How to Prepare for Special Operations

hey folks this video is for anybody who's preparing to go in the military specifically something hard like in Special Operations same here approached me months ago asking question of hey I want to be an Army Ranger how do I get ready to do that how do I make sure I don't quit like other folks since then Sam's no longer going down that path you're going to be a comeback and that's so he's go to the Air Force to make sure you just roll the mess out of him in the comments below my job though is to kind of help Sam SANNs become a friend and I'm about to not be friendly to him because while I'm about to be giving you guys tips to prepare for the next stage and physical and mental preparation aside from just giving you tips I'm gonna smoke the daylights out of Sam here and this is an altar of pain I'm about to put him on and he's going to do something really awesome for you he's gonna like me to smoke the mess out of him so that as he's doing this I can coach you through we can make a public spectacle of his pain and anguish so I can teach you little mental cheats that have helped me we got to keep our minds very busy in the midst of hardship misery and pain otherwise we focus on our pain yeah and we can't embrace that suck and we end up quitting like so many usually do so I'm about hurt Sam I've done this personally I'm not doing anything then that as I've been done to be just countless times and even worse he's going to run into this so this is a tender mercy but I'm about to be very unfriendly to him first things is we need physical preparation guys I'm going to give you just a kind of a list of a few things real quick and then we'll put them on the altar here one is get up physically fit as much so as you possibly can you're going to have a PT test for the army it's a two-mile run it's push-ups it's sit-ups you got a one and a half mile run right the air force the air guys a minute like absolute baseline minimum you need to be maxing that thing if you have further goals and ambitions of going further than the average Joe so 300 minimum you also have to be able to do absolutely perfect push-ups let's give them a person perfect push-up go ahead and get up there all right so arms are completely locked out back is completely straight from the neck lie down to the feet and you go all the way down to your note all the way down touch your chest note that they would not count that all the way down I want to see you're touched yep and all the way up lockout one all the way down touch up to and you can't rest so that's it all right going to get down um so anything else you can do 30 push-ups real fast and they just be silent like 1 1 1 it's infuriating so it's got to be absolutely perfect push-ups and I want you to be able to max a PT test also just your Road marching in the military your feet are your wheels and somebody like a CCT they're usually doing what other special operations guys are doing but they're carrying even more weight so you better be in as good of shape or better shape than the other guys so you need to be able to road March your feet are your wheels and I need your feet just tough as nails all calloused and gnarled up ready to go say yeah um that means buy crappy boots and crappy socks and put on a lot of weight and get used to walking all the time for this I don't want you to try to break in your feet all at once so that you just big bloody nubs that's good for mindset but then you're out for the next few weeks by your recover so break them in a little bit slower and be smart about how you do so there is there's fighting smart and fighting hard and you know you want to be able to balance both and then there's just general fitness swimming you can do some cross finish stuff just make sure you don't go heavy don't do CrossFit game stuff you're going to want to preserve your joints and make sure you you don't injure yourself and get creative I find some fun stuff like go push a truck half a mile or something that'll be fun the next part is the mental preparation and I want you to get very very accustomed to misery I remember before I went into the military I was doing all kinds of things and people would thought it was just absolute masochism what I was doing to myself like for a couple months all I would do is I didn't use the warm water at all on my shower just freezing cold and oh my god I hate my life again here we go embrace the misery deprive myself of food and sleep and then my workouts were just absolutely grueling and the idea was I'm going to make myself so physically and mentally tough that I will laugh my way through whatever they throw me throw at me in the military and my road was pretty easy it wasn't nearly as hard because I trained very hard in the first place you're still going to get broken down and I would and collapsing and posing my own sweat over and over and that's just part of the monkey game so anyway that's my journey so now let's jump into the Moors yeah this stuff at hand seems just coming off a half-marathon your smoke you got a rolled ankle and you just did what we're about to do yesterday to give me kind of a baseline what he's about to do is plank that's where you come up on your elbows and your feet and you stay straight as a board and that's our whole exercise that's it when I was in I would you know if I ever was smoking someone liked smoking people unless I had a purpose for it to build up somehow but when I'd smoke them usually I'd focus on one body part I'm like today I will take your quads from you and I'll do like just our Indus exercises that never take pressure off there's quads so uh because I'm not dealing with the whole physical whatever you can do that on his own I'm interested in the mind the mind is always going to surrender before the body does so if I can make them mind tougher your body can do all kinds of things you'd never dream of so yesterday gave me a baseline in the plank he went up for 30 seconds after 30 seconds he started shaking after a minute he wanted to quit and then he suffered on and went for a full minute nap hey Levi do you have a watcher anything kind of time yeah take this off so I can have a timer please hey way to go playing on the side I planned most of the stuff all right get it on there please right on the point of this is I want to him to develop certain mental cheats and I'm going to invite you guys at home to follow along so guess what guys if you're going in the military you're about to get in the plank as well and you can participate I can see you through the camera so don't cheat no it's good and we're going to get started so I've got five little mental cheats that are going to come about when he starts going so Sam on the alter all right very good and he's in a plank and the clock has started sure you're completely straight you can smile at the camera when it starts sucking first off is a picture your goal I need to keep your mind busy so it's not thinking about the pennies already shaken that's awesome that's 15 seconds I picture your goal in front of you you want to be X Y Z you want to be an Airborne Ranger fantastic lots of people want to be an Airborne Ranger a lot of people want to be a CCT what makes you think that you can make it when nobody else could picture your goal in front of don't think about the pain the pain is temporary picture your goal in front of you second thing is go somewhere else at this point Sam's already at 42 seconds he's already shaken I can see it in his legs his arm don't sag at the butt straight all right good man I go somewhere else until the pain is no longer real and this is a lot of effort up here mentally but it's something that you're like I would be praying for mental strength or or thinking about some funny movie or a childhood memory or something else like that go somewhere else Sam what are you thinking about the beach the beach what at the beach what happened to the beach uh – hanging out beach no come on go there what do you see um honeymoon your honeymoon yeah you're nearly married aren't you married very good that's cool how's that going it's going well good and now he's mentally somewhere else and that's what I want him to be able to do cool yesterday he went a minute 30 that's as long as he couldn't make it now the third thing is I want you to imagine a second wind coming you feel like you're smoked you feel like you're about ready to quit don't you you be awful right here cool well I want you to imagine now saying that a second wind is about the car you feel it coming feel it alright good it's going to hit you in five four three and the pain is just going to subside some to one and feel yourself getting stronger good you made it awesome that's going to buy you another half a minute right there you don't feel like it that's cuz ii win in another second wind is coming and so those little tricks just mental tricks that you get do not sag at the waist another thing is I want you to imagine your goal slowly slipping away from you what are you going to tell your new blushing bride about your failure what's that going to say about you as a man Sam yeah honey I wanted to but it was just too hard I started feeling sorry for myself so I quit is that what you're gonna tell do not sag at the waist straight as a board rise above it go somewhere else this is all in your head now it's all in your head think of the shame of failing your family and your friends in your country look right now America is watching on look at the camera and say you know what I want to quit on you America it's just too hard see you're going to live the rest of your life thinking back in a moment of right before you quit and saying it was just too much for me to endure and so I quit how do you feel about that Dylan hey what do not fall do not fall and rest for 5 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 how long do you think that was yesterday he made it a minute and a half today he made it three and a half up in the plank plank plank come on Sam alright then we're going it's not funny see your goal in front of you see yourself looking your whole life back because you gave in to just a little bit of pain the next one is I want you to get furious at your weakness this is number five is the last thing in any of these cheats I kind of rotate them out but I need your mind to stay very very busy get angry at your eyes get angry at it what do you want to say to your body tell me a message you'd like to deliver to your body which is failing you now get off the table are you gonna fail are you quitting on me saying are you crazy you're not gonna make it you're not gonna make a scene mind buckling is a liar it's telling about you get off potatoes your mind is telling up oh now your mind is telling your body that you can't do something and it's a liar there's somewhere else now go somewhere else mentally go some miles there's someone Sam Sam ready 3 2 1 up I need 15 seconds do not go down I need 15 seconds in you're done 15 seconds you're gonna make it go somewhere it's you go ahead here comes the second wind three two and one here the second wind yeah that's five minutes one and a half is what he did yesterday and that was as much as you could do today you went five minutes and I pause it during his breaks you could hear the watch clicking on and off so it was a five-minute point how's this feel down there it was great I hope that was helpful guys some tips and tricks and real I'm talking about mental toughness at the end of the day when all the tips and tricks fail or whatever you got to have a certain mental toughness you're just not going to quit you're not going to quit you can't quit and that's what really carries you through some guys have it some guys seem not to so which are you going to be I was pretty easy on Sam he's a friend and we're in a civilian context and really the point was to show you a few things not to really replicate what he's about to run into to a to a Ferguson he's been running and doing all kinds of stuff but Sam that's the first time something like that's happened to you right right and that was misery he's like that was worse than a half marathon wasn't it it was and that's just a little kind glimpse of the anguish that awaits I remember just I mean that this happened so many times where I was forced to do push-ups and you know is I'm working my way toward Ranger Battalion even in Ranger Battalion is a private where you get down and you'd be smoked for an hour or two or more just ongoing torment pre Ranger there nothing fun about pre-race where I remember distinctly trying for half an hour to do one pushup I couldn't do it and all they did is just scream at me while I wriggled around on the floor and pool of my own sweat desperately trying to get up and my body just wouldn't cooperate and what they're trying to see is whether I would quit would I keep trying to do that one pushup because it's not really impressive to us of like okay you can do 100 or 200 push or it's I'm gonna get it to get everyone to their breaking point till you don't have anything left and then I'm going to watch and I'm going to see who keeps trying who's who's will doesn't break and your well will get broken I just want to see you the last people are and I'm gonna take them as Rangers so uh um prepare yourselves accordingly hope this was helpful guys train hard train smart train hard gym

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  1. For every Christian in the world, this video is for you. The enemy we can’t see is the one we we are preparing to fight. Not your standard ROE. BE READY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET READY!

  2. My lard butt is sitting in a lazy boy and I'm getting tired. I'm ready to quit!

  3. What he really means is even though you're very tired, make difficult, challenging things you're doing FUN!! Use disipline and continue moving forward towards your goal.
    Jocko Willink explains about creating and having relationships with disiplined people. That's a very good choice.

  4. My body was really physically working during this. It will take time to improve myself. So it's up to me to use and make disipline, fun and laughter even more of a habit.

  5. he obviously didn't have it since he quit. even thou you said he made it he didn't but ohh well.

  6. U are fantastic sir. THANKYOU im so excited to push myself!

    Also my entire body has cramped and refused to move and I want to thank you for what you gave me again. You're doing the Lords work making boys into men and men into warrior poets.

    Have a good day strangers who are not Mr. Llovel

    And if you did read this have a blessed day as well.

  7. I could watch a lot more of these haha, I'm going in as an 11x trying to hit RASP like a train as long as I can before the cadre just destroys me body and soul haha

  8. As long as you give yourself a goal, whether it be one more second,just one more step,or one more push up you can accomplish anything. Today will be the hardest day. Just tell yourself that every morning and nothing will be impossible.

  9. I personally believe the most important thing is mental preparation. You have to be willing to die for what you believe in, no matter the odds. There is not many people with that level of commitment in the world. That’s why there is so few Special Operations personel.

  10. great stuff! id love to see more drill Sergeant content it personally help me workout better

  11. Oddly enough I do use some of these techniques when i work out. The first one is going to a different place and not think about the pain. I used to be a distant runner and i would hate to think about the running and my feet hurting, but I learned that if I didn't think about the distance or pain then it would be less painful. The other one I use is the second win I believe is what he called it. I usually use this when I feel like my technique is off and my strength is starting to slip. Next one I use is the "get mad at yourself" one I mentally abuse my self and tell myself that I better not give up. It's kinda like a coach inside my head yelling at me haha. The last one is picturing my failure I think to myself what would happen if I failed. I would have failed my parents, generations you have served before me, my role model, and lastly myself. These mind games do work so it is in fact mind over matter.

  12. Pain is temporary. But I love it. Without it I wouldn't gain a fricken thing worth having.

  13. Civilian here. Started planks at the same time. Made to about ten min before I have out. Last minute or so I was just repeating "f* you. F* you John Lovell." So sorry for that and thank you for this.

  14. honestly this was the most inspiring video ive seen on military success. I love you man

  15. Amazing and I admire anyone trying to push their limits. I do wish the audio was better. The volume is soft and tinny. I can live with it but as always -push for the best result. Thanks!

  16. Tips for avoiding slipped/herniated disc when going around with a lot of weight on your back?

  17. Nice congrats on joining the chair force, i mean air force 🀟🏼

  18. I've got quite a problem because I don't feel pain or being tired while exercising however there is a point where I just can't move. At something like 12-14 pull ups, my arms just won't move no matter how hard I try to pull, without feeling pain or being tired. Can't I do it because I'm mentally weak or because it's my physical limit?

  19. He better have his scarlet beret. Better not have ended up as cop or working in a defac.

  20. I was pretty much in the same boat with only being able to do about 1-1.5 minute planks normally. I followed along with you and I made it almost the whole 5 minutes, had to take a 5 second break because my shoulders gave out but added 5 seconds at the end (too many pushups this past week I think, lol). Your tips are extremely helpful.

    I am seriously considering the Army after I get my Bachelor's and going the OCS route, but I've always had lofty goals when it comes to armed forces and wouldn't be satisfied with being just a "normal soldier". Not trying to take away from "normal soldiers" or anything, but I would hate myself forever if I didn't have an opportunity to at least give Ranger school and/or RASP a serious, competitive try. I'm not so much worried about the physical aspect of it, I'm much more so worried about the mental and leadership aspects. I don't want to be the guy who couldn't make it because I was too weak or because I couldn't lead effectively. It's hard to find someone that knows how to manage the mental aspect of it, so I thank you for this.

  21. As a squid, I used to make fun of the Chair Force a lot. Then I was stationed at Lackland AFB Annex. There, I learned the Combat controller and pararescue guys were no joke.

  22. He is very lucky to have a true mentor. I think that greatly improves his chances at success.

  23. Almost looks like he’s having second thoughts in the intro πŸ˜‚

  24. U know he wanted to check that chin so bad! Lol had me rolling, I wanted smack you in the mouth john. But it was funny

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