How To Rap – Writing Multisyllable Rhymes

How to Rap – Writing Let’s just jump into it, for those that are
interested and I’ll cover the other stuff at the end Multis/Multi Syllable Rhymes/Compound/Polysyllable Why multis are important:
– Helps improve flow – Shows off your lyrical talent
– Sound more polished and advanced You’re going to see almost every big rapper
use multis at least to some degree They also making rhyming poetry, spoken word,
or anything else that’s supposed to rhyme sound better Single syllable word perfect rhymes Cat
Hat That If this is all you’re using, your lines are
going to sound basic. Like little kid nursery rhymes. Hickery dickery dock, the mouse ran
up the clock Double syllable words – perfect rhymes Camper
Hamper These are still pretty basic and not a whole
lot above the single syllable word rhymes Single syllable chains – perfect rhymes Big Cat
Pig Fat Dog eat
Hog meat Multisyllable/Word chains – perfect rhymes Where we go (where-we-go)
Scary flow (scare-ree-flow) The number of words don’t have to match up
on the rhymes, only the syllables do However, It’s pointless to have multis
if they don’t make any sense I run quick
Why sun slick Asking masters
Tasking plasters Explosive animal tactics
Erosive cannibal plastics Anyone can put together meaningless rhymes,
the trick is to do it while still having a purpose and meaning. In terms of perfect rhymes,
you become pretty limited, which is why slant rhymes become a valuable tool Multisyllable/Word chains – slant rhymes Once you get a little more complex you can
add slant rhymes into the mix (Look at the way the syllables line up) Genetic disposition (Gen-et-ic-Dis-po-si-tion)
Prophetic in his wisdom (Pro-phet-ic-in-his-wiz-dom) You don’t have to rhyme all the syllables,
but the more that rhyme the better it will sound Garden of Eden, (Gar-den-of-Eed-en)
Harden and sweeten (Har-den-and-sweet-en) Marginal freedom (Mar-gen-al-free-dom) Gar/Har/Mar
Den/den/gen of/and/al (Don’t rhyme, unstressed)
eed/sweet/free en/en/dom The syllables don’t have to match up, but
it sounds better in my opinion, and try to rhyme stressed syllables over unstressed ones. I’m not going to go over slant rhymes or stressed
syllables today, but if you guys are interested in it I’ll do it in a different video. Irregular syllable multis In the mess
spin less You can do it with irregularly but to me it
doesn’t sound nearly as smooth or polished and sometimes it sounds downright strange,
though it often sounds better than just a single syllable rhyme. Strategies for making multi-syllable rhymes 1. Start with the rhyme or phrase you want
to rhyme with, we’ll do: PLAY NICE (play-nice) 2. Then find rhymes for play SAY
GRAY 3. Then rhymes for nice SPICE
DICE TWICE 4. Then combine them to get phrases SAY TWICE
GRAY ICE Hey PLAY NICE, it’s not something I’ll SAY
TWICE You don’t want to slip on that dirty GRAY
ICE it may be a good idea to have a couple synonyms
you can use in case you struggle to think of any good rhyme phrases Keep practicing, if you have any questions
or comments leave them in the box and I’ll address issues in a future video Now for more minor things Happy fourth of July, woo! I know about the bars on the side of the screen,
I’m looking into getting a new webcam that will shoot in 16:9 and not make the screen
look so bad

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  2. i really dont think emcees read all this stuff, they just write and practice, earn good vocab, all this multi syllable shit will just confuse you, you have to start with your abc rhymes like dr.seuss and just rhyme, eventually you get better and notice time to time those multi syllables will show up
    im not gonna worry about multi syllables or syllables itself when i freestyle,i just fuckin freestyle lol

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  4. Good work bro. You took me back to the basics. That's what I need, to stay grounded. Good work.

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  6. Undoughtably Eminem, Hopsin, Rakim, Kool G Rap, 2 Chainz, and Tech N9ne are the best multi-syllable rhyming rappers. That's why I listen to them more than other rappers. They have there own rhyme sceme, rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne don't. You guys should vote on on the list for "Top Ten rappers that use multi-syllable rhymes," and "Best Multi-syllabic rhyming rappers."

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  23. Here is a website where you can find multy syllable rhymes.
    Example: double rhyme -> couple's time -> humble's crime -> uncle prime
    Do you think its like cheating if a rapper is using powerfull tools?

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  56. Just a few Pac rhymes that contained multi syllable rhymes: Ballad of a Dead Soldier, Hard 2 find, If I die tonight, Ghetto Star, Troublesome 96, Ambitionz As A Ridah,Hit'em Up, ect.  Biggie multis NEVER made sense.

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