it there no this is a very tricky layout because basically you can either roll the all the way around cut down or be top left and top left is the rarest one but it kind of looks like top left if this isn't blocked but it is yeah so rolls around and it's like near the entrance the problem is you have to like check the entire like outer edge otherwise you just have no idea where you are feels bad man it's tough layout to get easiest one would be just directly down they give you God dad we're about to get things go and get the apex I'm gonna get some more XP control distraction you guys need to relax this isn't like the best shot to be doing that I guess alright this goes here this goes here the crit strikes need to continue to love all other control destruction goes here and this elemental focus goes here and our and got a bunch more got a bunch more attack speed we're at like what oh snap I forgot my silver flask whatever it's not that good anyway also I need to get 20 to actually get on site every now and then oh it's been doing dupes so this should be a easy layout unless there's an abyss or something and it's probably not down there which means that it's either top left or middle ah that's very tricky found that was middle yeah I'm having onslaught gem on my frenzy and every now and then the frenzy actually kills and with this attack speed I feel like I I should have a little bit more here in terms of skill points that night must give way to the day okay can I use this I can can I use this I don't get enough points I can do this should've done that earlier oh man I would have got him killed if I did that earlier that's on me all right I think I'm gonna go run my skillpoints ocean down did you get the key and get a little bit more XP Oh quite a bit marks be it's gonna be tough to get this at the right time 24:15 yeah but it like depends on when exactly you want to run your skill points you know a little bit good if I had a waypoint or whatever Rayford always so tricky sleek ends in two weeks isn't it like three weeks here's the Waypoint here's fare graves may the winds baby open this one month in two weeks no no it's definitely now one month in three weeks yeah February 26 is when then second is when the new league starts so in this layout it's always a 50/50 where the crab Oh is Oh God and we've got an essence Peroni I have no way of telling ya up is the rare layout I actually thought that it's gonna be down lacquered Bo think about any star built for the next league nope I'll wait through key for all the information and then I'll start thinking about it maybe always get super lost in this place okay nice that okay good those kind of fast four minutes sir step dweller stay sharp out there actually should have well I don't know if my mana allows me to do this properly ssam birthplace of that Templar a fitting place to treat things right think placed things right now bad just thinking what the hell do I do with this thing I don't want more mana cost it's for sure to camp teepees where the hell do I have ste ste piece from a little bit tricky depends where the sewer is my sewers up here which means that this is left then we hit a wall then we go down from that wall this wall specifically then we just stick to the left side just realize they don't have gems from my light boater setup these four chillin on the manor life in his left fingers that's pretty good it's pretty weird I've never seen a left going lay out okay there's a mess right here expense a lot left going lay out with like a top and transcendent there's a living machine there is your truth heretic spend two level in a new league depends what build I kick things off with be careful resistances resists are good so I guess quick recovery discipline and training and then overload wait when did a painful poops up Thank You painful poop oh that's what I when I said who was okay thanks man gotta find the same thing you down here that's not it this is it oh yeah I keep forgetting about that silver Foskey diamond going to town anytime soon I guess for the skill point this got to get really confused about this layout now because sometimes it's here and sometimes it's not this doesn't good oh that's that's actually I think the best layout you can get it was a nice line nice line okay but yeah – totally fine there's that on the bright side this is kind of unnecessary but everything's lagging now mr. bolt okay good hmm the next projectile speed I get is sniper but that's like not anytime soon so it's kind of an issue and this place is pretty bad his pretty awkward doesn't blame buzzard guys are so hateful you know question give me that how that is juicy that's our time 35 minute bad before my game crashes and I'll forever regret not picking up this way point even went the wrong way dude I guarantee my Cupid game's gonna cry I'm thinking also what I'm gonna do in terms of like my gear later on the body cuz I don't really have anything set up so it might kind of suck can you give me oh look like the dream lay out for a second okay this is really weird layout it's like a dream layout but somehow it goes up I didn't crash great success there good it worries me that were already on 36 minutes down and I'm still in Act three I was expecting like maybe a 40-minute Dominus but guess we're a lot slower than I thought we're gonna be that's a big problem nice good good good clarity is gonna level up and we're gonna be a-okay including Wow well it's primarily while actually anywhere I can see same my it might be a problem yeah the twitch Terms of Service or the Blizzard Terms of Service actually for that matter either one works my 24 I am getting a little bit under leveled here just starting to worry me because we're gonna need to be level 30 entering mines is this what I think it is yep perfect it's gonna help out a lot I think I'm just moving too fast through mobs often times my balls don't get the chance to travel to them get it get it get it get it and so I take my first stairs in your life – wait a minute you need this colossal flask I'm pretty sure I'm going the wrong way over here lucky was that at this point would have been a massive dead end but I think this is actually a pretty good layout except I need levels I mean I'm 25 I'm not under leveled yet it's just kind of gonna be awkward yeah this was a very short little iris just kinda I gotta get awkward because I'm probably gonna have to get a level and dried Lake just never optimal that's just never optimal your conviction drives you hand but have you thought what it might drive others to do damn you shut a bad thing do you think free-spool sternums is good first post items are great do bother you or come to me oh yeah I just realized we never find what Grigor goals and the in the story now gosh to isn't good record I know he like goes into the sewers and then we never see him again right oh shit wait what did I do why did I do this oh my goodness I'm an idiot I'm just so used to this layout like going up and left most of the time before the waypoint that I just went to the left I don't know why oh I know I just explain the way I just don't know why I didn't think about it I didn't think about my actions he's Daughtry yeah he's like I'm gonna I'm gonna go get that fatty and I'm soon burst and then I don't see unless there's like a piece of Lord that I missed whoops I my bad this sounds really bad for me I just realize those targeting that one guy completely wrong way I mean the story isn't finished I guess it makes sense I suppose it's just interesting oh damn doc I am so low level I mean this is like dried lake farming type of level if I hit like half a level we'll be fine it's kind of weird for a speedrun oh I'm not that far behind I'm like four minutes behind what I kind of anticipated exile has tested you my brother it's something that heritage have you ever seen the true face of God next time by E with world lay bitch no way to put this for leveling shit he's gone too fast by exiling me was the sellout in the game I have no idea this video games may these Watchers wash away my sins and baptize me anew that's what I was thinking too I'm not gonna be killing the blue mobs yeah okay under control okay never mind still teasing King it's cool that the balls don't disappear or twenty eighths I kind of okay baptize me on you kind of okay I am sorry god we must learn not to abuse your creations a Dakota encounters a spell for instruments of virtual probably right they're leveled got a goat your lab you are free now for going god yeah this is where my damage sort of falls off this is where my damage sort of falls off I don't know if I've got enough dexterity to let's go I guess you don't really get that much XP from the lab anymore huh now that it's so short I suppose not a little bit it's gonna be rough to keep up with levels I mean it's only really this is what I think it is oh it's not what I think it is at all alpha claim your inheritance I'm like killing him okay the chilling dude actually I could just kill you I'm just gonna kill him I'd call days Akhil Bishop I'll just kill the other dude in the other face it's fine you can see do I need to run this build on marklar I don't know I'm like 120 KS I think put Spencer more expensive now I was buying them they were like 60 but now it seems like more people are playing them what the hell is this layout this can't be the right way oh shit it's right up there I missed it is this the dark shrine I goofed up a gift do the big goof geez this is a bigger goof up than I thought neck's yeah I don't know anything consular prices and rust strikes without hesitation the Emperor of beckons and the world attendance oh oh nice actually I can totally do this I don't care about no ads now way too much damage to worry about you ads you're dead go away go away goods -24 you each on soft car we got the level 30 delivered to this task I will prevail you can see shit as if seeing things wasn't already bad enough dude what is this freaking cancerous normal lab I went the wrong way again guess I'm playing this built or trust me just just give it give it like an hour longer and you're gonna see way cooler things there's every streamer hate lab so much what makes you think that I hate lab I don't hate lab just straight to get through this shit as fast as possible something like my favorite thing on the planet but it's mystery meat just gets really tedious trap get uncoil tea delight in your gilded ascendant I got to treasure tzo ah – mother I don't care about it yet go pants open it up with whatever yeah that's exactly what I wanted now I think what we're gonna do is switch so this stuff up one life potion is better than two everybody knows that duty duty duty party of travels but a fear of judgment that's also really short I mean I'm appropriately leveled it's just corruption eats away at the roots of this mountain I think we got the good layout it should be right here shit you bait it and I know what's up with this layout then it should have been there but it's not oh it's actually a heading down layout wow really let's put up a teepee just okay I see it okay something broke this layout cuz this passage should have been down the middle whatever I guess it didn't cost me more time anyway so EEP EEP EEP probably gonna run out of dexterity sometime in the near future oh no well you can get more attacks per seconds and I can go into a very lengthy explanation of why increasing your attacks per second is a bad idea why no matter what you do it's usually a bad idea and too unless you're like extremely close to the Texas server that's a little bit different it's still pretty rough where I can't even use this I can't use it it's too laggy breaks my animations who did dad lands favorite which Prime dude appreciate your support man thank you very much so I was kind of hoping that I'm gonna go for big boy skips here but we don't have enough experience here holy should that spawn so we have a granite flask oh wow okay I wouldn't want to skip this no matter what I'm holy crap so many bluebacks that's usually not the case maybe the only layouts the only pit just layout should be maybe up tomorrow I don't know I do the pits so fast yeah that is the only maybe give me give me the blue back y'all so for big-big skip for the big big skip come on give me the river 10% chance let's go it's gonna happen I don't know why I picked up annihilation don't worry about it come on big river skip I can feel it I can sense it nope never mind that 32 technically we're okay too many things to level I'm not even gonna go for any skip get the X piece did you do well I do have a lot of I'd let a lot of gear prepared so don't worry about it that it takes you an hour to complete acts one well actually an hour for act one is pretty bad no matter how you look at it with prep you would like some leveling gear 20 minutes is like okay Chris SF and you're really good then 20 minutes is pretty good but yeah an hour fracked one is not so good I remember what my last flask was the diamond flask that much then it's starting to fall off getting a little bit scary Josh MP or Josh EMP like you did appreciate the twitch primer man thank you dude 34 okay we're fine for the rest of this act we got a get some on the way you fight reminds me of how it feels to be a keyboardist nothing there's dexterity get that I only move with cyclone this is not creation this is pollution yeah yeah this is perversion this sound files just braid there or are my headphones cutting off he's like quiet and loud and quiet and loud again I'm like thinking what exactly I want to do here because I got to make sure that I'm level 44 innocence that's pretty that's gonna be pretty tough 42 for Kotova somewhat feasible stop but the other stuff my first build was ice spear totem nice that used to be the shit man there's no way we're gonna be 35 for Malachi I'm not I'm not killing enough got a hit 38 then we're gonna have an extra ball spawning every time because we're gonna have enough corpses and then we're gonna be chillin two balls spawning is just not enough yo inexperienced instability or grande importante maybe could have gotten her I may have misjudged that god of yours yeah yeah yeah let's go I'm prayin adieu on the thing on the mountain I'm probably gonna do like a circular run cuz I don't know if that zone is 40 or 41 I think it's 40 same as the harvest I could be wrong and then we've got a six level difference that's pretty big what's my attack speed all my attacks be is 428 that's why it keeps breaking shit we've got too much attack speed you guys suppose it's because of the onslaught my so yeah way too much when I lost yeah 393 that should be still okay I was wondering what my animation keeps breaking you were imprisoned by your own vanity chevron I mean I have a setup this is kind of better for now we're gonna be getting too much attack speed soon I made you creepy weirdo you can actually get a shred of you bad apple juice thank you very much for your time dude appreciate the three months you slam and hold me I don't have an I'm Jim Pisa just realized come on dude what is he doing stop queuing up a taxi dad nightmare is the true life I'm so in love with death let's do this let's do this let's get a juvie let's get a golem all hopes with you just to be safe is that a regal orb I'm just making a circle because I need some XP and with this zone is level 40 so that's very good very good I'll do ice level dexterity I don't really get it but I kind of like it I'm so fast that I've got sucks this is scared of Beckham animations this place sucks open up first character couldn't get bass cruel my first character was a fireball CI avoiding life notes level 22 which at which point I quit it's because I realized that that's not how the game works it didn't have multiple fireball character is down I really liked fireball see I had 22 dude I was CIA at 12 I was literally dodging life notes granted this was like five years ago where see I was super meta and I was watching crip and I thought CI is the only way to play the game and the idea of like energy shield was really cool too cuz it used to be like the rich man's thing you know you uh you had a lot of guap and you went ci but mere mortals wouldn't do it so it was like okay I'm not a fuckin plebeian I can do whatever I want and then I did and then it's sent down that's the story of my life vol ARB or no eyes of zero sadly I mean I play the ever living crap out of Pew II so I don't really mind that that blinds by yeah oh you did Ark instead of fireball mainstream fireball was the way to do things Marc come on dawg okay rubberband come on down level 28 yo so I can get the massive amounts of balls in packs a lot of proximity guys down that blue pack don't even know that there was a blue pack there was very always a blue bag they judge i cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha my character is totally freaking out this this this right GMP GMP GP oh I know what I need this gym before all right we should be popping off now I need that GMP for my life poacher time to double up on the balls my dudes you heard me double the balls double the fun also just about to switch the crib to just fuck it why not kind of oh no is there bookshelf I'm barely than a hit 39 for innocence it's no good I guess as long as I'm 40 on Catawba then I guess we're chillin you swear to God first thing you're gonna do is up to me oh my lord let's go man thanks it's the thought that counts also your twitch bang – which frame fence a lot to remember do that every 30 days gaming gaming 116 damn this is so much slower than I thought it's gonna be you guys what I dropped like a cow syrup I think I've underestimated the amount of experiment here oh shit this place is huge and if I went the wrong way or what the fuck I think this is the old layout that's what it is get out of here ugly then almost get 40 awesome I see so quiet you guys can pray it not even here he's talking I always wonder how much damage that does I know and knowledge is power talking shit homie Sheila creepers fish wonder came out some unmarried that shit but exulted orbs and mirrors work very differently back then Oh bookshelf lucky acceleration I can't use that I don't want the proximity mobs anymore yo oops you there let me bend your ear for a minute I think I should be able to get 42 for Catawba they'll be the best would be the best and it's a lot easier for me to actually kill things now they have enough balls feel like I can kill rare mobs even I already know if going crit is the smarter thing to do right now I guess should wait I should wait don't they have like new Ringo's or something yeah Oh strengths huh strike this what I need objects make sense doodle Dex this this goes here this goes here and now I need strength yeah laughter wait you're gonna go here don't they have this is the 42 you okay we're good put yourself in replay PID this season oh you really – GG some change there's no contest viewing what happened oh yeah if you have no idea what light it's like you know what valve ol fireball is that's light poacher except it's just a helmet literally my cell the helmet from my eq character no okay want to sell a helmet that I'm music it's like full fireball and I'm a helmet it's like the most broken thing ever and then they buffed it essentially it's a helmet that clears anything the game I'll be using it on this build if you come back and like 40 minutes then I'm gonna be using it I'm not getting enough XP maybe it will happen there's no fucking way I'm gonna get enough experience we don't know if they buffed it but they added a lot of scalability for and either way keeping the helmet in the game in any shape or form is like the dumbest thing you can do yeah pretty much they didn't I don't think they realized that they possibly made it stronger because like before basically the only downside was that obviously it having like peers made it a little bit inconsistent but now that you can chain that it's like if your boots got enough damage then yeah see you later alligator or was something like that an exile return for freedom for freedom maybe I'll have enough with this I know if I should pick up deep thoughts or not not right now right – two – if you don't like it just don't use it sure I'll use it and you don't use it and we'll see who has more fun right – two – two dollars what's a stop drawing mercenary oh my god it's gonna be enough this is never gonna be enough it was not enough mulberry nose here give me a blue back or something shit or an abyss nicely timed abyss I don't know what to do with these good ones should be dangled your logic is you can't seriously believe what's coming out of your mouth right like you can't be serious I'll just assume that and give you the benefit of doubt and you'd be come on give me alone – due to tooth the flame of her my flicker but it cannot be extinguished I stick around for a little bit more and you'll have a very good idea of how good it is this is a non projectile built and I will be using it and you will see what it will do to my built and then come back and tell me just don't use it well there's no option but to use it that's the problem especially with how available and cheap it is and how it's even without that its own effect it's like basically something you want to use on everything because of how powerful of this gems are I guess tanki they're Naver nerfing it to the ground no it's prison are still decent yeah it's pretty good I'm using it on this or ass well you should actually I mean unless you want to use a baron that I had to pick up a strength node man attack the right sing – doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo yeah the item is ridiculously common again you're gonna you're gonna like just just wait a little bit longer and you're gonna have a very bright the what the conversation is about once you've witnessed it it's pretty dramatic all these mercenaries still here go away mercenary goes back to like baked chicken channel or something do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do da da de I'm a charge in my attack well you me give me more that this is also kind of tricky to run for this the no idea where I am oh gosh I am genuinely I know wait is this just a massive that I'm no way can that even happen here well shit apparently huh never seen that before Pierce's frenzy will be body swap for the furnace target link Pierce with frenzy no the body swap is a corpse that has played a place in the ground unearth his ground targeted so it doesn't fly through things doesn't stop on the first target that it hits it stops where it lands where you pointed it to I mean then the if it was something otherwise then the build really wouldn't work it's like caustic arrow it's the same principle even wanna Bissell soccer my poachers are peeing I mean it has resistances it heals you and it gives you an abyssal chachaka head which is typically a equivalent of about seven or eight skill points on the tree like yeah it's it's pretty wafer you know usually when you're making a decision on like hmm should the item that I'm going to use have life well if I'm gonna use it and it gives me life it's gonna be about 300 life right which is about three notes equivalent for any character over level 85 well that makes sense wrong it does it because it could equip light poacher and have eight points of worth instead it's like and heal and massive amounts of AoE and resistances oh can I skip it oh wow I never skipped that animation before Wow stay sharp I'll try dude mmm it seems like it's all in one yeah but that's like again just reading it without like understanding the ability is not enough you'll see the ability soon it's like it's 53 right I'm 44 I'll be there very soon one hour and 37 minutes huh this is gonna be hard to do in three hours you guys it's gonna be hard to do full progression is the tough part who's the tough part it's really it doesn't seem like a lot but killing all those little guys except for a lot of time versus or just cruel lab Marcellus and pearl yeah like how we still call it that and having level 70 Elsa by the way that I'm doing I don't know if you were here for that but it's also at level 70 I mean the level 70 shouldn't be that hard should take me like maybe 15 minutes of farming and most third lap yeah I call it merciless lap all the time too seven plenty more time to go them oh shit there's an abyss here cerebus don'ts don't screw me more more more please link your profile exclamation my profile the chat suppose pen build yes speaker our and Harper with life poacher I don't know like in the wrong way probably like 350ml I must have tightened together my jaw is it truth is like my attack speeds a little bit goofed up that's the big problem like also I'm trying not to get underleveled so that should help out a lot also sounds like this helped out a lot zones with the crawly things the jump off of their faces they actually give a lotta XP and most people don't kill them unless you actually freeze so it's pretty good XP my understanding now that's a pretty recent change actually my computer right now is very bad as well and I'm constantly struggling with like Bing or FPS and this bill isn't particularly laggy surprisingly enough it really isn't no the new computer parts are here I just have to put it together everything scared now just got to sit down and put the computer together like the thing is I thought that I'm gonna be playing POV but obviously we're in a little bit of a situation and so I so I got to put the computer together so we can play selfie I love the way the balls just like slip down the in the pyramid the hell displaces oh no debate it I thought those mobs give XP or spawned like in sequence but I guess they continuously spawn depending on how long you take to travel with the thing case did you get I don't know some fractal case I can't remember okay this place is pretty scary you have to make sure that my granite is up at all times otherwise I'm gonna have a bad time also I always get lost in here so I don't know this might be a little bit awkward – oh thank you it already went the wrong way I never expects be right first part is if I'm actually going the opposite direction she found it so strong wait I forgot the curse in the head oh yeah I can use a belly of the beast now to nice try buddy to to to to to to to to to do I must have tied together my will do you think poet's pen will still be in the game next league yeah of course wouldn't it be made that one I can see so much right now I have never seen so much in my life nothing's wrong with poets Ben I mean it's a pretty ridiculous item it's a pretty ridiculous item doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo it's like it's one of those items that I dislike just for the sheer ridiculousness of it you're fucking teleporting around and like I can be wrong it's pretty fun honestly but like somebody who's new to be F of XO tuning into this right now come on that's all at least a little bit embarrassing for GG right it's like this is your game really I ran around with a hammer and then it turns into literal Dragon Ball Z it's up here do you think for real it's for real why do you think haven't streamed yesterday despite the fact that I've played I've been targeted dude I'm getting harassed here I mean all things considered it's not looking dat bad it could be that blizzard it's just gonna go yeah you're fine likeliness of that is isn't dak high but it could happen for now I'm playing my summoner necro which by the way is pretty bullshit green dude cuz is it intended that none of the some the necro mages do any damage except the poison ones cuz like literally they don't do any damage and the poison ones just one shot everything I mean everyone is shame because there's never done shit I wonder not either less apparently I don't know what to tell ya I'm playing holy boat pala now I'm playing the I figured since I'm not streaming I'll play the thing that I would like to play the most another thing that you would guys would like I would have played holy ball pala if I if I was streaming but if I'm not streaming then I'm gonna just play the elemental summoner you're scared than anything again it's not about scared about getting messaged though advertising a thing that isn't supposed to be taking place in twitch I even talked to Hasan I basically have like greenlight for twitch but Blizzard has to give it a green light to otherwise they will be shutting it down and by shutting it down I mean diem seeing my channel therefore deleting it out of existence and ruining my life so I gotta wait for the response I don't know I guess the sizes of it maybe he just got too big maybe my channel got too big I have no idea what the hell triggered anybody to message me about this but is what it is which I can do about it it's pretty angry yesterday about the entire situation just sitting there watching eat up play and just getting pissed off but it was fun to play with my neck or did so there's that hello great dreamer can you DMCA a channel it's just how twitch works when you get the MC aid by anybody it just takes down your whole channel you're just get deleted out of existence I don't exactly know why it's not like a three-strike thing or I stop doing that thing or anything really but it is what it is and gets super escorted out of the building and who knows you know with the changes with the tos they gave me a green light now but who knows saw like twitch is going to defend me if Blizzard goes directly to them alright they're gonna be like yo this guy's doing something naughty they literally have like a delete out of existence button for guys like me I must have time to gather my will all things considered the entire situation is quite frustrating you know since other people are doing it I feel like I've been treated quite unfairly recently you know can't play gotcha everybody else is playing gotcha can't say this everybody is saying this and fucking stream that everybody else is streaming it I don't know but it seems like somebody's got a real fuckin hard-on for me somewhere and he's just trying to because as much trouble as possible or it's a sequence of just bad luck it's illegal or something to false DMCA well yeah of course it's illegal to full stamps DMCA what does that have to do with Blizzard the the emceeing someone you have old the rights to their intellectual property the only reason why twitch doesn't take down these channels is because they don't care enough to do it it's in the rules for the other places – due to lack about the end of offers yeah exactly there's plenty of people who have streamed Australia's I mean rocks for instance rocks stream the Strout in the Stratus for like six months or sub fish with no issues but people like sodapoppin couldn't do it here's what it is yo I said look for the three months been Buster my man Buster hi man what are you talking about highwayman or it's a joke that I'm missing either way let's just get back into playing video games don't remind me of that shake cuz again it's it's really frustrating I've already have enough of oh dude everybody I'm just wearing field you where's your pinky stream like trust me doc I I'm having enough fun already as it is okay dude what is pob spring you promised to do dad you promised to do this you promised me rice no promise BAE to do to do I trusted you you were like a father to me another you're not streaming beauty fuck you and your family I'm gonna get you that's what somebody from Torchwood say that's not me saying it which please no bannerino in the Frappuccino no bannerino gamer strategy no no bannerino in the Frappuccino they get a new mic why we'll be ordering only uh audio technica at2020 but not a hundred percent yeah you now I'll give you that information you were my brother and I hate sand I know wait wait did I go there shit different passive point god bless you on this Oh soon light poacher action is coming Louisa survives the culling on the 19th why the stance is their friend it's really not from what I understood they've actually DMC ate plenty of people over Diablo 2 from what the high up sat wit chef told me so I don't know I don't know what to tell ya I don't think it should be that way I think you know the email that I responded with is pretty straightforward this is simply something that people are doing for the love of their game but you know this trial use bled the same way except with wow again I understand because it's obviously still making money and also it's not like any of those servers are like you literally pirate the game by playing on a private server for a while while with d2 you know everybody promotes to get a copy yeah mr. Lama is basically on the same boat I don't know if they message them about it we'll see maybe things will unfold hey at least we're going to have a definitive you know can I do this or can I not do this and won't have to lose our minds over it this is the right way no this is not the way fuck its the shitty layout oh god it's the really shitty layout oh no wait so that's kind of the way actually yeah it's just over here and then go all the way to see the Waypoint is it oh my god it's like in the middle but how the fuck do I get there god I hate this new layout well fucking moron thought this was a good idea come on Gigi what could you just leave it like it was before it made sense no none of this makes sense I have no idea where this is this is way too close to the entrance is it this inner thing is it that one do I go top left do I hit the wall here sometimes it's like half the size sometimes it's three times the size I swear to god this is like the new the new old solaris temple man you just have no fucking idea and then yeah if a master spawns like triples the size of this place I have no clue Jesus okay it's inside of that how do I get in there this is here yeah this place is the literal devil Dex all maps should be this way yeah I mean maybe there's like a towel or something but I haven't been able to figure it out then again I haven't put any effort to try to figure it out so maybe Mangal stream well you stop right now if I'm gonna die if I don't die then I'll pray finish the run and what I'm going to do after that I have no idea and past my bedtime already whoops exactly now this should probably take about an hour and actually I don't know an hour and 20 minutes something like that it's kind of hard to tell I mean it's not that it's like a matter of principle you think Blizzard genuinely gives a shit about a couple bucks of course they don't care actually Boozer is one of the more human developers out there it's not a matter of money it's a matter of principle it's like if I allow one of you guys to say the n-word in the chat you know Pepa thick that's not okay well actually that's a pretty bad comparison I don't know what to compare it with because it's not about being equal specifically it's more about like where is the gray light you know oh dude wait could I do you think I could have jumped there it's right to tell I don't think I could have reached then Yuva crossed my mind that I can teleport that far yo Lisa thanks for the house you shoot the cat attack what up everybody I am doing a somewhat of a speedrun with bullets been it's it's brewed some interesting results so far so response here right nice one bad phantom good try funny doo-doo-doo-doo like if anything financially I think it's definitely a good thing for Blizzard to allow like if all they cared about money it would be a much better thing if Blizzard allowed private servers because that's really where the d2 community lives now you know again I feel like it has to do with principle first time here mr. streamer can you explain what you do I do the peepee and the BS and therefore I do the Zoom Zoom and the broom rock nazca BD in credit some point yeah of course not quite yet but the brink of coding crap pretty when I start picking up doom cast oh yeah I could do cruel lab to Louisville on my 51 yeah I think I'm gonna do cruel lab after Dadri doe daddy no wait I might need that what was the name of this shitty music I was gonna make a mom joke but then I'd have to say that it's a joke goddamnit twitch I'm terrified for my safety twitch I'm not a bad guy I just like to be sarcastic don't bannerino my Frappuccino I drink the cappuccino everyday right this can't be the right way can it shit do it I must have tightened it down okay this is really scary Thanks this boss what's she taking so little damage goddamnit price should be critical that guy my god dude come on yeah I think for a single target we should be crit oh my man is gonna do too I don't know I'd be I'd be pretty pissed off if somebody was using my stuff and I couldn't do anything about it either so it's not like a DMCA any content that somebody else releases of mine but like you know I have the possibility and if I felt like it I'd like to keep that possibility so it's like people complain about stuff like DMCA and shit like that if it just doesn't suit their agenda at the time but then they don't take into account the other thing I think altogether obviously it's a great thing you know the same way for twitch changing the rules it's just scary scary scary stuff I'm sick sockets y'all zombie man Logan's gonna take you down personally Logan doesn't work at twitch anymore release my toll man whoa I was gonna say bye idiot and I just started killing me what okay the wrong way as always in the sound well nice on fifty three time to become the goat just get it away point I must have tied into God on my will this feel like this cables too long at this point oh shit [Laughter] here are ways to buy this old mine my polite poachers messed up dog Jenny will journey well do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do fuck deed I don't even have this much chaos actually do i I don't think I've got any gas left I've only got exalted herbs what do what the fuck oh wait what I've never seen that alright then Ron hmm all right deal you go away like to gas here maybe I have some in my understand I don't think so that's really messed up my game anybody got a good light poacher for an exalted art I'll give you a deal I must just make it quick I said I don't even know well I started like 50 there's no way a good life poachers 50 did you do I goofed up stay sharp out there they take on the blame I don't think I have ever think ass goddamnit did my bad that's an awful one lose this guy if you were to sell it when you keep post this I didn't see this before 19 hours ago quick light boat your trade-in here sure go go wait oh this guy okay never mind don't need the exalted one like me this guy mispriced his life poacher try okay I'm fixing it I'm fixing it I'm fixing everything before I run out of crumbs fuck it's the wrong colors oh my god are you serious Jesus Christ save Rohit wait let's just use few things it's gonna be quicker my god my few things at my lifeboat refused many don't know that but it actually works way better no dude this isn't that hard of a color there you go all right back in it I only have two sockets but it won't matter that much this the spirit honks with you hmm I don't know if I want the crit strikes I guess let's use a fist to lightning fuck it should be enough anyway all right I goofed up that's good enough it's 18 percent not that great but this level sixties when we're gonna have more jewels until down we're gonna kind of suck a little bit to pass those on you can get off Thanks unless the reign of chaos on the ground know everything about that everything Bahrain of chaos right get the skill points think I have not this one this one I got halite poacher son that hope you would only two charges but it's okey enough I'm like getting really laggy here you need this am I getting so fucking laggy if PS is like really bad open this court weighed the disk routes closed what is that is that this card keep dropping like a really low where the fuck am i lagging like this stop it I must have time together much better single target like this no go away going to run with speed here easy lag I wasn't liking our there I think my chrome overloaded or something it's way better now go with God yeah I didn't actually think about they only have two jewels it's really not that great I mean it will be enough for the most part I would like to have more zoomed in I live all my 54 hmm should be okay I'll be better if I had like four three at the memo minimum this might still work that's the works you can telex people when you start using outs when your map you start using outs what did you post your question twice and I feel like it basically it I mean I wish it was more complex but when I feel like I need the maps I need more maps oh yeah I can use the winds have changed too that's another thing get another jewel they'll be sweet the levels are gonna come and quick don't know how long I should keep this keep this farm up 65 baby maybe 65 it's the favorite animal Oh too many to name you know quite the weeb struggle the maps in a new league and I was looking for some philosophy I mean it really depends a lot on your build and if you're playing SSF and whatnot I don't think you struggle with maps either you just think you struggle with maps but maps are just hard to come by at the moment in POA it's hard to get maps just like watching my gems right now and my XP bar watching the XP bar is the most fun ever it's not about having enough damage to meld bosses it's about the level that I need to get is level 78 it's level 70 full progression with everything done I can't believe this works so well would have just two jewels 18 lifeboat rare I'm still being under level to zone pretty good but yeah we won't have enough time I don't know we're gonna be done with this place around like 40 so we're gonna have 20 minutes finish this act next act my balls are too stupid yeah it's not enough time for anything anything light boat your nurse are fine I mean if you want to keep your game and balance and they're fine yeah it's a matter of philosophy really because some people don't mind like overpowered shit like this in the game you know you seriously don't mind it some people are like some people like the steer serie of like if everything's broken then nothing's broken some people like the idea of like if you have if like everything's broken you've got ridiculous items in the game then it increases the increases build diversity because everything's more powerful across line type of thing so that's more a matter of philosophy if anything I don't like it I like the game to be hard I don't think what I'm doing right now makes the game particularly hard the reason why I need level 60 by the way is because I've got like many gems at level 60 and that means that I'm gonna have five charges on my light voucher at the maximum so I should be able to proc it much more frequently go already pretty much have it constantly up but this will be like to be 200% sure that it's always up you know because it's it's fun as fuck bisko's isn't fun at all but still opie rather tackle that I think bisko's is severely overrated the problem bisko's is that so many people who are casual at this game have an opinion about it like literally 99% of the people who are giving their opinion on bisko's will never be able to pay back the item itself like ever but I understand that in softcore obviously none of these items are ever leaving the economy right honest like somebody stops playing so you can always sell the item once you're done using it but who really sells their Bisco once they're done using it unless they want to like put their bill together I don't know I find bisko's to be severely overrated and I do agree yeah I don't think it's a particularly fun item come on you need this level the mobos at huh 98 bisko's in a sea lastly I made 50 extra still I don't think it's that good you made 50 X with it how did how do you think you made 60 X with it or 50 X so can I butcher for your attack bullets I never use the particular image for support can I use onslaught for utility what supports can I use for onslaught yeah it's in your build right now we always have plenty of charges never run out of charges cutie that's a lot more consistent I mean 50 explained 12 hours a day for entire week it wasn't bisko's dropping them my hideout I mean you think if you didn't have the bisko's then you would have made zero items because you said that you made 50 X so I think every single drop came from the bisko's or what do you be and like that XP bar I know all right looking at the XP bar is really like hypnotizing it's really really get mad icing doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo yeah disgust is much less of a problem on hardcore but I understand that most people play softcore so it's like maybe I shouldn't have an opinion on the subject actually since in our economy items actually leave the thing and I suppose at this point considering how many more software players there are versus hardcore players it's like the game should be balanced around softcore I don't know but Scott just got this like really amazing rap you know that it's this like huge chase item and shit and I just don't believe it oh yeah way I should get the other life poacher – wait what was that that it's an ex misheard the sound my drops come from walking deaf so by the way nice ditch viscose is fun I mean isn't viscose like not even that much quantity isn't it like 17 or something percent 17 or 19 there's a couple items that can give you a similar effect and people just ignore them I don't know those items are in the million exalted orbs you know I'm more inclined to believe someone who has and used an item as opposed to someone who hasn't and doesn't accept I've had many viscose and I've used it in many leaks doesn't take into consideration pensa sextant maps would double the number of white monsters I mean it's a percentage what do you mean quantity and a percentage will work the same against other quantity in a percentage it's the same thing sexton's enable bisko's now all sextants make you get more experience and sextants make it so that if you have percent quantity increases there will be a percentage higher increase in drops versus the person who doesn't what do you mean it enables it the same thing it's just the more shit the more effective the percentage is in comparison to the person that doesn't happen right no you haven't of course I have in whatever league the bull fireball that I played in and the league where I played the Costa Cairo – and I used it unlike to other characters but the Valle fireball was like 96 and the caustic I was like 98 again don't get me wrong like I think it's a good item but it's not like this insane bill everything must-have item that people like to give it credit for you I can guarantee you than for a lot of people's characters I could take a look at their character and within five minutes figure out how to increase their clear speed to the point by half the price of a bisko's to the point where they would clear faster sure they wouldn't have more quantity which is a thing in itself but they would clear faster therefore getting more exp and on top of it because they're clearing faster you're dropping more things the reason why quantity is kind of stupid and it this doesn't come from just bisko's but quantity in general is because you know maps have a limited amount of shit in them a sex tents have a limited limited amount of shit and these things cost so you want the most out of your map without having to roll the next map which costs you money or put in more Sexton so it also costs you money my good old clear speed is also a pretty good way of getting more currency this goes good shit for shit like one dripper and my Flickr etc for the rest why bother what do you mean it's most effective for the old arrests it's like a single item that just gives you a lawn you know but for builds that stack things well I guess for people that stack quantity is everything it's kind of like rarity you know priorities like that because it's got such high diminishing returns at least so it seems it's a single item giving you a lot of variety can be super or worth the time like even having 80 or 100 rarity goes incredibly long way and POA I'm farming slower than I thought well IMO you either go full of meth for no MF that's the worst thing you can do well the worst thing you can do is going no MF having 80 or 100 MF is at least for hardcore by far the best thing to do I wouldn't know about softcore like full MF mapping I wouldn't know about that but for hardcore the best thing you can do is get like 80 or 100 MF that doesn't really decrease the survivability or clear speed of your character and it just helps out of a lot it's it's incredibly effective it's super noticeable like for instance in solo cell found it's basically like unless you've got everything fully sextant blocked and like some sexton's on the side it's basically impossible to it's basically impossible to sustain Alchemy's on maps if you're like pushing ladder you know if you're racing it's gonna be really really really hard however even with just a little bit of magic find it goes such a long way like me getting I wasn't able to sustain my Alchemy's at all all the way to like 95 but then I got 30% magic find unlike a ring or something and I could sustain Alchemy's at that point because I was dropping more unique items and because of that I could sell them for alchemy shards and sustain myokines now and it went a really freakin long way and obviously it's not just that amount of alchemy is that you're dropping more because on a normal league that doesn't matter people rarely even sell like unique items for Alchemy's but you're obviously dropping good unique items too it's very much noticeable it's hundred an F 20 quantity eighty rarity no eighty hundred a Memphis hundred men quantity is a whole different story quantities of VAP my opinion viscose is a really precious purpose optimizing currency such divination cards farming with Sexton blocking MF stacking etc yeah I mean yeah I think the problem isn't even bisko's honestly because again many people could increase their clear speed or increase their quantity throughout their means that would be just cheaper than a the Nabisco's the problem is with one thing I think one today is just too stupid in this game like it's just so powerful you know it's always been I mean some people might not remember this but there used to be a quantity gem and it was essentially mandatory on every build so it got removed referring to as MF magic fine well I get okay I guess I say I'm f like in any other game but in POV it's increased rarity and I guess that could be confusing sorry most were thinking of like the Diablo style magic fine type of thing hmm I'm probably gonna have to do more runs anyway so might as well get the optimal XP and just due to my rents quantity is pretty Opie if you consider underthings but yeah I mean also yeah I can agree with like it boiling down to sexton's to a certain extent I mean fuck's activist excellence in general that's like an entire different subject I would love to see sex tense in a completely different way or gone entirely sure I wouldn't like to see them gone I would like to see a good way of doing sextants condensity yo before alright time to move on you there let's go whoop give me some life fool we can continue it's almost 9:00 already I love jumping in the middle of those mobs and my light poacher's is popping off like in the middle of a rare mob or something it's a weird that there's no call I have to get the other poacher keep forgetting oh so don't remember my skill points tell myself to start learning when you start grow lab please redeem me to start learning what oh yeah speaking of cruel lab I should probably do that now that I'm crit should have done that a while ago it's not like it matters instead of single target for me anyway single targets useful oh you mean the okay I get it now we're supposed to leave then I'm never doing crew laughs mother fucka there is no crew lab in this game anymore you're trying to go too far we're doing cool what is that not a bad single target now whoops double whoops evil rise what an idea I just want you twitch prime dude oh I can use this – yeah let's use it thing is pretty good sure you gotta keep that oh yeah I'm supposed to this was getting kind of annoying as this – max mana is a little bit frustrating anyway uh also suppose I can do that thirty-two wait that's not the one is it this is the one that's kind of shitty Dutch prime isn't real money I agree use it subscribe button see if it's available yikes yeah I think I'm not gonna hit level 70 like this got 30 minutes to do everything that's like maybe feasible I should really go the crow lap down overleveled I should have done it when I was like 60 I must have tightened together my will I'm sorry I'm even know if my other gloves should be able to use them little bit decent key not too much dough just enough which for the top it's close I think there's a bullet out chasing me but I'm not not exactly sure okay so I could get another frenzied charge or I could go actually no let's just dig this the three key life I'm thinking how far is I won't have down much more life or merciless slab I'd like to have like three points three or something mmm some discord sub discord what's happening and the sub-sub discord thing is pretty cool it's a good way to debate you guys keeping yourself then survive to join what Oh now I'll get it like properly set up and everything I don't know without merciless lab I think I can do 3:30 while doing where's the slab that's kind of tough but I'm gonna look for forever and find a sword no where's the sword y'all hear this give me team came together gimme gimme by now and ho thanks dude appreciate ya wait when did Camino sup how did I miss that god damn it I've been so bad Camino thanks so much for the subdued I appreciate the support and nl also thanks for the sub appreciate you dudes put those emotes to good use oh just balls gave you a sub that's what's up thanks boss I really shouldn't have like left after the blood aqueduct should have just done the lab oh shit I forgot the TP as always the Waypoint I always forget it it was go rekt would be the first time Clavel raid mm I think that's a host lot of red glue flow I don't if I can tell the difference thanks dude I do in cliffie you're gonna you're gonna find some time for me soon so you can put together this machine to my shirt someone can announce to my gifts up and dead ship faded oh man I even saw the Waypoint literally they just not pick it up I'm tired no no no I'm not sink today just in general just whatever you whenever you feel like it we've tired from watching this gameplay I bet you seeing this gameplay you have no idea what the fuck's going on either and the knock backs pretty good too honestly I'm the winds of change keep all those dudes at bay good luck good luck take care I will when up since 5:00 a.m. reap have the other guys build the I saw that too pretty scary see I don't I don't want anything on fire you see I want my thing to be nice and not on the fire when emphases 5:00 p.m. yesterday really easel drew get to sleep what the fuck why don't you just go to sleep call me okay think this is the right way I'll find my golems just full-hp no matter what this doesn't give a shit everything's dead before it has a chance to kill me anyway quick you can still jump through that by the way it just doesn't work that great anymore luck was that it was just his fan what do you mean Oh his fan like burned out so what happened in your opinion cliff ooh because people had a huge debate here earlier as to what happened and why this thing sizzled out I must have time to gather my well I don't know this is the right way I was like a massive dead-end in this zone like to not be there think I dodged the massive Durant like a unique guy at the end to this is the big ass instance though for a nice video may I post the link the roofie mouth doesn't tell me anything about the video maybe you find you know educational births really funny I don't want to see that we're gonna go do all the skill points and then we're gonna go do huh I've never been hit by that always wondered how much it's gonna do like not UNPO tient and again I don't know if I was in potions maybe I think so wasn't really paying any attention to be honest I can build a PC you can to I mean I've built like three or four pcs in general and obviously I've replaced plenty of parts and pcs many times but and I've never had issues but last time I made a PC it was like four years ago and I would assume a law has changed since then and I'm also using like really expensive shit so I'm pretty sure I can do this but at the same time it's more of a better safe than sorry situation you know so I'd like some supervision nope nothing has changed as in we're ready simple friend boosts tell them not to bend his CPU pins he did fine I'm an expert at fucking things up I'm sure I'll manage what the fuck Pacquiao 3:03 it's gonna be clutch my dudes I don't think I can get through lab that fast and then I also have to do the passive points Yeager's let's go kill Gurukul real quick because that should be a fast passive point and then I'd like to do like both of the labs was that an entrance to a area but it doesn't have a thingy I must have time to gather my will through it cool with only three K HP memo I'm also critical will die instantly only three K I've done this bus with two HP so many times I like to hold off on it just for safety like most people never pay attention to the fact that the projectiles are actually quite visible for him it's just most people attack him when she's doing the roar that's like don't do that you wait and then you're gonna be fine you know type of thing you're gonna be fine what do you think doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo there's room on the map of valais thingy yeah press your minus key on your numpad this old you got a duo me you think I went ok I thought I went the wrong way 67 boys I won't be able to do everything in 15 minutes there's no way it's gonna be like 3:30 at the earliest I'm fast but the level 70 was a little bit overwhelming I guess I thought I'm gonna level up faster and that's the thing it's thinking that it's gonna take me at most 15 minutes I think it took me like 20 minutes to level up to 65 I got I goofed up I should have thought about my episode Jules okay you do to lose to gain exp oh yeah of course good luck of course we will still gain XP this is all calculated mathematicians maybe I should have done the mmm I should have done the sand lay request I would have been smarter I think whatever but damages he scaling fire firewood a little bit of projectile but I don't really care about the projectile damage I just kind of get that by default I care about projectile speed I know it's kind of awkward what I double-click it or did I not click it at all we chrono Gigi is over you tryna be steamed sell some time things that slump it's only 24 hours tits and quest cheaper you're too late did could have supported the stream for free and all that good stuff got in your Titan Quest could have gotten its 60% cheaper clothes fool and I would have gotten money out of that tube when the 24-hour chrono sales are too short like it should be like three days or something you know that'll be the best it's probably only because like you guys only buy ARPGs buddy-buddies other games like every six months there's gonna be somebody who's gonna buy something through grotto what that is doing all the damage my action light poacher is doing all the damage bullet out that helps to damnation with you time it did so far away then slaps taking forever should be right here yeah I can only buy free games when one defiles the effigy one defiles the Emperor I mean it's cruel gave up myself no don't do it I dare you crawl I shouldn't die empire she's a park like ice on the winter stone go up shoulda prayed looked up the lab huh didn't what everybody's gay time doubt did you guys buying ban stay hydrated bought by the way I didn't see him in here today and I haven't been drinking my water I think stay hydrated BA was actually working I took like three sips of water I'm gonna have to drink a full liter of water before sleep stay hyderabad is broken how dare you motherfucker say that about stay hydrated block cloud the trivia about baffle Diablo mistake hydrate bug affirmative which I don't think so mobility is about rottenness eternity is inescapable I don't need that actually I can put on my gloves oh nice I was hoping that I'm gonna get fury now the builds gonna look way cooler tail awesome mmm way is he actually banned why even either sub button justice yeah that's weird that they would ban him shit well he was he was verified so I don't know boy stay hydrated bought he just wants to live where there's a golden King there must be a golden do come on let me through doc you're fusing yeah actually Fury works what I want even that's pretty cool let the day dawn golden with possibility oh boy risk the slab no chokerino yo calculated LevelUp I really know what to do with my passive stuff the weary traveler draws close to the end of the bar complex machinations converged to a single act of power shit nobility is alive such seals I do more damage than I thought I was designs can be dismantled should've thought about that oh my god okay can we stop now these mums are actually 68 so it'll be a little bit careful a little bit not too much my boots that I end up with oh I have that one pair of boots okay we'll just use those oh man gargoyles God go – lets go wait wait nobody deleted with the bully commands get rid of that shit things we don't bully over here never be a worker make your mark no room for misinterpretation the loyal must be avenged enjoy the repertoire inexhaustible he Nets lost today the Emperor who sits alone on his throne loot is not up today food shit jakers why are you not up to date loot okay there's no way I'm gonna do the rest of this since three in ten minutes just funny because I'm pretty sure my SSF son their run was four hours and 20 minutes right so and this is like a full eat winked out like not to the maximum but like pretty freakin twink doubt character like shows you the power of sunders almost as strong as the powers of shadows that works I don't have a silver flask must keep our throne is the most devious trap of them all commit to your course well then like almost hit me what the fuck my boot dose has Bhutto's here wait now those are gloves I have no boo toes these yeah that's actually really good but I'm not going to use it it resists time to fuck some shit up alright buddy buddy buddy my best friend gonna go kill the scorpion real quick and we're gonna kill down the relief thing she's my name because fool can be interpreted as fuck fool that's your name from now on if I was to change his name to because file could be fucking to tell yo Alex Alex thank you so much for the eight months man appreciate the support won't tell you to put those emotes to good use cuz you already know how that shit works especially when with the triple-a it's like five I mean really it makes sense get away from that she already dead can you come in I'm here yo yes speed up ain't nobody got for that ain't nobody got time for that who's questing for ever and the ads are necessary ain't nobody got time for dead finish right hmm bum-bum-bum-bum-bum butter dum bum ba-bum know if it's actually always this way I don't think so right the skill point it's not always this way I should have know that well I guess now we know and knowledge this power pew-pew pew-pew the wait a moment gimme gimme gaming gaming gaming gimme gimme gimme gimme good luck good luck all right I don't know this should be well a level of my 68 snap 10 minutes more 15 I must have time to gather you there Oh help me don't worry dude I figured it out I figured it out you need help I get it welcome sometimes your body swapped us in Prague cooldown might mismatch my attack speed so the position of my weapon I might have placed my cursor too far and the the projector of the unearthed is still traveling therefore there's no corpse on the ground yeah those are the two most likely things that are happening right now whenever that doesn't happen sometimes I also just skate a wall you know that's happened before I fit some walls I'll wait I also have to do reliquary hikers dude wait to be there oh yo this is like the only ability that can actually skip this no joke wait what the hell nothing else can go here even lightning herb doesn't reach blink arrow doesn't reach huh interesting there's gotta have a dead corpse there leave some can skip town leave some could definitely not skip that blink arrow obviously can blink hour doesn't reach like hour is the same as lightning warp maybe it's because it's on the other side actually don't know from the side but from the other side it definitely cannot you have to use like sometimes to get the full length of the jump you have to use like your UI for certain things but I could never get it to work in this area with blink arrow or with lightning warp basically what you do you see out like the screen squeezes but you can still click here my phone just farted you can still look what the fuck left one just turn off your dog what are you doing yeah honey I don't know what it's doing and you like have to use that I did restart yourself this phone is so weird so you have to like click where you don't see because you squeeze the camera with the UI Samson phone no HTC I think it's like dying mister phone are you dying it's a new phone so I don't like when weird shits got happening I mean 69 is technically better than 70 right get a Samsung noob I just go whatever phone they had a Nena phone would have worked Wi-Fi I really don't give a shit about what what's like supposed to do and what not 69 better yeah that's what I'm thinking it good luck out there good luck go dude go when is VR chat stream never yeah I wonder if I can go there from here that's okay I guess there's no corpse I also use the wrong UI but it wouldn't have spawned a corpse is that on earth has a limited distance it's fine I got it I get to kill the mobos here anyway to do to to to to to to to to to to to to to ah there's a ball chasing me friendly friendly mr. ball got him Lily and Lily Lily Lily I guess I'm gonna do this now we're gonna go all right do I have all my passers yeah 20 perfect perfecto i perfecto mucho gusto okay I'm supposed to go be cool if I did a map after this and then got a level up there I don't really know whether I've got 610 blocked and what I don't have any map fuck you and your cheat oh my god he's cheating so hard whoa I'm cheating with a smug smile too I am them that's a rare prize I don't think so what the fuck I don't you know I'm cheating if I'm cheating then I can trip jiù jiù jiù shit's too big like not having potions crap see I'll whop hold me yeah let me down a lot of here all right we just gotta hit the level 70 I don't really I know the day know anything about any Maps that I could run sure a t8 sure let's try to show her why not straight into a TA I'm gonna die this map seventy five six levels above me witness me this is not gonna level me up what the fuck this map sucks come on dog that's it even level behavior whoa almost jumped into that and kill you you're kind of scary dog let's run and the thing who did the one obligatory map should have did lab I did do lab I like the Sun the most this is still the most fun oh yeah that feels not so bad that's funny this actually gave me more XP than the freakin sure yay three hours and 39 minutes is that a failure it's a success I mean boy it's been is pretty fast but considering we've got everything and I could probably do this in like two hours with sundar well no I couldn't do this in two hours it's under level 70 and full progression every single passive point and all labs except uber I don't know like 240 I think we could do 240 maybe 250 with Sun there soul oh self found obviously not like fully geared up wait no no I'm bullshitting what am I saying soul self found son there would be like yeah I think I did that it was like 4 hours and 20 minutes and then fully geared would be if then entombed did like 2 hours then like 3 hours yeah like 3 hours for me I don't know two hours 52 hours 50 probably because I'm worse than him something like that anyway still pretty good also great single target I'll be continuing this build so I guess stay interested if you like this cuz it's pretty fun I don't know I've got my character figured out and everything now and we've got a big chunk of the gear so I'll continue to play maybe I'll get it to like level 90 or something which is pretty much gonna be tomorrow I think it's the morrow Sunday too right yeah that's pretty good oh you even forgot about this

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