How to Make a Floor Cleaning Machine – Remote Controlled

12 volt 100 RPM Gear Motor 12 volt 300 RPM Gear Motor 12 volt 200 RPM Gear Motor CPU cabinet FAN water shut off valve Double-Pole, Double-Throw (DPDT) switch Cross Connections Push to ON switch 12 volt DC socket 12 Volt DC Supply from Adapter or Battery Water Floor Cleaner Liquid

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  1. This project is fully unified for cleaning applications. It features the requirements needed for floor cleaning such as water supply, scrub, and fan. It is a wheeled type machine with a movement control.

    This floor cleaning machine is comprised of several DC motors that drives the wheels and rotating objects for the scrub. Wiring of the motors are properly designed that the wheels are set up considering the control is from two dual two way switches. A pushbutton is also set as ON/OFF switch of the rotating objects as scrubs. Plastic pipes are also designed in which it has holes and gate valve that manages the release of cleaning liquid on the floor. It has two CPU fan after the scrubs used for drying of the scrubbed floor area. The machine is wired using LAN wires connected to its controller while the controller has the connection of the 12V supply.

    This project is applicable for several floor cleaning activities. Considering the area and access of the floor to be cleaned, this floor cleaning machine is able to handle a load of cleaning activity.

    The Materials are:
    1. Four 12 volt DC 60 rpm Gear Motor
    2. Two CPU FAN
    3. 30 X 18 cm Plastic Container
    4. 15 X 18 cm Plastic Container
    5. 0.5 inch PVC Pipe
    6. Two Dual Two way switch
    7. One Push to ON switch
    8. LAN Cable

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