How To Rap – Rhyme Schemes

How to – Rhyme Scheme Rhyme schemes are simply the rhyme patterns
in a set
of lines or in a song. More or less, rhyme schemes are a way to map out the rhymes within
lines. So for example: A
A The letters correlate with rhymes within the
verse. So A/A like this would be one rhyme word at the end of each line. Would be something like this: I run the entire TOWN (A)
Always stand, never go DOWN (A) That’s about the most simple it gets. There’s
also: A
B We’re mapping out four lines here
Which would be something like I run the entire TOWN (A)
Always stand, never go DOWN (A) I’m stronger than most MEN (B)
And that’s why I hold a PEN (B) These four lines match to what we’ve mapped
out earlier. Mostly, those are the two basic types you’re
going to see when rapping, just expanded and made more complex. For example…. AB
AB We run this place and make the RHYMES (A)
SIMPLE (B) Popping faces open like a MIME’S (A) PIMPLE
(B) The pattern fits to the end of the verse.
(Which is essentially the incorporation of multis/multi-syllable rhymes) But the rhymes don’t always fit to the end
of the verse, lots of verses have internal rhymes. AB…..AB
AB I’m TOP (A) NOTCH (B), so check the STOP (A)
WATCH (B) Jumping out of the box like it was HOP (A)
SCOTCH (B) Rhyme words now match up in the middle of
the verse. If you wanted to get even more complex you could do something like this ABC………BC
AA………..BC NEVER (A) atTACK (B) PEOPLE (C) if you can’t
reACT (B) EQUAL (C) SEVER (A) CLEVER (A) heads for justice and
SMACK (B) EVIL (C) They letters don’t all match up in the same
spots in the verse and they don’t have to. More than anything, this is a way
to map out the rhymes within a verse. By now you should be able to tell
there’s infinite combinations you could put
together here so just play around with these things and build on them. There’s no set rhyme
scheme you have to use, be creative. And like always, don’t let these overpower meaning
in your verse. Use the more advanced ones where appropriate with your style
and message.

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  21. This is pretty dope! This video will help a lot of rappers get their flows in order!

  22. When they say rap..not all the time u have to rhyme..I mix my song with word play..and Punchlines….I do not rhyme every bar

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  32. Is this all the rhyme styles or theres more then couple examples? thank you for this video by the way.. you're awesome.

  33. Souls of mischief hands down are the best internal rhyme and non matching rhyme users of all time

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  35. This will help me it’s hard to rhyme when your a rapper

  36. I wish there was a Dutch Version Lesson of this…I dont complete understand english

  37. I matched it up since I'm a girl " always stand, never go down I'm stronger then most women and that's why I got skills like skittles"

  38. What you think about this bro? It's for my dead grandpa:

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  40. Hey I’ve been playing around with simple raps and your video made so much sense to understand the music theory behind it which I’ve always found extremely tedious. I did a rough draft from your tutorial. Can you let me know if I’m applying the concepts correctly?

  41. I like this man thanks a lot, i don't like to put anyone on the spot, but down in the comments, everybody tryna make a piece of art, they get judged fo their content, right from the start, if you a person criticizing someone else, what gives you the right to decide " trash or skil", let me tell you these rhymes i see got a lot of potential, so don't be judging like you got some type of credential, that gives you the right, cuz while you toss dirt right now, tomorrow they'll be shinin bright, all i gotta say is "wow", and have a good night 🌙

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  43. A Male Rapper should never ever say "jumping out of the box/ like it was Hopscotch!"😖☝

  44. Very informative video, thank you very much but does it matter which ending words I use that to correlates to B? Or is just categorizing one word to rhyme with the next?

  45. Could neither stand the length of the intro nor the cancerous music – ciao bello

  46. Appreciate your explanation. I've never studied basics in 12 years. I've always went off what sounded right. I do this and i never knew this. lol Any competitions I'm down to jump in. I'm not just anybody. I'm a real artist all too lyrical. I enjoy competing.

  47. We run this place and make the RHYMES SIMPLE. Pooping faces open like a MIME'S PIMPLE

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