How to Make A Woodcut – ‘Poverty’ Poem by Nqwenya Lethukukhonya

Alright, so in this video we’re going to be
doing something slightly different. Today we’re going to be doing woodcut, which
is like wood engraving but instead of using end grain wood we’re using side grain. It’s all part of a wider project organised
by a mate of mine Terry Bennet. He’s working with a school in Africa where
the children there have produced paintings, sculptures, stories, poems, you name it and
then he’s brought them over, given them out to artists in the UK who then have to respond
to them. We put it all together as part of a big exhibition
and then sell it all off and the proceeds go to help the school. Alright, let’s get cracking…

4 thoughts on “How to Make A Woodcut – ‘Poverty’ Poem by Nqwenya Lethukukhonya

  1. I saw your work on this channel and you have a great talent.
    You need keep uploading (videos inspire a lot).

  2. Great video, great project – let us know how we can buy a copy. It'd be good to see the text of the poem too.

  3. Fantastic work Ben, and did you self-shoot this? It's brilliantly put together!

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