How to Make a Water Pump using bottle at Home

Take one Body Spray Bottle and I.V. Infusion Sets Cut the cap of bottle, take width of approx. 1 cm Cut the side portion of cap, approx. 1.5 cm (from that water exhaust) Fix the motor on cap of bottle Use the metal of bottle to make propeller for Pump Take the winds width slightly smaller than cap width Fix the propeller on motor shaft in cap Close the open cap with plastic plate, make the hole in plate (where water go inside) Connect I-V set to side open portion of cap Electric water pump is ready to use (Apply 12 V DC)

100 thoughts on “How to Make a Water Pump using bottle at Home

  1. @naveen khanbhala I am trying to make water cooler but not able to make water motor, from that pipe water is not passing through. Water is just coming drop by drop from that glucose pipe that u have 😣😥😥😑
    -reply soon

  2. videolarimiza goz atmayi unutmayin. pisman olursunuz (abone olmayi unutmayin)

  3. may i ask, how can the shaft inside the motor keeps spinning when it is inside the water but the motor in it is not wet?

  4. sir ye motor pani ke andar jalegi nhi kya????

    kya ye motor water proof h?

  5. I tried to make a pump but the impellor came out of shaft while pumping I used hot glue ..failed…then aradlite. .failed…then last m seal..failed..
    Why does this hapen
    Help me plz

  6. What is the name of the straw like thing that transports the water from the motor to the bottle?

  7. I love ur video.. because u used very usual and not so costly material for cutting , drilling so that any person can afford it .. that's make a very nice video

  8. Sir I have made the pump as it is but it's just spinning not pumping the water in
    Plz help

  9. सुपर वीडियो पानी में मोटर डालेंगे तो बेकार हो सकती है

  10. Motr ka pichla hisa kharab nhi hoga moter me pani nhai gushe ga

  11. I'm surprised that the motor can run while being submerged with no water tight seal around it,

  12. что то я прикола не понял-там что мотоорчик герметичный?

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