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Hey guys, this is thomas and in this piano tutorial I’m going to teach you how to pay this beautiful piano song River flows in You by Yiruma Of course you will learn how to play the whole song also with this beautiful improvisational Uma das in his famous live version and I promise you will be able to play the song even if you’re an Absolutely beginner because first of all I’m going to play the whole song and after it [I] guide you through the whole song step by step every single detail and teach you how to practice so that you will learn the Fastest way to be able to play the song and what you should do next is to pause the video Click the link in the description box you come to my website and you enter first time an email address and you get my famous 10 free piano lessons for beginner these lessons are not on you But I highly recommend you to get these free lessons and promise that you will have a lot of fun with it [ok] after [you] did you come back and then have fun with this piano tutorial? First of all I’m going to show you what you will learn in this piano tutorial you you you you you you This is what you will learn in this piano tutorial. I will get you know through the whole song you will learn each detail step-by-step For beginner and advanced piano player and um you see here in which part We are now so let’s start with part one and this is very easy just the right hand and we play this And then we at the left hand together and this is the intro Okay, so but let’s have a look at the right [hand] this is Um this notice an a with a pinky yeah when you and you have here a three black keys you Go to the Middle one and now to the right and this is the aid Yeah, he had the same this is the a3 middlebourne the right is the a but we choose this one with a pinky and you can lay your hand on the keys like this that the thumb here is on this d me at the white key between the two black keys a Pinky Ziam Until we play these both [Blakey’s] with them yeah, so but you know what this is before the beginning a Good placement for the hand and here Let’s have a look that you play the notes the keys with the fingertips. Yeah, just with the fingertips and not Like this or like this Yeah, like you have an apple or something in your hand place the center on the keys like this, okay? and then we play A and this is an A flat LG Sharp, but ok let’s see there’s a g-sharp. It’s better to say G sharp a G sharp a G-Sharp A [one-Two-three] [one-two-three] three times and then the pointer on the e again the pinky on the a and then the thump with Addy again a Sharp ag sharp a e a D ok And try to play it very straight like bam Bam Bam Bam bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum At the beginning, it’s very straight like this ya later be get there other rhythm Bom Bom Bom-Bom Ok, but this is later, so let’s keep playing straight this is the first part and now the second part is exactly the same but we play these two notes before a and C sharp Here let’s have a look this isn’t a again eh Eh, so if this song we have to spread of hand But for the thump. It’s very easy, so the fun place a the Pointer Place D a Pointer Place C. Sharp a C-sharp, this is the left from the two black ones and again our first party very easy right bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum ok now let’s listen to the complete part 1 2 3 4 Yea, the a and the C and the C sharp is played Farce ok bumbum bumbum bumbum Ok let’s have [a] look at the left hand yeah when you can play the right hand perfect. This is great first of all be keep playing both hands Yeah, not together first Each hand singer [ok] in the left hand place F sharp C. Sharp f sharp Yeah, when we have the three black most the left one is the air shop From the two black ones the left is the C sharp and again f sharp Please play this one after the other Bum bum bum and try to play clean and now the pink is [very] weak finger It has to keep strong it has to become stronger, but if you practice enough the pink you will get strong I promise Okay, great This is the first part we just have to play it for one time but for you it’s great to play now again and again to to train your fingers to Exercise them to give them more power and energy and now on the left hand the next chord is Yes, something like I’m d major. This is d.a. E Yeah, deal with the pinky pointer on the a and thump on the e, okay? Okay, please [be] patience repeat this if you want a hundred times And pay attention to not to play too fast also, if you can but to play it nice and clear and not like You are nothing like this try To create a good sound into to train your fingers that you get enough energy, and it especially the pinky [okay], and if you can play this if you did it you can play the f Sharp C. Sharp f sharp and the d.a. E again and This is the next practice part to repeat this again and again, okay practice part is a very important verb in this tutorial and you have to Be able to play this While you’re sleeping or what you’re speaking as I do now Because when we bring both hands together now. This is really complicated for your brain. This is although if you can each hand along perfect This will be a great challenge to play it This is something [that] very very hard how this is hard work for your brain ok so m Let’s write I will show you the first practice part f sharp and a together then CnG shop together C. Sharp and Tisha and f sharp and a together Okay, all nodes together This is the first practice part Again, so when I said practice part you can post Obu and repeated 10 20 30 50 or maybe hundred times 150 da Matta this just Take a few minutes Okay okay, and when we go on this is the second practice part it’s g sharp on the right and then Diente together a And D together a and eat together and the D in the right hand? [okay] again I’m sorry, it’s the dealer right hand, right Okay, and if you can pay this perfect we can bring both hands together again Okay, perfect. This is the first part and then we can repeat it, but in the second part we play a And c a loan fast and be move at first bottom and then a and f sharp together again Okay, well that’s it. And this is the whole intro and if you can play this this is really really great Yeah, you if you can play this as an absolutely beginner. This is really great. Yeah unbelievable gray Okay, once again. [I] play it again. Just to finish the first part We can wait a bit then we start Yeah, and that’s the intro the first part If there’s a small part which you don’t make way or maybe play again and again and again the wrong notes Just keep practicing this part the secret is to Play it again and again to repeat this again and again. This is the only secret for example if you play Always at the same part then just don’t repeat the whole Just repeat Yeah, so that you can play [the] right note And you can also repeat This is the very small part. This is the way to practice the right way I know sometimes it’s hard to do this But I promise this is the fastest and most effective way to learn this piece I promise there is no other way to learn it faster Okay, welcome to part number two and now we have the main theme, and this is this one Yeah, this is what you will learn in this part um okay. Let’s have a look at the right [hand] the Pinky [placed] the same notes as in the intro but We have a new rhythm. It’s not the straight one bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum. It’s something like bottom bun bun, you know what I mean it’s long shot long shot long Okay, this is the first difference The next one is that we play not all be the notes here We also play the a with a thump Always between like this let me show you Okay, the boss 22 m at first a and C sharp We already had this in the intro okay, and now Here a and then the a with the thumb Yeah, always the thumb Bottom this is the first breakfast pot. I’m bottom bottom Bottom bottom bottom bottom Boom okay, the thump, La Bara Bara boom bottom okay, okay, then we go on This is E Ei Ei D ead ead dum bum bum bum bum bum bum Bum bum bum bum ok this is [the] next practice part so let’s bring both together Bottom but I’m not sorry um bottom bottom bum bum bum ok again boom boom boom boom Lissa boles together, right The right hand, okay wonderful then we gone. This was [the] second part now. We have the third part and The third part is he a pum pum pum pum pum so we have the middle finger on the C shop bum d e C B bum bum bum first up Pom Pom Pom C shop bum and be okay, pum pum pum pum pum again long tongue tongue tongue tongue, okay this is the next practice part of the third one and if you’re wondering how to Change from the second to the third Let me show you something after the D again we play the e would be with a thumb plie and then we have the middle finger on the C shop for this platform bum bum bum bum [okay], it’s like [this] Sorry, but [I] think you know what I mean its bum bum bum, okay, Dac doom doom doom [okay], and now we are ready [for] the fourth practice part lump upon a teashop a a b C sharp C Sharp d. E Dc shopping, okay, this is a lot notes, but Let’s divide it in smaller parts. Loaded on. This is the first smaller part a g-Sharp a the Nexus Pom Pom Pom ABC shop Laura long again loaded on Board or on again Dodo Dodo dodo again do-do-done Borrow Rome ok and Pom Pom Pom C. Shop. De La down Lara [okay] With a week thing I see a middle ring finger and pinky [butter] [on] this is normal if these have these two fingers are Weak right, it’s hard to play this lot of um Bom Pom Pom this the Last DC. Shall be DC Shabby little Okay, again, Lauro row. Row. Row. Row row row row Row Row? Okay, so the whole fourth practice part together rule boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom again again Okay, great. This is the fourth practice part and if you can play this this is really great And so let’s bring all practice parts together or maybe first the third and the fourth if you want yeah you can pause the video, but I will show you all for practice parts together, so Yeah Okay, and what the left hand does yeah, it’s [it’s] the following and this is very interesting because This is something the left hand plays nearly the whole song okay So this is f sharp C. Sharp f sharp you know this from the intro Bom Pom Pom Then we have dae you notice from the intro bottom bunk, and then we have the caught A major this is one bum bum this is a e and C sharp with a thump Pinky milf in a tea shop again pinky milf in a tea shop and have a look at my hand now I cannot play the C shop, but when I leave when I leave the pinky and Bring my elbow near my body like this What here now? I’m just here. I’m just moving my arm not my hand I’m moving my arm and have a look what my hand to us and the arm is a very Important tool to use when you want to play the piano, okay? I’m just moving my arm and my hand follows and this is very important. So my arm is far away from my body and The A’s played by the Pinky [E] And my arm goes to my body Let see what my thumb toss. It reaches the sea shop one pump Okay, and there’s a very fast movement in my arm here Ok this is a major This is also a practice Pad long bum bum bum bum And then we have a match of this a.m. A major e b & e e And that’s it these four chords are very important again [f] Minor f. I’m sorry f sharp minor this f sharp C. Sharp f sharp the next chord is d.a E Ei e C sharp E Hey, sorry Mv. E. You can also play it one octave lower. E pe does matter ebe ebe ok again This is the way, you should be able to play it now Yeah, please practice it Repeated so often then you can play it like this you have to be perfect and playing this Okay bum bum bum bum bum one-two-three-four one-two-three-four one-two-three-four one-two-three-four okay, um and just a short and Info for you the next part will be very interesting because maybe you Were wondering why sometimes I play the a minor like this a major like this and sometimes I play like this But I have some very important detail information the next part for you okay, so but for now Let’s try to bring both hands together, and this is a very big step Very big next step but I’m sure you will make it and I promise it’s worth it. It’s really worth it because it’s wonderful okay, so What we at the first practice part is Papa this one This one so we have a and C shop at first then Enough to give that a no show hey alone C. Sharp and G shop together a and f sharp again first a then f sharp together right together right left You ok ended at the end Da with a thump? And this is the first practice part for both hands together Okay, okay, then we go on Yeah, we have G sharp a and after the 18 left and place the d.a A and eat together I and II together but now in the left-hander in for a ta a D and the right hand alone that’s it G sharp a then the left hand t a In the right hand I and II together both hands together right hand a Left and a right and a and D. [okay]? again again and again Okay in now both together the first and the second practice Pad again And this is just a bit fast faster So what you can do now, what makes the sound much Much nicest that you hold the pedal if you have a pedal and for your keyboard for your piano And this is great if you have three pedals, please use the right one if you have to also Please choose the right one and if you have just one please choose this if you have no pedal Try to get one it’s really important to have a pedal on your keyboard on your piano It doesn’t matter what you have and it’s not so expensive I think you can get one for the ten bucks or maybe twenty bucks in the internet Yeah it’s a it’s a pedal and this is a very important tool for each and piano player and just have a look if your keyword supports one it’s a sustain pedal quality on sustained as us t a I and sustain pedal So and what the pedal does is you press the pedal I to press the keys I I play the keys I leave them, but we still listen to the sound This is because the pedal is down now. I leave it and also, the sound is away, so And now I presses and then play the same ok Wow Wonderful, okay, but what I have to do and this is the reason why we only use it now now I Have to leave it and press it immediately here with my food, but this is my food it goes [up] and immediately down Because if I do not if I’m not doing it it sounds like this This is a bit Yeah in Germany. We call it much It’s it’s not it’s very well be called also call it Bry bry here, huh, this is this is something This not nice. It’s too much, so Now yeah as I said now you left it and press press it immediately again, okay? Okay, that’s it this is the first part this is great, but the Big second part is not ready yet, because we all so have this and the left hand place um yep, a Ok this is great because we play both hands always together a and c. E And D. I’m A C-Sharp and eve. They are your C sharp is this? Ok this is the next small practice part 1 bum bum and then we have e MC2 Pay that be the left hand place be ok Together left left, okay again one pom-Pom riot Together left left Together together together right together left left you Okay, great, then we go on Lot on Bone The left hand starts from beginning f [sharp] C. Sharp a sharp lung bump right right together left left okay dum bum bum We go on bum bum bum. I’m sorry pum pum pum right right together left Left yeah, I I go very fast further because this is much easier Bottom together left left right right together left left. That’s it no okay, and The next part is thought on Its again with a day C sharp right right together left left Always the same right right together left left okay right right and now together B&D left left again the same Chord Together left left Okay, and again the secret a few We don’t make [it] take your time, please be patient This is very hard to play song for the beginning, but I’m sure you will make it if you keep page patient and Of course you cannot play it all today you need some some days of some weeks, but also if it if you need to month This is a very very fast one absolute beginner. I promise Okay, so that’s it. This is the whole part and this is a very warm yeah movie You already made a lot if you can play it like this, okay. Let me show you what we learn in this part you And a bit faster You sorry Yeah, that’s it and doesn’t this sound beautiful It’s amazing right? Okay, cool, and this was part number two. Let’s go on with part number three Welcome to part number three and in this point. I have a very important message to you if you want to play the piano or any other instrument because This is a very good example if you like you whom I if you love the song River flows in you You probably know the very beautiful live version here on YouTube here and We also has this wonderful masterpiece yeah, and The live version is much longer than the studio version on the origin CD He sold the origin singer was um and the version is much shorter It’s much shorter, and he plays so many different things and notes He play many different snows for example I’m here later. I’m going to show you Use something like this Yeah, oh in the live version he does much much more of This and for example in the left hand if you [have] if you have the f minor chord at a dD f Sharp Minor pot you can play f sharp minor like this you can play it like this you Can play it like this you can bet like this you can play it like this This all is f minor because the core is made from a shramana a and C sharp Just three notes But these three notes are on the whole piano f sharp Ac sharp f sharp Ac shop and you can combine In it in any way, you like you can play it also like this This is f f sharp mana is the great boom boom Okay, I have to practice but um I hope and I think I guess you know what I mean what I want to say There are many options to play a single song and this is called interpretation It depends on your personal interpretation what you really want to play and I promise [each] time you won’t play the song He always says another interpretation and please don’t Sir Thomas, but why are you now playing this note because in the last video you didn’t play this note And now this is wrong and in my notes and my sheet music. I have at home these are the wrong notes no The notes are just written by one single person, okay, don’t trust the notes Don’t trust your sheets. This is written by a single person Maybe two or maybe ten other person had look on it, but this is [just] the opinion of this person This [is] just their interpretation, and this is not a law. It’s not a lot, okay this is very important because You can do so much more if you really know that you have the freedom you can make so much More beautiful music if you know that you have the freedom to play f minor f sharp minor like this you Okay, this is just something What is very important to me what you should know of course you don’t have to understand each sing a detail water I’m going to explain to [you] with the cards and so on later I will explain and I will show you how these cuts are made in detail but please when I play sometimes a e and C sharp and in Another point ae and a instead of a instead of C sharp Ya Don’t see this as a mistake. This is just interpretation for example. What [yiruma] also does is? long bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum and now lump Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom Sometimes he repeats pum pum pum pum pum pum pum he plays it twice sometimes just bum bum bum bum bum bum sometimes just one time and sometimes twice rum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum yeah, but I promise sometimes sometimes he do they do and sometimes not it depends on the appropriate on his mood Okay, this was a very important third part and let’s go on [with] the part number four Welcome to part number four in Impart number four I have just a small variation of part number two and this Is all me in the right tent Everything stays the same you But now we repeat it. This was part number two now it we get to today’s part bum bum bum and we don’t play bum bum Cbse shabby we play lump pom-Pom one Octave higher Ampun C-Sharp be not here Bom Bom. We played one octavia bum and Then we don’t play lump and bump then we play lum bum bum bum bum this is lump on bum bum bum see shop be a G-Sharp lump and bump and a C-Sharp me a tea shop. A lump on pum pum pum rum pum pum pum pum, but we have a small Very small variation, it’s this before we play play see shall we play the e but only very very short and The straw the much stronger note is the CC. Shop. Don’t play it like this Not Param Param, this is wrong. It’s 10 This is something like a ghost note here You shouldn’t it. It’s not on the front. It’s just in the background keep it this note in the background and Try to play like this C sharp b a g sharp a ok and all the other nodes stay the same as in the second part so we have and I’m and with Octave Para bum bum bum Lumpam do it Via C. Sharp d. E C shall be bum bum bum bum Then we go again. We go down ok ABC shop She shall be a build onto. This is what you already know so let [me] show in Detail but very slow And now the right I have a look at the pinky just short the right hand immediately after the piggy pet The right hand goes up See shove with the b. We play the e in the left hand now Sorry Okay Okay, and wonderful now you can play a lot you you Okay, and let Michelle and some more variations the first one is in the left hand try to play I’ll Try to change the octave okay for example sometimes you play f Sharp see a shop here and sometimes you can pay to you Yeah, but decide when you want to play it which way and also the same with the Lady okay, the next one is a Aec sharp symptoms aea and sometimes ae ac sharp bum bum bum bum? bum bum bum bum bum sometimes ae a CFp bum bum bum bum bum and then e is e be e, but also e be gf Because the G shop belongs to e major to the Scott Try to to play this in different stats ok have a look at my left hand no you I can also play f sharp C sharp eh This is the first variation you can try The next thing and the last thing I want to Teach you in this part is or What I want to show you is that you? Know when to play which part [okay], so we have the intro? again But take your time, and now we start Thank you and what I did he is lump lump a bum bum bum bum I played it twice as I told you in the last part pum pum pum pum pum pum and maybe bump bump bump bump bump bump bump with a thump the E between lump bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum Bum bum bum Bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum okay? Okay, great. This is the second part At the second part this is um yeah the last thing I wanted to show you and then the next part I’m going to show you womp Bom Bom Bom We have a completely new part in the right hand a completely music theme, but it’s also wonderful beautiful And I’m looking forward to teach it and [and] to show you how to plate so see you in the next part you

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