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No what are you doing trying to scare you I can't be scared Michael I'm literally a writer I'll see about that hey Nora you can't scare me Microsoft Word crashed and deleted all of your backups of your manuscript they're gone completely ah all the vowels in your keyboard stopped working you're gonna have to be mrs. consonants your book was leaked on the internet in its entirety before release your story came out and nobody likes it wait what's what's wrong with that one it's from that author you don't like I made my judgment by skipping the book and watching the movie Oh No but wait there's more no don't you dare I only watched the Netflix adaptation what are you following at I switched your synonyms and your antonyms in your virtue of the source

10 thoughts on “How To Scare A Writer | Writing Skit

  1. The only reason to watch an adaptation before reading the book or books is if you don't have access to the books, and netflix adaptations are usually worse (with the exception of a series of unfortunate events)

  2. All horrifying, but one day I pulled up the first draft of an old story of mine….and ALL of it had been transformed into code. Just 1s and 0s!!! No idea how that happened!!

  3. Is he trying to be an enemy for life? Not only will this scare a writer but send him or her into a rage like hulk.

  4. It's a good thing I got headphones so I can watch this.

    Tryna scaaaareeee you
    -micheal 2019

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