How to Stage to Sell

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Justin, and welcome to the Landis Loop where we take an inside look
at the world of real estate. Today we’re here with Mari, who’s our visual coordinator, and she’s going to help
us take an inside look at getting your house staged to sell, so Mari, thanks for being here today. – Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. – Awesome, so for a lot of y’all who’ve sold houses with us, you’ve met Mari before, and if you see our
pictures in our listings, you’re like, “Man, these
houses always look great.” This is one of the main reasons why, and so today what I wanted
Mari to share with us is a little bit about what it
takes to get your house ready, some of the trends we’re seeing, and that sort of stuff, so first of all, Mari, when
you go to people’s houses, how much work do people have to do to get their house ready? Is it usually pretty close, or do you have a long way to go from how they actually live to
what it needs to be to sell? – Well it really actually runs the gamut. There are some people who it already looks like a magazine photo, and they have to do very little. There are some people who need to step that up just a little bit, and declutter closets,
and get rid of, you know, tchotchkes and stuff that are sitting out, but then are pretty good. And then there are some people who have to move a lot of stuff out. They’re packed to the gills, probably why they’re
moving in the first place. – Exactly, which we don’t
want other people to see when they come to the house, right? – Correct, correct, yes. So there are people that I say it’s better just to go
ahead and pack it up. You’re going to have to pack it up anyway, and get it out of there. – What are some of the most common things that basically everybody needs to through? There’s some things that you
go into almost every house and it’s almost always needs to be done? – Cleaning out closets. – Hmm, and how do you
want the closets to be? Do you want the closet to be empty? To be half-full? How do you want that to be? – About half-full probably
is a good starting point, and then getting things off of the floor, like people use a lot
of that area as storage for like luggage and tote bags, and lots of shoes on the floors, so as much of that stuff as
you can get out, the better, ’cause you don’t want it to look like you’re stuffed to the gills. It needs to be fresh
and lots of empty space, and just slide clothes back and forth, and decluttering the tops of closets, your top shelves and stuff. – Yeah, it’s interesting ’cause
a lot of this is psychology and I know just from being in houses with thousands of buyers over the years is that when you see a
closet that’s like that, you either get comments, “Man, there’s no storage in this house.” If it’s completely empty, you get “I wonder if they put
stuff in storage here?” Like that starts to raise suspicion, but just the way you set it up, that’s what you want, is they’re like, “Man, they’re not even using
all the storage in this house.” Which they were before you came over, but that’s the impression we
want to give to the buyer, because that’s the kind of
thing that they want to see. – Correct, correct, exactly. – What, so what are some
of the hardest things to get people to do? That you want them to do to
get the house ready to sell, that you’d get the most push back, or when you see the finished product, you’re like, “Aw, they didn’t do that.” What are some of the hardest things? – It’s probably painting, which to me is kind of crazy, because I think it’s the easiest way to freshen up a space, or changing out lighting. – Hmm. – People seem to give a little
bit of push back on that too. – Would you say those are the two things as far as actually doing
things to the house that get the biggest bang
on the buck in most cases? – I think so, I think so, because even if you have
somewhat dated furniture that we’re going to have to work with, or dated cabinetry or something like that, if you change out some of your lighting, it’ll kind of pull your eye to something that’s fabulous in the room instead of pointing out some of the things that are maybe a little
bit more out of style. – Yeah, so like we were saying, there’s so much feel about it, and that is a way you come in. You’re like, “Oh, I
can see myself in here. “This feels right, this feels crisp.” And a lot of times, that’s as simple as the
paint and the fixtures. So, I’m super curious about this. So on the paint and on what’s in, something that used to be like you could go in a house built
in like 2004 and be like, “Oh, beige walls, this house
was built in 2004, right?” And then things are gray,
and things are white. What do you see from a
trend standpoint right now? I mean, what is in? What do the buyers want to see? – So lots of more neutral walls, like white walls for more modern houses, and then some for more cottage-y
or traditional style homes, kind of more of a creamy color. Gray is still okay, but I
think it’s on its way out. White bathrooms are
still on trend, I think. Marble countertops. – I think based on kind of like 400 years. – Right, right. I think they’re a classic, and I don’t think you can
ever go wrong with that. I also don’t think you can go
wrong with a white kitchen. – Yep. – I think shaker cabinets are still great. They’re classic as well. Somethings that I have been noticing in some of my design magazines is the return of wood cabinets, but they seem to be more blond in color, and lots of flat front cabinet doors. – Interesting. – So no grooves or detailing. – It’s crazy how, I mean, it is kind of crazy how
you can go in these houses over the years and you can say when it is, so I guess the gray that we’ve been calling
it Grand Park Gray, which is where we saw a lot, you know, sell a lot of houses, that so many houses have been painted over the last probably four or five years, maybe you’ll be able to go
to nice houses and be like, “Ah, 2016, 2018, that’s when
this house was renovated.” One thing, so hopefully y’all
will get a kick out of this, ’cause I thought this was hilarious. One of the things that I like to see, Benjamin Moore does a color of the year. Don’t know if you all know this. They just released their
2020 color of the year. Listen to the copy on this, and then I’ll get Mari’s take and see if we should all start
painting our house in this. Of dress palette, a revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore’s color of
the year 2020, First Light. It’s the backdrop of a bright new decade, and it’s pink. We’ll put a link up there to this, but it’s basically a pink. What do you think? – It is a pink. – Are we going to start seeing pink walls all over the
place because of this? – I seriously doubt it. (laughing) I don’t think most guys
are going to go for that, but I can see it in a baby’s room. – Yeah. – I can see it in an office space. I don’t think I’m going to see it too much in living room
spaces, I don’t think. Maybe with personalized spaces, but only that person
is really going to use. I mean, it’s pretty,
but I wouldn’t use it. It’s not my style. – Well, I have three daughters, so maybe I should just go with the whole upstairs of the
house with this color. – Maybe. – I think that would
probably be a crowd favorite, so all right, Mari, we really
appreciate you being here. We appreciate all your help. I know a lot of folks who
are listening appreciate your help as well, because it’s been one of the reasons that we’ve had so much success helping people sell
houses for great prices. And so if y’all have any
design questions or thoughts, we’d love to interact with you. If you want to, you can
drop a comment below, or you can send us a private message, like a lot of y’all do after these, and we’d love to help you out with your own specific questions. So thanks for listening, and we’ll see you again next week. – Thanks! (upbeat music)

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