How to make Notes for UGC NET English: An Incredibly Easy Method

you hi Padma but I had finally when nickimja not about piranha territory or to the system cardio many to Nevada or start the alcove acne beverage key tip spare points okay child bye exactly does Ben Ben okay so they can sell advice nobody be put on you an introduction to the field hello we are soon to meet radicchio your criticism kunti okay yeah but I'm use it oh couch PRD and I are the simple paper by highly put a welcome to my channel and in this video I'm going to talk about how to make notes and why not making is important if you are preparing for UGC next English literature a be lovely they come a good walk is Rp hotaki exam it's a good furniture the exam K dustbin belly up book which be gardening untied that means Karina tiny half navy buddy girl taqueria after he notes Nikki Bella I'm not making you both sorry benefits offense number one no banana keep bad up here they can idiot-proof retains other at the information Canada thank you have safe reading kurta a pleasure reading a rapping book is Affordable Care Partner top he said I take radio after the mock register cover but you have notes burrata – community academically sorry parts was cheap me involved oh there's no making process me accompli internal that was too short me lickin all that it but what sorry the result was chase go sammich Captain language Malik normal that some jute announced cheese pig write a Java object academically strong who use a retain cantata at the same time Karina fine job of notes when after hello Mary Hart's do use process mirror gamja soldier a and okay Nevada mock-up cows process to the rock Trk decree since are the census in Boulder boxer recently the key come to our attention kheh Orson in saga buta okay so not making help cutting up for information gathered I'm the creat a economy number two not making also helps you in revising things because you are no Harper Naples when it has ID for Nicki books for the day or just good advice nigga a big thing yeah Papa this is our friend economy which is next to impossible because I'm a divorcee tanara a UGC net English coffee cut emoji so leave already birthday so represent Authority market but a puzzle crystal-clear note said rapid knocking lasted a little more birthday cake once at a point Interscope you don't need a mask really cold person I still remember German makeup it but they need it you're a pimp and a gymnastic pointers there were three things just read another baby you know question net my eyes and I'm just so happy I was actually amazing at that moment you want another baby or a question argue so you know knows help you without me those are the same time notes help you to save your time and energy AEG is good team man after Stephanie detail dependability you're so much time okay quit you know you you you find yourself drained out a key cheesecake ebook Oh Bob just a particular energy nobility of oil enthusiastic feeling yoga so it helps you to save time and effort at the same time okay so you see how I can take part in no tweaking important human of animal in video me Humbert Korean keynotes banana kisses so let's go the first important thing that you must remember when it comes to making good notes for UGC net exam is that you need to make exam relevant notes they different what I'm major up you know but pandemic then it so both bodies outside your behalf now maybe something like I still remember British literature me John Donne is my favorite so jump in British literature partly made if you're jumpin John Donne kie after doing Chaucer and age of revival major beaten or III keep it up again then you skip a German metaphysical poetry by poverty so any to think even John Donne pick eaten a stop already he is another puppy and eager to use or not the many who register but the other joining thank you very very quickly and then I realize it does do miss a message on that person so you need to play very very smart when it comes to preparing for UGC net exam because both of our syllabus it I forget maybe website page up there you find more than thousand writers that I've listed which are important from you know UGC net point of view and important where scenic and if this have been there having questions about those writers in the previous your exam ok so aren't UK a paper it may questions you see indicating if you cry it does important thing so after taking it this re writer there are john dunn qui like a Bedouin a to observe British literature can end the court stead of Samuel Beckett or Virginia with more than Skeeter report that top because it's Nami time you think about Dean young wolf kicking though the important works could detail may perhaps in whose Konami yagi birds I think if you have Cooper idea what what's ret different name or schema Giro PN literature in literature post-colonialism you need about each other since really important keynotes how much things done quite a few sit your anything to anybody okay also at the same time I got a cheesy political both manage this is me this idea whether while I was preparing for you did it there were so many good poetry I came across there were so many nobles I wanted to read but make a time for McNichol I had this a small elite ID which me just a minute ET exam which I go see what they aren't symmetric Nobles Cooper drinking a pitcher and it's just some very particular on there you but just a good time to let us are actually read all those these Nobles so either certain if you actually want to read about some good writers if you want to actually feel literature what exactly but good exam keep peddling example concentrate kind of what important a PhD come because McCartney also at the same time I still remember it in writing my Robin not a goal and RK Narayan are my favorite writer so dark in Iran for a great into my Ethan a SCADA poetic image it actually is a field what is it whenever I think without in a tiny corner because maybe it's not summertime use maybe the other and then I learn from that mistake it's important to break lagana you should know can I have it now me do that pajama okay so the first important point is make exam relevant notes now let's look at the second most important factor which we should keep in mind while you're preparing for UGC net exam the second most important thing is that whenever you're making notes make the notes in the form of pointers any graphs of metallic he'll say rocks machine multiple means they're all skill if you already have you know a pretty good attack won't disturb zero Snickers if they were after a key cheese calm artistic or pinnacle man Thank You whisker okay so jumpy will be right there could be normal you can knows when I read to work it point to the relevant points Yuki I could chart out karna budget may open it online lectures can be opening notes prepare cards you kind okay previous you papers me a question man yes I achieve it set exams may are to be a Yeti dick Delhi University a syllabus metal they'll ask the question so since up say I make pointer then for you to screw back to the debugger to through my audio notes ok so similar pattern are to be followed by diagram online fortunately they have a plane with repair correct for example and show you or small you know page of my notes how I used to wink it Jesse you're a kid I made notes for these six make I made notes for life so many oh no rules in so many books while I was preparing for my new DC night but then j7o in share books cut edges or than a bookkeeper and expand on you so I working pointers and pointers Kohi massive in which art outcome through that said Oh pointers with 13 people Joe spoke you want to create savers in watts per their copy targeting you know Italy buddy-buddy somebody special somebody scoop our talk any pointers becomes adapted amaku points what are the other similarly if you are looking at a right turn or graphic writer your body be here to manager we have to sample the kiya this is about different different Nobles kinako Kia from interviews with me chasing SM towns behind it suppose your opera singer it either or a poet just keep on knockin boots but I bet those skin won't stop me I'll tell you many can say behind it now do I make notes and Evernote's but madam prepare that little I started you know making offline notes and not online notes plasm not not a notes written handwritten notes okay so for example if you look at Samuel Taylor Coleridge okay so oldrich if I remember at this point slike it's I put it here cold shivering enables points becomes key lifetime see related which is important okay could you change the points you're kind of a looser colder is had a strong connection with Wordsworth full of comedy and all those things then I'm taking each and every poem to net point of use it and everything Judy UK syllabus be a to be syllabus or for that matter or rather son University is the business of a syllabus MIT prominently the key would you break it you but I've made it notes and then I've use different different you know colors in order to or you know highlight endorsements because finally I'm a very visual learner so for me Carlos works around okay so I work with three colors that I'll share in the towards the end of the video how to make notes so second important thing that you must remember that market pointers don't write long stories acne cooking oven let me chop any of Nichols key books are men and it's happening over at the editing a time about subjective Latino abused go Kristen to your Shore turkey that is important okay so now let's look at the current important strategy while you are preparing your notes now it is very important yeah notes me techniques use can intercept retain the authored by information because they came on the mouth through a book scientific that it is a worker thing while I used to teach this off skill students get a partner and all those things that I used to read lots of books about those you know how to study take kind of things sell sell books dominate cheese taking a Karina 300 son key learning strategies with reducing some cooking techniques incorporate when do people fight those in Houston degree in order to make notes job long duration the nakayasan for example next questions are they like Charles Dickens skip place go chronologically are ordered me please can they give you four options and I'll get the recent score they will play study they will give you options now bad the idioms of course all students he plays yeah but Cairo no logical order mayor so what I used to do or during my preparation is that I used to make stories for such things Jason Pickwick Papers is the first work so pick with paper that may say okay okay I love picnic biscuits so I went to the market to get the big quick biscuits now the second work is all Curiosity Shop so now you need to link it he may be quick biscuits lean angle Oh shopping or curiosity Rams out stroke then from there you need to further limit you Steinman Christmas cation Sbrocco do you remember that the next walk is Christmas Carol then after I saw for the taco take a Jamaican morality pic with biscuits Lincoln so I landed into the blue house so this is how you people you know attaching things and then you create your own story ok me but I need to sample yeah the red about put Sochi they keep around well the opinion which are both good luck with sequence we are doing and this is how we can make use of online lectures that you can make it a point to make up nature writers need notes daily you write a few key parameter important points did you previous year papers with your discussion is Chris at me alright then okay so yeah there's key tip still because yeah other up no important name head I'm just cool long duration together create be important so we have so many tips tricks we have mnemonics we can use my matchup stories my mind max Baraka adversity then you have things like you know Association after Shizuka associated diseases quit either can a majority father can answer to resemble curtain you can write you remember that writer in that way so it's tied up yard good thing okay so that is very important yeah techniques use correct to retain information because Ethan Assad is writer missile characters if these re or you know no boots can there be two themes they are just symbols use over AR Rahman if at the end of course divorces of coach jumbled oppose of the happening but the Raja get reason bitNami G here wins yeah gene Nagi ruins for di giotto first or even over me another idea is key Nam to Elizabeth your Jane you so that doesn't work guessing one doesn't work in competitive exams lately okay now the fourth very important trick that you can use while you're making your own notes is that you sticky notes okay I remain he'll be a big sample the guy up it is sticky notes that they were actually posted all over my room so bunch of people who gather I wanted that to me to look like my room and not like a library so I put all those posted and now separate copy so many healthiest I am a very kinda stick if you know that I learned while I'm okay it's video clearly losing a jelly card are in overdrive which is a very difficult things so my properly within our Chism Johnny body did not chasm HRT so what I used to do with that I I use the walls of my room and many clients and sticky notes paste can do that and then whom they don't stick you know what's good almost APD sticky notes everybody sticky notes paste and it's a kind of imitative member carlomon problem acidity Tito for example is it theories many petty bad party which was very difficult so these maybe they were tourists or you get books up we are denoted with hands no connection made me just so maybe needed to say or grammar technology of you cannot acquire certain therefore that not that you need to remember so many children's just known as structuralism theory become key so you need to remember all those words so income any paste yeah I keep on reading them bar bar bar bar cookies at any Baja aegs cooperative you you start making very sharp you know signals in your brain about it yeah it protects community geography last minute charts as well who does it abuse revise the other so I found that last May and all that it was structuralism booth oh my AP lines they are put to read tourists but a 38 lines you movie books but as a theater native spirit key question previous your papers to eat tilapia turkey question about abode on mayor's question who completed guitar and see you but they are scary because you se other too busy so that only happens when I kept from revising and when I made those clear and crystal UN's okay so the fourth thing that I would like to tell you is that to make notes which are visible to you all the time ok fine poor haircalf I would use curves many digits charts are faced you know but when Mickey after today in order to learn those sine theta cos theta 4 meters we used to have those tables do not need to it up today your tent is right though two key table for details we used to put that you don't in front of our study thing you cinch it up but you will be unable to order to use all those tricks again okay so the father or the trick is done face those notes anywhere where you can look at them regularly okay so finally land on to the fifth point now the first point is very crucial Yaffe no one supports taking do you make no and written you make you know he knows a computer ping on Super Nintendo or do you make handwritten notes now see University that was studying literature I used to make or computerized notes because with stem what I'm gonna understand with a pattern but they are for a period of time he gets the notes when I'm there and they used to lend me a lot because we made the first computer mistake then make the most of the dinosaurs idea keepers happening University miss rancid bacon Father's Day Sephora is but Papa chia pudding the great kind of epistle partner but I need to know to operator called oppa then it's done from your side up for work puts in any part number so that is important but and make me many initially copies Nobunaga I made different different registers for each and every topic this every might have to the hierarchy a register made of British literature clean with high register European a post-colonial acreage is Tamara you know for theories can be a criticism can be a rhetoric since all resistors when I think but then over the period of time you will prepare the ratito when I reach towards the end of my preparation melody honky can unify even notes you have a binary language milligram using if you keep any allergies are radically they're like hardly visible many SS a short which is really key because face nineteen you should even if you want gap for weakening Luka kyboot apartment could those trees for particles know the turkey many couple accumulator so then I realize that it's high time that I should copy all my notes as you shift all my notes to Evernote and then I started using Evernote it's a fabulous software you must download it itself which map to notebooks will be an upload books create car something I don't believe in create separate pages which are called known so I used to create your own books and was notebooks my used to create one one page for each and every for example if I'm looking at a Victorian literature ignore open our Victorian literature and then I you know makes it another couple of notes for each and every writer included in that so that helped me a lot on you skipper judge many of you online you know audio class has done it so I kept on upgrading those notes there are millions record suppose refine those men I have categorize it into t3 category some Sevilla dari turns key works then on work schedule links have a level of cheapest it can forever kiss your work cut a little a yahoo should work say alcohol work inspired hey I was working but it may be seen if we comment key on it so all these things in the third is what all questions have been asked on the this writer and the words of those writers so it's like so many a take note when I almost highly note that a native audio lake children so they are thickness are thank you what all right there that's covered in goat on content I'm giving it my online on your so you can go to my website that mean WWE the list of all the writers and all the modules that will be covered in a period of four to five months for UGC net English exam July 2080 the same time to subscribe to this channel because this channel is totally dedicated to UGC net English literature aspirants and i post videos every Saturday every Sunday to help you with your preparation to fuel up your preparation so if you are also pivoting for the UGC net English exam then this channel is for you so stay tuned with me till then I will post my next video bye bye happy learning and keeps loving literature Oh

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