How to Select a Coauthor to Act as the Corresponding Author in PLOS Editorial Manager

In this short video I will show you how to select a coauthor to act as corresponding author in your manuscript. The corresponding author should be a coauthor who is willing to do all of the communication with the journal office prior to publication. It is important to note that the corresponding author for the editorial process does not have to be the same author who plans to receive correspondence after publication. To choose your corresponding author start on your author main menu Navigate to the paper you're working on Click "Edit Submission" from the "Action Links" menu and go to "Add/Edit/Remove Authors" Click the "Edit" link next to the name of the person who you want to list Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Please select if this is the corresponding author." Then click submit. Now, if you've already selected another corresponding author and want to switch this role to a new coauthor you will first need to be sure that the intended corresponding author already has an account in Editorial Manager The system will prompt you to enter his or her username Then just click "Continue" …and you're done

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