How to Make an Air Cooler at Home – Best out of waste

Take one dc motor, Propeller, Water pump and thermocol sheets Cut the centre of sheet in circle shape as per the size of the propeller Do same for other sheet, but make the square shape Joint all the sheets to make the prototype of air cooler Put the stand in the cooler for support of the propeller Put the motor with propeller on stand Make the net for cooling using broom and candy stick Do a arrangement for the water flow using colour stick Connect all three pipes to the water pump Put all the arrangements in the air cooler Arrange the water flow pipe and cooling net on three sides of air cooler Connect 12 V DC supply to both motor

100 thoughts on “How to Make an Air Cooler at Home – Best out of waste

  1. Let's check out website for all major details:

  2. Super cool cooler 😎 but agar aap cooler ke samne ki ne banate to or acha lagte 😘

  3. you can also buy Honeywell Home Air Coolers at

  4. कूलर में पानी चकने
    वाली मोटर कहां मिलती है

  5. Bhai ye video to sandar thi par agar tum bolte to or sandar hota

  6. What is the glue that you used to stick the thermocol sheets please answer me sir please 😊

  7. Pani ke Ander green rang ki cheez kya hai or kaha milegi kitne rupee ki milegi

  8. Sir you are great but please tell me the name of foam you used

  9. You could have covered the surface of the water tank with plastic to prevent water leakage.

  10. mr.navin khambhala can you please send the list of things used to make this air cooler

  11. I like this vídeo thank you for sharing this awesome idea I congratulate you you are a genius

  12. I have just made a quick air con unit with surprisingly ( slightly better than just using the fan ) with a 2 litre water bottle a £5 fan, few zip ties and a cooler block. Importantly no ice……… therefore no water so a lot safer. Took me 10 mins with stuff I had in the house. Check it out here

  13. Sir please can you name the things you have used in this
    Such a nice thing you made sir

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