How to post colour text in facebook. Write colourful text

Hi friends, welcome to my channel and please support
me by liking and subscribing to my channel so today I’m going to show you
how to post colorful text in Facebook this trick will only work in Facebook
lite application so open it and post a status update so I’m typing “Hi Friends” okay, to add color to the text, you need
to add a code before the text. so I am giving​ red color to the text “” and that’s it the
text is red color. The “ffff0000” is the hexadecimal code of
the color so the first two F defines the alpha the opacity of the colour. then next
2 letter defines the intensity of red followed by green and blue. so if I
change the code to FF0000FF it will turn blue and FF00FF00 it
will turn green. you can add any color to your text but you will need to find out
the code. so open play store and search for color picker then install this color picker and open
the app. click here to select the color picker and touch on any color we want
it’s code with be shown so simply tap the copy button above and
the code will be copied. Then go back to lite and click on post a status update then delete the existing code and paste
the new code. we only need the code so delete the text before it and the color
changes to desired color. another trick is to add background color to the text so
type this codeyou can find your
desired color by searching it in colour picker next trick is to add bold style to
a text. so add this codeyou can also add a closing tag so you
can colorize or Bolden a part of your post. to add a
closing tag you need to add a slash in the code (
) so only the texts between the
opening and closing tags will take the effect. so watch my coding and
try it yourself, and please support my channel, please press the like button and
subscribe to my channel Thanks for watching 👍

61 thoughts on “How to post colour text in facebook. Write colourful text

  1. doesnt work for me (ahh k, i was trying todo it on fb on pc in chrome) ty for telling me
    AWN HACKS 11 hours ago +saint blair it will only work in fb lite

  2. Bro please upload soccer stars new version 3.9.1 longline and 1 more thing that u r really GREAT👍

  3. Dude turn down the dubstep on the intro its 2017 not 2010, thank you for the how to video!

  4. It's work in facebook but the code is there and the text you did is change color

  5. Vai facebook lite bade colour post Kora jai naki Jodi jai ta hole tai post koren

  6. चुतिया सालो काम कर्के खावो यसि बकबास भिडियो बनाना छोडो

  7. It works but it adds the code as well when I hit done in Facebook Lite. How do I get it to where it doesn't show the code or so I don't have to go in and erase the code out?

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