How to Make Book Cover for Kids Novel Project : Paper Folding Projects

hi my name is Patricia and I teach arts and crafts at red bows studio in New York and I'm going to show you how to create a cover for a kid's novel project now here what we need is a stapler the inside paper for where the novel is written and then the cover which is a heavier card stock paper and what we're gonna do is we're going to take the inside paper and fold it in half and then we're gonna take our cover and we're gonna fold it in half as well and now we're going to fit the paper inside the cover notice how the covers a little larger for extra protection keep that in mind when you're creating when you're cutting your cover you want it to be about a quarter of an inch larger than your inside paper and then you're gonna take your stapler and right at the inner at the central theme you're just gonna put a staple actually you know what we're gonna fold it over and put a staple right on the outside of the book on the cover and then we're gonna do that again at the top so you have two staples in it and it holds it together and then you close it up and you can write your novel or you can already have it written put the cover on and then create a beautiful cover for it however you'd like but here is a cover for a kid's novel project enjoy

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  1. Hi Patrica I'm Shae woolcock and I would love to thank you for this I've been looking for how to make novels and you really helped me thank you when I grow up I wanna be an author myself so another massive thank you 😆😆

  2. Rocket science. .. staple some paper together. I should be an independent artist too.

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