How to Revise: English Language and Literature!

hello everybody welcome back to my channel so today to do is going to be a continuation of my revision series and this video is going to be about revising for English now English for me is a subject that I have never had a smooth history with and it's been a very turbulent time for me and it's probably one of the only subjects that I can't just revise and like see results I have like I have to engage with it a lot more and but because it's a subject that I find the hardest it's also the subject that I want to do well in the most and and I'm doing it for a level I'm not quite sure why but I really enjoy it so even though I don't get the same results that I do in most of the subjects and I do really enjoy it and because I spend so much time trying to improve my grade I do have a lot of revision things that I've tried and tested so I thought that I would share them with you so I'm just gonna get straight into this video and cut the chase because I know that a lot of you probably and should be revising right now so my first tip for English is mind map and I've said this in my last video and I feel like this is still one of my favorite things to do and I've only doing it for of mice and men oh by the way I study of mice and men journeys and Pride and Prejudice and Heaney's poetry and but for a mice and men I did my maps in like a moment of inspiration it took me about a week and to do them so probably about 10 hours and but I have all of the different themes and all of the different characters so for example here is my loneliness mind map obviously that's a key theme in Of Mice and Men and I've just got all of the different things that constitute towards loneliness and then highlighted in green I've got quotes because even though and my book my exam my exam is an open book exam and I'm not allowed I'm not allowed I do need to know some quotes because I feel like you waste a lot of time in the exam trying to find the quotes if you know them you don't have to go and find them so the first tip is most definitely my maps I wish that I had the time to do them for all of the texts but I've left it a bit late now so at most amenities I apologize my lighting keeps changing because everything that I'm showing you is white so it may be a slight problem the second thing is a paragraph pyramid and this is the paragraph pyramid and last time I said like tweet me if you want it but so many people tweet me that I just didn't really know what to do so I'm going to try and find a way of like sharing it on Google Drive or something and looking it down below and because it's really really useful but basically it just gives you a paragraph structure and I think the biggest thing for me is a struggle when I'm writing my essays to follow a structure in a paragraph and I kind of just go off on a tangent so having a paragraph structure makes everything a little bit easier and more easy to follow in terms of revision guides York notes are probably the best to go for I have a few so here is my journey and once it's just like a little one and not many people do journey down which is really annoying because there are literally no revision resources online I have looked trust me there's about three things and so this is probably your only source of notes and apart from your teacher so if you do do jonesing then I would recommend this I mean it's not like the most deep analysis but it starts to get your ideas going and I have one for Pride and Prejudice and Of Mice and Men I have the GCSE one for mice and men and the only problem I have with the GTC want is they're quite vague like they don't they have some points in but they don't have like really deep points in and but I do have four primary pressures to a level one and obviously I don't need all of the critical quotes and things but it has a lot deeper analysis on the chapters and the characters so if you do do Pride and Prejudice I would definitely recommend this this is probably my number one priority this revision resource and it also gives you a lot of help in the back on how to write good responses and because it's a level even if you can't do all of the stuff you're still going to get that about this and YouTube channels wise I have two YouTube channels that I swear by and obviously um journey's end there are no leeches channels that go over Joe exam which is so annoying but because most of the modern world does of mice men there are lots of resources online for most men and there are two people that I just absolutely swear by for most men and that's mr. proof and Mr Sallis mr. sword and a high productive name but I'm gonna put him down below and he does like he did like a 45-minute lesson walkthrough of how to answer a – a man question and like it's just so beautifully comprehensive and everything is just in one place and I watched it and I made notes and I just felt like I was learning stuff and he's got loads of resources on his channel on how to answer questions and mr. broth has just got so many videos on Of Mice and Men and so many like in new points that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of myself and what I love about mr. puffers was he's got revision guides and he also has them for Pride and Prejudice and I've downloaded his revision guide for Pride and Prejudice and it's so good and I love it and he's just great he's amazing so if you haven't checked out mr. proof and mr. Salas Salas then definitely go and check them out my final thing that I would say for English is passed paper questions and for me this is like the hardest thing and the I can like talk about English all day in the lessons and whatever and then soon somebody put some passed paper question in front of me I like panic and I'm like oh my god what am I saying because there's so much that you can say and then just like ah and so the best way to sort of get over that panic is to do passive questions and I tend to do them and then give them to my teacher then my teacher will tell me what's wrong with them and in the front of my English folder which weighs more than me I have a progress sheet and on that progress she just have every question that I've done and what grade I've got and how to improve it and slowly I'm seeing my marks going up and I fill up with English it's one of the things we've just got keep persevering as my English teacher would say keep chipping away at it and it's not one of those things that like comes overnight I feel like with English that is a degree of like natural goodness at it and I don't have that natural goodness that kind of gotta work it myself and but pass paper questions definitely and a definite now I'm going to go into English language and I'm on OCR for English by the way which I forgot to say and I looked at the IPA papers and they're kind of similar kind or not so how much help this is going to be vo I don't know but I'm just going to say anyway so for language and the probably the best thing to do is to annotate articles and obviously in the exam for OCR you have a summary question where you have to summarize an article any question on like presentational features and structure for the same article and then you have a different article and you have to comment on tone and that's the hardest one for me and and the best way to practice is to just get a newspaper article annotate it try and get what the feel of the thing is and do pass paper questions for English because if your English teacher won't mock pass paper questions of you then that's just wrong so just bombard them with pass paper questions and I'm sure they won't appreciate it in the short run but in the long run when you get that grade they will very much appreciate it but I cannot stress enough the importance of pass papers like there are so many past papers for English and the best thing is for English you can make up your own questions you can guess what the examiner is going to ask and just go to your teacher of your life is this alright like does this sound like something that an examiner would ask and if it is then you can go and do past a question on it and you never know that might be the one that comes up in your exam the only thing I would say not to do is to have pre-formulated responses for every single possible question because examiner's like to have a bit of like individuality and flair to not mean so like make sure when you're answering questions you have like your own response if that makes sense like putting your own ideas give it a twist and make sure you suggest alternative explanations don't just say the word this this word shows this you could be like this word maybe the author try and show this but it could also be the opposite Rodgers and it's just a case of just sort of doing that and but yeah as I said English for me is the hardest subject like I love English but I hate it so much at the same time and and it's the one subject that's looking a bit and we're going to get the grade Emma not so yes I hope these tips were helpful in a way you know I did try and and give this a video a big thumbs up if you want a science revision guide next week or a master vision guide next week because I'm not sure whether these videos or what you guys want so just give it a big thumbs up to let me know and comment down below what other videos you would like to see and I will see you next week with a brand new spanking video bye

22 thoughts on “How to Revise: English Language and Literature!

  1. Won't, perhaps, reading TheGuardian online improve your vocabulary?

  2. I'm currently reading through the Power and Conflict GCSE poetry and I can't understand and take in anything. I'm going into Y9 so I still have a while but I'm still terrorified 😧

  3. Ngl the intro music got me SHOOK! I honestly thought it was Wolves by One Direction 😂 love the video eve!!! Such amazing tips…like always xxxx

  4. It pisses me off how GCSE and A-Level always seems to focus on Literature – just look at the amount of analysis required, even for most of the language paper. It also pisses me off how some people like it more. I mean, when the fuck is Shakespeare going to help us in life? Writing skills, on the other hand, will, and yet, they're so neglected, only taking up the end of the language paper.

  5. How did u revise for poetry I’m sooo stuck im doing power and conflict and need to learn 15 poems off by heart. Idk there’s so many themes different ones my teacher gave and the ones in my revision guide idk 😭

  6. I'm so glad you make these videos, when they first came out I didn't need them, but I got 16/36 on my English Lang paper 1 today and I came and found a goldmine! Love you eve xx

  7. Am I the only one starting revision now for the English language exam tomorrow…

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