How to Make Your Own Kitty Litter

How to Make Your Own Kitty Litter. Why buy the stuff when you can whip up a batch
out of old newspapers? You will need Strips of newspaper An empty
litter pan Warm water Dishwashing detergent Paper towels and baking soda. Step 1. Rip old newspapers into strips by hand, or
put them through a shredder. Step 2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few
squirts of dishwashing liquid. Use a chemical-free dishwashing liquid to
keep your cat’s litter box toxin-free. Step 3. Soak the strips of newspaper in the soapy
mixture for about 10 minutes. Step 4. Rinse the paper strips by running them under
a faucet or rinsing them in a bowl of plain water. Pat them with paper towels to remove excess
moisture. Step 5. Pour baking soda onto the moist paper strips
until they’re completely covered; this will help them absorb odor. Mix the baking soda into the paper with your
hands so it really gets absorbed. Step 6. Break up the paper into smaller pieces and
allow to air dry for several days. Step 7. When it’s completely dry, fill a clean litter
pan with about two inches of your homemade kitty litter, and let your cat go to town
Did you know Cats will stop using their litter boxes if they get too dirty.

48 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Kitty Litter

  1. i feel srry 4 tht cat…NEWSPAPPER? WOW! how cheap do u think we are!?

  2. @keliata that is a good idea. I reuse plastic shopping bags for everything–put my son's poopy diapers in them, use them fore the bathroom trashcan, and for small jobs around the house. U gave me another way to reuse the shopping bags. Thanks!

  3. This is a great idea! I use newspaper in my cat's litterbox but, I just lay it flat in the bottom. It works well but, my cats always come out with wet feet because, the paper doesn't absorb the liquid fast enough. So, I'll *have* to try this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  4. @sfshrimp It's not about being cheap – it's about recycling (for me anyway). Plus, there's a HUGE difference between "being cheap" and saving money. There's a litter on the market called "yesterdays news" and all it is is newspaper that's processed into small pellets. So, like this video said, why buy it when you can make the SAME THING at home? That's JMHO. I know your comment is a year old but, I had to respond. 🙂

  5. @keliata I use newspaper in my litterbox the same way you said but, I find that my cats come out of the box with wet feet most of the time because the paper doesn't absorb the pee fast enough. But, when you put the paper in water, it expands and then shrinks back up when it dries. But, when the cat wets it again, it re-expands because the fibers are already stretched out or opened up from being wet in the first place. That's how it makes sense to me anyway. lol

  6. @LiaLoveMelody7 the way to avoid the cat being picky is to slowly introducing the new litter by adding more of the new litter and less of the old litter each time you change it, until there's just the new litter left in the box. 🙂

  7. @itachiuchiah3679 why is this being cheap? It's called "recycling". Plus, it's better for the cats. Alot of commercial litters contain alot of perfumes or chemicals and/or makes a ton of dust when the cat kicks it up. All of which can be harmful to the cat. Not to mention it getting tracked all over the place. And I don't care what those litterbox mats say about "making kitties feet virtually track free!" because litter ALWAYS gets tracked.

  8. Man, I got three cats that are poop machines…litter gets expensive, so the yea, I'll make my own litter…shoot!

  9. I use a plastic bag as a liner and put newspaper in the shredder there we go and in the litterbox it goes..nothing fancy he is pooping in it anyways.Or i buy 40 pound bag of wood stove pellets for 6 bucks..all the cat rescues use it as litter us cheap.

  10. When using newspaper and baking soda, unless you use the entire box of soda, the smell of cat urine is most unpleasant. The clumping litters are diatomaceous earth. Our local automotive store sells the course d.e. for 40lbs for less than $15. That's cheaper than buying the same stuff with a pic of a kitty on it.

  11. great. now i have to spend a few quid to buy a bowl, newspaper, soap and baking soda for 10 usd instead of buying cat litter for less than that.. genius..


  13. the last thing mentioned in teh video, "cats stop using litter when the litter get too dirty" which is absolutely false. my cats don't care, they most of the time smell place where they can smell bad odour and they do there stuff in that place.

  14. I just emptied my cats litter to change it but then I realized I did have litter….and I cant make this cause I don't have newspaper

  15. this is crazy! why wash the newspaper? this has to be click bait at its worst.

  16. So providing your cat doesn't need a pony or a piss for 5 to 7 days you're fine does this mean I'm going to see my cat in the hallway with its legs crossed going mate hurry up and make that stuff you saw on the video I need to hit the pan quite hard going to have a banging s***

  17. Why bother buying kitty litter when you could spend every waking moment making your own!?

  18. Thank you I'm doing this right now. Lol bcas desperate times calls for desperate measures then I'll go buy cat litter later the store is too far can't drive yet

  19. Trying to adapt to a zero-waste lifestyle and this was very helpful, thank you!

  20. You can use Diatomaceous earth instead of baking soda. I’m going to try this. Thanks.

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