How to Overcome Writer's Block | Part 1

hey guys hey guys if you don't know me
my name is Brittany Wang I'm an aspiring author of a YA fantasy novel and today I
want to help you get out of your writing rut. All of these tips have helped me
push past writer's block in all different stages of my writing and so
here are my top 10 tips for overcoming writer's block tip number one write
something else some of us are so stuck writing linearly that when we get to a
hard place in our story we get paralyzed I experienced this about a month or two
ago where I was on Instagram and there was this micro story contest going on
and I was like well I'm stuck writing anything else why don't I just do this
and it was just like a hundred words with this little prompt and everything
just flowed and I was like oh my gosh I can actually write which got me excited
I loved reading everybody else's versions of that prompt as well and then
believe it or not I won that contest and it was such a boost that it really got
me excited about getting back into my own story so for this I would suggest to
get on Google Twitter Instagram find some writing prompts find a sort contest
like I did that'll motivate you to just take a little bit of time to just write
something else and I promise you it will just get your juices flowing in a
different way and it will get you writing which is what we need to do the
other thing you can try is writing something else that has to do with your
story but won't necessarily make it into the book so write something from a
different characters perspective write the backstory of your world or the
history write something that will be less stressful that you won't be like I
need to make this perfect and those things might end up influencing what you
actually write you could also just remember not to write linearly and start
with the ending or start in the middle or start with just a different section
and then that might actually give you some clues into what you need to set up
in order to get to that point in your book it's so
to have a daily writing habit and so if writing linearly from beginning straight
through to the end is getting you down I try this tip tip number two read or
watch something else some of us are writing reading writing but we are not
taking any time to really learn from other people who are successful in their
storytelling craft now when I say go read a book or watch a movie I don't
mean just go veg out on the couch but actually be active while you're reading
or watching and write down and take notes on things that you're learning
character development storytelling writing craft and then when you go back
to writing ask yourself how can I apply what I learned this also keeps you up to
date with the industry what's working what isn't what people are really
enjoying and it also helps you make sure that you are not ripping off someone
else's story I can't tell you how many times I've read or watch something and
been like that's my character that's my idea I gotta start over that being said
I recently heard a quote that says creativity is just forgetting where you
got it from now while this sounds very cynical it is
honestly almost impossible to come up with something completely new the best
stories are oftentimes someone taking different ideas from different places
and putting them together in a really unique way so go learn something new and
though you don't want to rip off someone's story something that they do
might inspire you to add a certain twist to your plot or present a solution to a
writing problem you've been having tip number three change your location now
there's something definitely to be said about having a dedicated writing spot
that you consistently go to but if you're consistently going to that space
maybe you need something new I've definitely experienced times we're
simply going to a different location helps me get out of that stuck gear and
puts me into a whole new mindset especially getting outside of my house
there's new colors and sounds and events that can inspire me and I also can't get
distracted by laundry dishes and all of those other things at home and speaking
of getting out of the house tip number four go live your life
some of are so consumed by our writing that
forget to go live real life to foster real relationships and take chances and
go on adventures not just vicariously through our
characters alternatively you can't make your characters and events and
descriptions feel real if you haven't experienced any of those things make
sure you are living and enjoying other parts of life and if you keep your
writer brain on in the back of your head things will pop up that will help give
you inspiration and make you a better writer you can even make errands and
chores like even going to the grocery store a writing exercise think about how
does your character get food or just pay attention to the people around you put
your characters in the conversations that you're having and ask what would
that look like in your story how would your character respond as
you're driving in the car look at nature try describing it in your head imagine
your characters in that setting or imagine what it would look like to walk
or travel through the world that you've created tip number five make a list of
plot questions and answer them everyone has those problem spots or their plot
holes that make them feel really stuck and paralyzed one thing I found really
helpful is to identify where I'm really getting stuck and then ask questions
that will help me get unstuck these questions can be ones like why does my
villain want what they want why does my character have the
personality trait that they have what are the steps my main character needs to
take in order to save the world if you're looking for more plot twists I
would ask more what-if questions what if the villain is really my main
character's father what if my main character is blind what if the treasures
my characters are searching for is actually cursed then try answering those
questions in as many ways as you can think of usually the first answers that
come to your mind you probably don't want to use because they're the ones
that a lot of people think of but as you keep going you'll get more and more
unique and creative and usually I find that a few ones down the line I'm like
oh this is a great idea and before you know it you're writing again as I was
just talking about having to live real life in the midst of
writing I just ran out of time to film my other five tips today so this is
going to be a part one and if you want to see that part two with my other five
tips you're definitely gonna want to subscribe for that and of course more
writing advice coming your way soon for now I want you to make a plan out of
these five tips which one do you think will help you I want you to let me know
down in the comments which one you're gonna try today or later this week and
then after you try it I would love for you to come back to this video comment
again and let me know how it went if you found this video helpful I hope
you'll give it a like and a share to any other friends you know that are dealing
with writer's block which I'm sure her a lot and I'm really excited to see you in
part two and when that's up I will definitely put in the cards
hope you guys have a great day and happy writing

13 thoughts on “How to Overcome Writer's Block | Part 1

  1. Hey friends! I hope you found the tips in this video helpful! If you've been experiencing writer's block, I challenge you to comment below letting me know which tip you are going to try out this week. Then come back and let me know if they worked! I'd also love to hear your own tips or let me know what kind of topics you'd like me to cover next! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss Part 2 with my other 5 tips and have a great day!! 😀

  2. Hello Brittany, I am new to your channel and I will be trying tips #1 and #5 today and this week to help me get a fresh look at my Novel plan.

  3. Great tips Brittany my only problem with tip one is I end up with five unfinished stories😢. However, if I write five stories this forces me to think more about plot, characters and stories which then helps with the writers block😀. One other thing, as a sci fi writer I tend to create story ideas by thinking of titles and then adding ’in space.’ This helps me come up with stories and plot twists. One such example is ’the last voyage of the Stellar Nautica’ which started off as The Poseidon adventure ’in space’

  4. Great tips Brittany! I've done all of these, but what helps the most is working on two projects at a time. I usually have one editing and one drafting project on the line at one time, so when I get stuck with one, I switch to the other.

  5. Hey Brittany 🙂 Amazing vibe and tips! I get inspiration when I'm in the shower haha. I have a goal of writing a book so I'm going to put these tips into action 🙂

  6. All great tips! I'll be asking questions when I hit trouble spots. And I love going to our local cafe or library to write.

  7. This is amazing! Loved this video so much and they were really helpful tips. I’m definitely a linear writer and it freaks me out to go out of order. I’ve been wanting to write a novella in my story world for awhile and can’t wait to try that soon. I’d love to make a book later on of how all the love interests met.

    OMG cleaning is a distraction to me. I relate to that so much.

  8. Hi Brittany! I`m so excited about your authortube, I love hearing you talk about writing! I love that story of yours about the contest that helped you fight writers block <3 When I was facing this I tried to write the end of the book and it wroked really well! Thank you for all of these tips. I loved it!

  9. I’m going to try out the “live your life” tip! I feel like part of my struggle with my WIP is that I’m not thinking about it enough, so I’m not getting inspired like I should be. Thinking about my characters in every day settings will help get me in the right frame of mind. Can’t wait to see the other 5 tips!

  10. I plan on trying tip #5. I tend to lack in the description and ordinary details because I forget to ask questions. I liked these tips and look forward to finding out the rest.

  11. I love these tips. I use so many of them myself, which is how I've been able to stay motivated this time. I started this novel mid December, wrote 40k, tossed that 40k and started over. All of that to say, don't give up. Rework a story until it's something you enjoy and love. And then bum to chair and write write write! Lol

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