How to Read QR Codes, How to Create QR Codes, How to Use QR Codes

Today’s episode is called “Help Me Understand
QR Codes”. Now you’ve probably started to see things like these on product packaging
and marketing materials. Now these are QR codes. The idea behind them is that a user
can scan them with a smartphone or let’s say a tablet and it will give them more information
about the product. For example if you saw a box of Cherrios in the grocery store and
it had this code on it and you scanned it, it would take you to probably a website for
cherrios with more information. Here’s some quick facts about QR Codes QR Stands for Quick Response
Invented by Toyota in 1994 More popular than Godzilla in Japan What QR Codes Represent – Text (a sentence or more)
– Web Page Address – Phone Number
– SMS Text Message – Geocache Location
– Contact – Appointment/Event The sky is really the limit on what QR codes
can be used for. They can be put on many different types of marketing materials like paper, stickers,
signs, tshirts, vehicle graphics and really a lot more. Here are some real world examples
of QR codes in action. – Realtors are using QR codes in the newspaper
to point customers directly to their listings – Home Depot puts QR codes on trees to give
customers instant access to care and planting information It’s really easy to create a QR code using
some of the freely available tools today. Here I’ll show you how to create one. Ok to generate a code, you want to open a
browser window and go to this website address ( This is one of
the many free QR code generators out there. Now, this one’s going to allow us to do a
couple of different things. It will generate URLs, text, phone numbers, and SMS QR codes.
So I’m going to type in and click generate and it’s going to generate
the code for me. There it is. Now I can take this and put this pretty much anywhere. And
that’s all there is to it. QR codes only make sense if customers know
how to use them. So here I’m going to show you to install a QR code reader and how to
scan a QR code using your smartphone. Ok, so to be able to scan in QR codes what
the customer will need is they’re going to need a QR reader it’s called. Now most of
the time that will be on a smartphone or a tablet of some kind something like that. What
we need to do is install a QR reader on this phone. So what I’m going to do is click on
the market icon down here. Now Blackberry and Apple also have similar things called
maybe the app store, something like that. But we’re going to go to that area and we’re
going to search for an app with the name something like QR code reader which is what I have here
for the first one, QR code reader. I’m going to click that and it’s going to return to
me all the programs or apps that available for QR code reader. I’m going to try this
first one called QR droid. I’m going to click the install or free button here. I’m going
to accept permissions, ok. Now what it’s doing is installing it currently while we wait here.
You can see the little icon there. It says it successfully installed it. So what I’m
going to do is go back to my home screen here and then I’m going to start up this app by
clicking this button here, which will take me to my, all my apps all the apps on this
phone. Now here’s the QR droid app, so let’s get that started and you can see it’s got
a couple of different options. On the first area on the top here, these six or eight icons,
it says generate a QR code, so we can actually use this to generate which is kind of interesting.
There’s some different options there. But what I’m really looking for is this decode
from which is down here at the bottom. You can see it says decode from save image here,
camera here, image url or history. So what we are going to do next is we are going to
try and grab a QR code and use the camera to decode it. Ok so we’ve got a QR code that’s pretty much
ready to go here. So what I’m going to do is bring the smartphone in here so that I
can show you how this is going to work when we scan this. So here’s the smartphone right
now and what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and click on the camera icon here.
And you can see what it did is it essentially is just showing on the screen what the camera
is looking at. So I’m going to point it at the QR code and
there it took a picture right away and it captured it. And what it’s telling us is that
QR code translated into a web address here. You can see it.
Now there’s a couple things we can do with this: Open, email, SMS, copy or share. I’m
going to just click open and it’s going to open that web page for us. And there it is
right there. And it says, Congratulations, you’ve just scanned your first QR code. So
perfect that’s how it works. Well, I hope I’ve helped you understand QR
codes. If you have any questions about QR codes or you’ve seen any really good examples
about QR code usage, let me know in the comments. And if you have any ideas for future help
me understand episodes, send me an email.

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