hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so my name is Annie and today I'm just gonna be showing you our advice for just fancy fish literature now English literature is one of the subjects I've actually taken for my a-levels so exciting not like a voice at all like I love English but I don't want to do but anyway yeah I've got my little revision cards here but I was just gonna show you a few of them the technique I used and you know how it works see if I liked it I've also got a folder behind me but I'm probably not gonna get that out because I didn't use that as much like it was just a small bit of last-minute revision it wasn't a main revision so I make no sense so anyway first of all we have my Christmas Carol revision cards and I think these yeah they're gonna be back because in the camera so I'm sorry about that but you know I did some little fill-in-the-blank things so I did hard and and that's meant to be sharp as Flint solitary as an oyster and then on the back I put the answers and what each code man and the reason this was good is because I was testing myself when I was looking back at my revision so it why do you need me more so I did these for each character and then I did some pages full of quotes mented this night for the exam don't save your admission to a last minute but you know I like doing a little bit just the hammer in the mortgage and now we have the cards I think worked the best and these with my poetry revision cards because I really couldn't understand poetry I understood poetry but I couldn't remember anything and I found that these really really helped and by the end of it you know I could recite one of them off by heart can't anymore it's what you've been a few weeks and ever forgotten whatever so what I do is I put at the top I put the theme that it could tie into I put the name of the poem I do some quotes fill in the blanks with the answers on the back and I do a separate card for context and I do the same code thing on the back what it meant and then I do one on techniques and then back more quite I did this for each and every poem that was actually there and you know I think the poetry or a second paper went a lot better than the first paper but you know that's probably because we had a question on the porter anomic back so this was actually my Macbeth revision here and it's not as good as the rest of my revision but I've got a lot in my English book it's one of the subjects you revise the most but my English books in a box under my bed so we're not gonna do that but yeah what I did is I wrote little Act summaries with quotes on the back sorry I'm like tying okay and then I do one for each part so that was key in that scene quotes on the back and I did that for each and every act and what I ended up doing in my PPE revision is I do little pictures and this is sort of where when I started doing my codes because before I just draw it next to color and I'll show you my favorite one just collecting it's hilarious and it's yes so never shake the gory locks at me I do a padlock shaking a cross through it I'm blood dripping down it's so stupid but it it works I remember that quote so yeah that's most my revision room so I also did some practice papers practice questions I hear the loads of practice questions a lot of it was homework but I did a lot of questions I do posters with quotes on it and yeah I think I think it's good way to revise English I mean not everyone realizes the same way and the way I revise might not work for you but I found it effective personally and I would recommend doing things like this like fill in the blanks draw some codes it's just because when you're looking back at your revision you don't want to just be reading through it like you're reading through a textbook because that it doesn't go in it's it's passive revision so you need to be doing active revision even when you're just reading through your cards and that's why I think making cruises good but in regards to obviously this when I do these quotes here just writing them out sometimes can help because you're writing it down you're getting your brain going you're thinking about it actively so yes yes how I revise English am what I recommend if you enjoyed this video please make sure to leave a like and subscribe let me know in the comments what you like me to record next because I have no ideas I'll see you in the next video goodbye

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